I have a quickie holiday decoration post for ya today.

Please excuse the crappy pictures . . . I haven’t exactly mastered Christmas light photography yet.  I don’t feel too bad about this since I didn’t do any research on the subject or bother to pull out my tripod which is kinda crucial for night time photography.

For the past few years I’ve hung two lighted wreaths in the front windows of our home. These wreathes were super cheap and super fast to make and they have a huge impact from a distance which is what I was going for.

Wreath RW Title


Metal Wreath Form

Strand of Christmas Lights

Extension cord


The Haps

This couldn’t be easier.  Wrap a strand of Christmas lights around the metal wreath form.  Hang from a window and run an extension cord to a timer plugged into your outlet.  That’s it.  There isn’t much metal to the form which means you see more of the lights!  It’s super bright from the road and makes a huge impact on your holiday decorations.

Here’s a close up so you can see what it looks like when you’re right on top of it.

Wreath RW

Pretty basic, but again, super bright and full from the road!  Did I mention it was cheap and fast too?  Yeah, well, it was.

We currently have one in the guest room and one in the dining room so we never really see them from the inside anyway.

There you go.  Happy decorating!!!

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  Do you hang lights outside??


I have two pictures of the day today.

Two pictures of a candy onion from the farmer’s market earlier this year.  I used this onion to make Crockpot French Onion Soup with Sage.  Recipe coming up.

Candy Onion 1

Candy Onion 2

– Joanna

Question of the Day: Do you like red onions?  I don’t really.  No one cooks them and I don’t like raw onion.

I’m trying something new on for size.  A random food picture of the day.  For days when I don’t have much else to say or no time to say it in.  Or just for funsies.

TA DA!  Pancake curtains!  From a tiny hometown cafe an hour away we had lunch at this summer.

Pancake Curtains

So whatdya think?  Short, sweet and to the point.  Not too much commitment on either of our parts.  Is this series a keeper?

– Joanna

Question of the Day: Stay or go?

The good.  The bad.  And the chocolate.

I probably should have started with the chocolate to keep your attention but oh well.

1. The Good

I’ve been planning the nursery lately and it’s been all kinds of fun.

I ordered a neutral rug for the room that can be used elsewhere in the house if the babe demands a Pepto Bismol pink pad someday.

Tree Pic R

There is a lot going on with the art I’ve picked and I didn’t want the rug to compete.

There’s a dimensional balloon piece, a Fox and The Hound print from my room when I was a kid . .

Balloons RW

as well as four fox prints . . .

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Way back in April I started a wallpaper stripping project that at the time I assumed wouldn’t take me that long.  To get my DIY butt in gear I even wrote a post about accountability in May where I pledged to post a picture of my wall every day until I was done.  Clearly I petered out on the posting account.  And clearly I petered out on the wallpaper stripping as well.

That was until I realized a life was at stake.  A real living and breathing life was at stake, resting solely upon my wallpaper stripping efforts.

That’s right.  The situation was now crucial and dire and desperate and drastic and extreme and every other adjective that the thesaurus can spit out.

If you recall, the reason I was focusing on this particular painted over wallpapered wall to DIY was so I could set up our currently empty but rather large fish tank over there.  For Gil.  Gil Grissom.  You remember Gil right?  He’s the fish we got in January and you can click here to read all about him if you’re so inclined.

We already had a small tank for Gil with a filter and everything set up on our bar so it seemed like I had all the time in the world.

But I didn’t.  Time was running out.  And fast.

All it took was a two minute trip to the restroom to prove this fact.

You see when I returned from the restroom, I found this:

Bar RW

And this:

Tank RW

In case you can’t tell, that second picture is a view from the top of the aquarium Gil currently resides in.  Sweet little Sweetey Petey had learned to climb the bar stool and decided to feed Gil.  Unfortunately he must have thought Gil was REALLY hungry because he fed him half the bottle of fish food.


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