We’ve all had them.  We’ve all heard the old wives tale of their seven year shelf life.  We’ve all marveled at the inclusion of beef fat in the ingredients list.  Really, Hostess?

In today’s increasingly vegan and vegetarian society perhaps if they had juuuuust tweaked that ingredient out of the recipe they’d still be here. I mean, even Oreo’s are technically vegan, aren’t they?

But whatever, I’m not here to analyze why Twinkies are no longer on the shelf, I’m here to discuss what this has taught me and thus what it is about to teach you.

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If you are here to find out the results of my last Foodie Pen Pals post LIKE I PROMISED, I stink and it’s not here.  The Father-in-Law sent me a surprise post yesterday and I decided it was too good not to publish right away.  I will share the results of my nutty spiced chicken with chocolate BBQ sauce over coconuty pineapply rice this week yet . . . probably after you have all stopped caring.  This post is better anyway.  You’re welcome.  So, please enjoy a guest post by the Father-in-Law entitled “The Way We Were” . . .  the story is all him, but the pictures and snippets underneath are all me of course.

– Joanna

Here I am again dear readers, my third attempt at a post worthy of Joanna’s blog.  Since this is a foodie blog, my first post kinda sorta was on topic.  My second caught me in a senior moment mood, lamenting how the general public could improve things if they were only more normal – like me?

Yes, this picture is “normal” for the Father-in-Law.  I’ll have to explain later.

Since this one is entitled “The Way We Were”, you’re probably hoping that I don’t have an audio clip included harmonizing with Barbara Streisand singing her famous song of the same name.  Fear not, I’m now in a nostalgic mood wishing for a simpler, less corporate time, with a bit of reminiscing about a local eatery that’s no longer in business.

See, it’s skirting the food theme again!

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