As promised, please enjoy a guest post by the Father-in-Law on Amish animal auctions.  It will either make you want to be a vegetarian or buy your very own cow.  Whichever.

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Which is it? Stay out or enter at your own risk??

As promised (threatened?) here’s part two of our Amish adventures. In my last post I gave you a look into the culture clash of living near or among the Amish.  This time I’ll give you an insider’s peek into one of the cornerstones of their business and social world, the animal auction.

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Here in Ohio’s Amish country there is a sale day Monday through Friday in little towns throughout the county.  It’s a chance to sell or buy some livestock, meet with seldom seen neighbors and relatives, and gives the wives and kids a chance to see some of a world larger than their farms.  Special animal wagons are used to transport the cattle, sheep, goats and hogs to and from the auction. Some sales have a smaller side auction that will sell anything you may want to bring in. Pies, kittens, rabbits, summer squash, roosters and laying hens, out of date canned goods or boxes of stale potato chips.  These smaller venues keep the womenfolk busy while the husband is tending to the more important livestock decisions.

Inside the animal auction barn you’re met with a cacophony of sounds and a wide range of odors.  It’s not for the faint of heart.

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I’m building a chicken coop.

Granted, Joanna is less than thrilled with my latest project, but I have a feeling she’ll come around.  Her icy demeanor seems to be melting a little bit already, thanks to new neighbors that moved in down the lane.  You see, in a very short time, they’ve amassed a wonderful little mini farm complete with over a dozen chickens, several turkeys, and their very own miniature donkey named Ruth.

The boy loves to visit.  So do I.  So does Joanna.  How could she object to just a few of her own hens in comparison?

I’m sure we’ll have lots to share with you as we embark on our livestock adventure.  Especially since like most things we have no idea what we’re doing.  For now I thought I’d show you the coop build thus far.

Just don’t look too closely.  I know as much about carpentry as I do animal husbandry.  (read: zilch).

Here’s the result from one of our many lumber trips.  The foreman approves.

As you can see, that dude is a stickler for safety gear.



The very first of many frame sections cut and ready to assemble.  All necessary tools and supplies accounted for.

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I may be a week late, but better late than never right?  As promised it’s finally Thrift Gift Facelift reveal day where Supermom and I reveal what crafty way we DIY-ed the heck out of a thrifted item we swapped with one another.

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Supermom gave me this bamboo serving tray she picked up for $4.99.  It’s a Food Network piece.  And in perfect condition.


Tray Full RW

Not a scratch on it.  Not a dent.  Not a mark.  Not a single solitary reason to paint it or transform it or DIY it in any way.

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 *Please enjoy another guest post by the Father-in-Law.

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By living near America’s largest Amish settlements, I’ve been able to act as tour guide to various visitors to our area of Ohio. (Contrary to popular belief, Ohio has more Amish than Pennsylvania, they just get more publicity.)  Joanna gets to see more and more of their lifestyle each time she visits us.  I may have overloaded her with a full two-day tour this past weekend.  I feel fairly competent to give these tours as I’ve associated with many of them through various jobs I’ve had during my younger days.  I delivered Nehi pop (not “soda” for you city slickers) for several years to blacksmith, harness, and buggy shops well off the beaten path of tourism.  I came to know their families and was welcomed into their midst.  Joanna made the mistake of mentioning to me that I should write a post about them for those of you who may not have had much contact with them.  Rather than go through a lengthy listing of their rules and beliefs (which you can easily find online), I thought I’d tell you a bit about culture clashes between them and their English (non-Amish) neighbors.

Amish dolls RW

Since I know for SURE that they won’t be using a computer to read this I’ll tell it like it is.

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Typically the first Friday of the month is Thrift Gift Facelift reveal.

However Supermom and I have decided to postpone it until next Friday.

The thing is Supermom has been Jonesing for a certain kind of mirror finish spray paint to use on her project.  She scoured the town from craft stores to hobby stores to superstores with no luck.

Mike and I went to visit his folks for a few days and I just so happened to run across her mirror finish spray paint.  In Amish country.  Amish country.  I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

The other thing is I have yet to get the spray paint to her.

Hence the postponing.

Also next week will be a guest post by the Father-in-Law.  I’m thinking Monday for that.  It’s not the livestock auction I promised you, but a frank look at how some locals view their Amish neighbors.  I think it just makes sense to give an overview before getting into specifics.  Now I have all weekend to dig out some appropriate pictures.  And have a root beer float because I really want a root beer float.

– Joanna

Question of the Day: When you read or say the word “Jonesing” do you always think of “Jones” the soda?  I do.  Have a lovely weekend.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Snaptacular Weekend post and I have some . . . interesting . . . I-Phone shots from our Labor Day weekend so I thought I’d give the series another go.

Right then.  Let’s start how every day starts.  With breakfast.  I ordered a vegetarian omelet.  I assumed the vegetarian omelet would include things like tomato, onion, cheese, green peppers and mushrooms.  I did not imagine it would be a thin crepe like egg substance stuffed with a frozen bag of veggies that included broccoli, carrots, red peppers, water chestnuts and mushrooms.  I guess at least I got the mushrooms I had been expecting.  Fortunately my side of grits saved breakfast.  Note to self: always ask for clarification on vague menu descriptions. Always.

1213 RW

After breakfast came shopping.

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