Self Portrait RW

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  Where ya gonna go without your letters?  Sorry.  I have They Might Be Giants on the Brain.  There was an apple that lost its A . . . there was a zebra that lost its Z . . .

This was the first picture I ever took with my DSLR camera.

First DSLR picture RW

Clearly it was in manual and I had no clue what I was doing.

I actually kinda like it – it’s arty.

A special prize to anyone who can correctly guess what exactly it is a picture of.  I’m fairly sure none of you will get it so I have no prize picked out yet.  If by some miracle one of you does land on the right answer, we’ll talk and it’ll be something fabulous.  Pinky swear.

– Joanna

Question of the Day: What is this a picture of?  If you ask nicely perhaps I will give you a hint.

If you are a long time reader, or know even the most minuscule detail about me, you know I love my Jeep.  You also know I stopped driving it full time when Sweetey Petey was born.  You probably also know this was hard for me.  Even though I’m now driving a Toyota daily, I will always always be a Jeep girl at heart.

And also on the weekends since I refuse to sell it.

It’s not worth much anymore and as long as The Husband has his motorcycle on the side, I’m having my Jeep on the side as well.  Besides, this is the one vehicle we own that is in my name and my name alone (the title is still in my maiden name at that.) so it’s not going anywhere till I am good and ready.

I secretly harbor hopes of keeping it up and giving it a pretty new paint job and letting Sweetey Petey drive it in 14 years.  The Husband thinks I’m nuts on this account and makes comments like “well, don’t worry, we will at least keep it through the winter.”  Keep in mind I scheduled these Throwback Thursday posts in advance so it’s January for me.  So he means the current winter which is your past winter.  Ha!  Silly man.  I’m not selling my Jeep.  Ever.

Sweetey Petey LOVES playing in my parked Jeep, can say Jeep and can even recognize them from other vehicles.  I think the two are destined to be together, don’t you?

But where did my love of Jeeps begin?  It began with the very first car I learned to drive on.

Jeep Blue PM RW

Isn’t she pretty?  She broke down a lot (and I mean all the time) but I won’t hold that against her.

I loved the steering wheel.  I don’t know why, I just did.

Jeep Blue Inside PM RW

She was the perfect height, the perfect size, clean cut and trim and fun to drive.  She was my mother’s car but mom eventually gave her to me when she upgraded to a newer vehicle.  So I drove her part time through highschool and full time through most of college.

When it became time for me to upgrade as well, naturally I went the Jeep route.  A slightly newer body style (mostly seen in the interior and with a slightly more polished exterior) but pretty much the same Jeep I knew and loved.

Wanna see just how much of the same car?

Jeeps 2 PM RW

Yup.  Practically identical.

Jeeps PM RW

I love my new to me Toyota, but if my Jeep was still a functional family car you’d better believe I’d still be driving it every damn day.  Jeep stopped making the Cherokee in 2001 and JUST started again this year.  It looks nothing like it used to so I’ve never even considered upgrading.

Believe it or not, I get offers to buy my Jeep all the time.  Guys at the oil change place, repair men fixing something at the house.  Our friend Dwayne has been bugging Mike for months to sell it to him for his daughter.  Ain’t gonna happen.  We belong together and my baby is staying put.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  What color car do you drive?  Why? 

So I spent some precious kiddio nap time on Monday composing a two page blog post . . . that I’m not sure I’m even going to publish.  I know.  I know.  I hate it when bloggers tease about information they may or may not share with you, like it’s the secret to who really shot JFK or something.  I promise it’s not.  I’m not that connected.  It’s mostly just me venting to myself and getting some sand out of my underwear.

Yes.  Yes, I did reference sand in my underwear.

I also referenced your tush on my cerebral cortex (that totally sounds bad now that I’ve typed it out for a second time), an iguana in a leather jacket (thanks Ann), an iguana in a sundress, a jelly fish, squish, lack of squish, sweating mauve, burned oatmeal, dirty laundry, icebergs, Satirical Saturday, Motivational Monday, dirty tissues, play kitchens, Airstream campers, Twitter, dinner and dating.  Oh and marriage.  I may suggest we all might get married someday.

I have a lot going on in my head clearly and the post isn’t even done yet.

I don’t know why I’m telling you all this other than to let you know you’ve been on my mind.  And not just your tushies on my mind.  Yup, that keeps on sounding weirder doesn’t it?

That’s pretty much all I have to say today.  If you had read my blog post that I haven’t published yet you’d understand.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  Which is more confusing to you . . . an iguana in a leather jacket or an iguana in a sundress?

Bubble RW

I don’t have much to say.

That’s not true.  I have a BILLION things to say.

I also have a billion things to do hence the not saying much lately part.

Soooooo there’s that.

– Joanna



Ironically, this year the first day of summer falls on a Saturday . . . the very same day I’ve chosen to schedule these awesome random picture of the day posts.  So in honor of summer I’d like to present some fun summer activities.


No matter how old you are, you’re never too old to enjoy a good swing.

Swinging RW


Sliding is awesome.  Much like swinging.

Slide RW

Playing in the Sand

No matter how old you are, you’re never too old to enjoy playing in the sand.  As Sweetey Petey would say . . . DIG!

Summer RW

Playing at the Park

Okay, you might be too old to play on this metal pig.  Especially if you are old enough to read this blog post.

Metal Pig 1 RW

Still, he’s mighty cute and very summeresque.

Metal Pig 2 RW

Summer Holidays

The Forth of July is coming up people so let’s get ready to celebrate!

Flag RW

Eagle RW

– Joanna

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite summer activity?

Ahhhh Throwback Thursday . . . where a girl can poke fun at herself while secretly showcasing a side of herself she is rather proud of.  You might not think the word “proud” would come up in a blog post entitled “Toilet Paper Bride” but we’ve all got those idiosyncrasies that are individual only to ourselves.

Today’s pictures come from a time honored bridal shower tradition . . . the toilet paper bride.  Where women get together and poke some good natured fun at the sacrament of marriage by draping themselves in paper reserved solely for the posterior.  When you think about it, it’s a rather bizarre tradition, albeit a fun one.

This was my sister’s bridal shower.  A bridal shower I planned, I might add, meaning I chose this game.  Self serving?  Perhaps.  I’ll admit I was beyond excited to be wrapped head to foot in Charmin and this particular milestone in my life fulfilled my deeply buried desire of being a fashion model.  It’s the sky high heels that kept me away from this aspiration.  Oh, and my thighs of course. 

So while I was no Gisele Bundchen, I do think I rocked the look.

TP Bride 3 PM RW

The stars I added in PicMonkey help sell it too, don’t ya think?   All the models are Photoshopped these days anyway.

I like the sash here as well.  It’s very supermodel meets small town prom queen.  Or supermodel meets trash day.  Whichever.

TP Bride 1 PM RW

And just for authenticity, a picture of me holding a roll of toilet paper.

TP Bride 2 PM RW

Perhaps these pictures are a smidge embarrassing.  Perhaps I love them anyway and am totally proud to have been a bathroom runway model for a half hour.

Besides, it wasn’t nearly as embarrassing as the game where I made my sister, the bride, put on an entire suitcase full of random and odd clothing . . . while blindfolded.  Now that was embarrassing.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  Ladies, have you ever been to a bridal shower?  What games did you play?

Happy Father’s Day!

Around here that means an excuse for chicken art.  Oh who am I kidding, every day is an excuse for chicken art.

It’s no secret that my husband loves his chickens.  It may be a secret that I pinned a crap ton of chicken art projects for kids on one of my secret Pinterest boards.  Secret in case my husband would happen to see them.  Not that he would because he didn’t actually follow me on Pinterest till he left his account up on my laptop and I made him follow me.

But I’ve segued.


Wait, no, it’s supposed to be about Fathers today.

Whatever.  Here’s what the kids and I put together for dada for his day (please ignore the slightly creepy eyes.)

Chickens Border RW MB Ttitle

Here’s the haps if you want to make your own someday and really, who wouldn’t?

The boy watercolored a pretty pretty background for the art which I was almost sad to cover up.  It’s cool, no?

Art FD

Yes, it’s cool.

Then I traced one of each of the kids hand onto a folder piece of construction paper and cut it out, making two “wings” (one of which the toddler pushed into some wet paint so it’s watercolored as well.  I like it.  It’s artsy.)

Cut out two egg shapes.

Glued the wings behind the eggs to make the chickens.

Glued the chickens onto the watercolor art.

Cut out legs and beaks and glued them on too.

A marker dipped in brown paint and a pencil dipped in white made the eyes.

Then I pressed the kids thumbs into paint then onto the paper to make little eggs.

While we’re discussing Father’s Day can I just throw out something that really annoys me about these holidays?  It’s all the PC folk who wish men who want to be fathers Happy Father’s Day and single moms Happy Father’s Day.  I’d like to be an astronaut but nobody wishes me Happy Astronauts Day on Astronaut Day.  And single moms . . . you have Mother’s Day.  We all get how hard you work and nobody is saying you don’t, but you already have a day.  Mother’s Day.

Rant over.

Happy Father’s Day to you all!  Unless you aren’t a father.  Then just Happy Sunday.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  What are you having for dinner tonight?


Tomorrow is Supermom’s birthday!  I won’t say how old she is although she isn’t old enough for it to be a big deal so it would probably be no big deal if I did say, but still, it isn’t my place.  So I won’t say.

In light of this almost birthday I say we all send Supermom some birthday wishes!

I say we make her some birthday pancakes.

Birthday Breakfast Pancakes RW

And perhaps a cake.

Cake Baptism RW

Maybe send her some flowers!

African Violet RW

More flowers than that people, don’t be cheap.

Flowers RW

Balloons are a must of course.  Especially non-helium balloons that float magically over the register grate.

Balloon Fun RW

Happy (almost) Birthday Supermom!

– Joanna

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite birthday present to date?  Mine is my DSLR camera for sure.

. . . but my sister was.  At least for a little while.

Ballerina PM RW

I don’t know that this particular phase lasted all that long in her life but there is clearly photographic evidence that at one point she had ballerina aspirations.

I just watched a Glee episode where Sarah Jessica Parker’s character said that all little girls dream of being a ballerina when they are little.  I can’t recall every having that dream specifically but I did like to dance around the house.  I might still like to.  Shhhhhh don’t tell.

While we’re here and because at some point you all might start to get bored with these Throwback Thursday posts, here’s another cute one of me and my sis.

Sisters PM RW

Dang I was cute, wasn’t I???  And those pigtails?  To die for.  I hope I can master the art of doing a little girl’s hair.  I stink at my own and this is definitely one fear I have of having a girl.

Must.  Master.  The.  Pigtail.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  Did you want to be a ballerina when you were little?  The guys can answer this one too if they want . . . I look forward to whatever funny witticism the Father-in-Law comes up with here.