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Remember my Le Challenge entry?

Direction 1 RW

Yes, well, I WON!!

Granted it was by random draw and not merit, but still.  It was a win and I couldn’t be happier.

I won a $25 gift card to The Fat Quarter shop and here’s what I spent my virtual dough on:

Fat Quarter RW

A fat quarter pack of one of the new Cotton & Steel lines, Honeymoon in Teal.

Fat Quarter 2 RW

Yes.  Yes I did drag this pack along on one of our walks for a photo shoot.

Fat Quarter 3 RW

Our neighbors down the lane have horses and I was hoping they would be out, since this line has a fabric with super cute horses.

Honeymoon in Teal R

I’m feeling like a bit of a one trick pony these days.  I pretty much only buy Cotton & Steel it seems.  My three and a half year old son even asked me “Is this Cotton & Steel fabric, mom?”  Must.  Branch.  Out.  I don’t love quite a few fabrics in their new lines so it won’t be too hard.  Like Picnic?  Yikes, no.  No no no.  I’m waiting till August when my LQS gets the new lines in to make a final determination before I buy any more C&S.  Fabric is so different in person than online.  And believe it or not I do have a few non C&S fabrics still to showcase!

See ya laters.

– Joanna

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That’s the sides of the fabric where the manufacturer puts the stats and colors used (Father-in-Law, Aly.)  You have to cut them off before you can sew up your fabric into something pretty.

I’ve kept them because that’s the thing in the quilting world.

Have I done anything with them?

Nope.  They sit in a ziplock baggie in my sewing room (aka the guestroom) closet.

Selvage 1 RW

Renee of Quilts of a Feather and her quilting bestie Jessica of Quilty Habit (I’m in the market for a quilting bestie myself, applications being accepted now . . . crickets . . .) are hosting a selvage along on their blogs.  See posts here and here for more info.

I haven’t fully decided how far down the selvage rabbit hole I’m planning to jump.  I really want to catch up on my Paper Pieced BOM project, I have a galaxy star baby quilt and tag blanket I NEED to finish up before a friend’s baby is born (which is soon, people), my next Le Challenge (I won the last one, by the way, woot woot!) entry in the Wilderness theme (I have a plan already and fabrics purchased and pulled), and I was hoping to participate in the Midnight Mystery Quilt Along hosted by Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs (I have fabric pulled and even bought a brand spanking new OLFA rotary cutter since I’ve decided my old Fiskars needs to be reserved for paper pieced as it’s always dull thanks to constantly rolling over paper.)

Is it just me, or was that a really long grammatically incorrect sentence.

Moving on.

So we’ll see how much time I can squeeze in for the selvage along.  I’m hoping to do some sort of reverse applique mini quilt (ignore the fact I know nothing about reverse applique yet) and maybe something with feathers.  Renee has a tutorial coming up plus I think this free pattern and tutorial (maybe enlarged or maybe a few sew lines removed to allow for larger pieces and more info) might be great too.  I have no idea how well selvages work with paper piecing as they tend to be thicker.  I’m really drawn to selvages set on an angle like this leaf pattern.

We’ll see what inspiration strikes with these . . .

Selvage 2 RW

Selvage 3 RW

Selvage 4 RW

It’s a fairly small pile so whatever gets made will be fairly small as well.

Have a great weekend all!

– Joanna

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Most days I feel like I take a decent picture.  Yesterday was not one of those days.

BOM 5 block 2 done RW

This picture stinks and the colors are so off but at least the block is done right?  I’m really getting motivated to catch up on this project.  I feel like I’ve been working on it forever and a day.  Once I catch up there’s only two months left!  Two more 6×12 blocks and one 12×12.  I’m excited to complete this quilt and hang the finished product on the wall of the master bedroom.  I’ve decided the blocks are too busy to be sewn directly next to one another so I ordered some sashing from the Botanics line in Crosshatch in White and it arrived yesterday.  I have the backing bought AND the binding (although my first choice in binding, Line Sratch in Ash, I could not find anyfreakingwhere so I compromised with another grey from the line.)

Stop back in next Friday for more progress!

– Joanna

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The latest WIP I’m jonesing to finish up.

Chevrons on Wire RW

I realize I still haven’t blogged about the last WIP I finished.  I’ll get to it. Pinky swear.

I pieced this at least four months ago after I picked up a charm pack of Malka Dubrowsky’s From Outside In for $5 and decided I needed to try my hand at half square triangles.  I learned I do not especially like half square triangles.  Too much trimming.  Still, it made for a bright and pretty quilt top.  I haven’t measured lately but it’s about 30 something by 40 something.  Baby quilt size.  Or in my case, snuggle up in the carseats in the cold winter when we’re driving size.  I no longer have “babies” and this quilt was too much trouble to put together to give away.

Chevrons on Wire Close Up RW

NOW I get why you are supposed to press half square triangles OPEN.  Bulk.  Oh the bulk, people.

Chevrons from the Back RW

This quilt is a little out of my norm because of all the primary colors.  It’s happy and pretty and other than a quilting issue I’m having I really like it.  I’ll post about that soon when it’s all finished (and I figure out to fix a decent sized boo-boo) and photographed.

Chevrons on Wire with Leaves RW

– Joanna

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No words are needed.

Just pretty pretty pictures.

Blenders 1 RW

Blenders 2 RW

Blenders 3 RW

Blenders 4 RW

Blenders 5 RW

Blenders 6 RW

Blenders 7 RW

Blenders 8 RW

Blenders 9 RW

Blenders 10 RW

Blenders 11 RW

Blenders 12 RW

The only downside to this photoshoot was I found a dead lightning bug wrapped up in the fabric when I went to refold it all pretty-like.  Sadness.

Linking up with Mollie Sparkles for Sunday Stash.  Go forth and see what everybody else spends their money on.

– Joanna

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It’s my blog and I can post ridiculously silly things if I want to.  And I do.  I really do.

Cloud Toast RW

– Joanna

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I mentioned before that I found this great blog called Le Challenge.  Each month there is a new theme and the challenge is to create something in any media inspired by the theme in the given time frame.  If I can take a moment to be nostalgic, it reminds me a bit of my Foodie Pen Pals Chopped Challenge days.  I still love re-reading those fun blog posts.  I just put “Ratsy” in the donation box (sob), STILL photograph food in trees thanks to this post (also, those were DARN good cookies) and my Big Balls musical parody post . . .  it’ll always be a classic in my book.

Sorry, I’ve segued.

This month is DIRECTION and my first time participating.  Here’s my entry:

Direction 1 RW

Up and Down and Around and ‘Round and Back Again

Finished size: 13.5 x 22 inches

The official title of this mini art quilt is “Up and Down and Around and ‘Round and Back Again”, inspired by a Jim Croce song.  I adore Jim Croce.  A.D.O.R.E.  If he were alive I’d sell the house, buy an RV, pack up the family and be a groupie.  I would.  I seriously would.  I listened to Jim 24/7 in the car when I was pregnant with my son, to the point that when Sweetey Petey was fussy Jim was the only music that would calm him down.

When I read the theme direction my first thought was “do not make any flying geese.”  That’s a quilting term for a triangle made by adding two squares of a background color to the top corners of a rectangle for those of you not in the know (Father-In-Law, Aly.)  Making flying geese would be too obvious a choice.

Direction 7 RW


My second thought was to quilt sweeping curves, representing a large permaculture landscaping project my husband has been working on, symbolic of the direction he’s leading our family.

Nope.  Scrapped that thought.  I wanted this project to be about ME.  Sorry, honey.

Direction 6 RW

I decided it would be free form.  Inspirational.  No measuring.  Life really can’t be measured anyway.  It would lead me the direction it wanted to go.  With a quilt from a Tula Pink book fresh in my mind, I cut and sewed five cotton & steel prints in six strips together. Various widths, about ten inches long.  Fabrics from my stash.  Fabrics I love.  Colors that played nicely with one another, that made me happy.  Then I placed the block I had created on a few similarly sized pieces of Moda Grunge Vanilla and sliced away, creating triangle shapes.

Direction 2 RW

 I sewed the vanilla triangles to the Cotton & Steel triangles and arranged them by direction.  Up.  Down.  Around and ’round.

Direction 3 RW

I learned that the direction you press your seams is important to how the quilt top lays.  Whether one portion pops out more than another.  I pressed the seams IN around the “pennants” as my F-I-L called them and pressed all the rest open.  So the pennants popped out.  I also quilted triangles in the negative space, allowing the pennants to pop out even more while reinforcing the triangle theme.  The binding is the same Moda Grunge as the quilt top.  I didn’t want to box the triangles in.  I wanted them to have the chance to continue on and out if they chose.  Up.  Down.  Around and ’round.

Direction 4 RW

 I cannot tell a lie.  

The fact that “North” is written on the pennant pointing north was a happy accident.

As a SAHM there are days when I feel like I’m running in circles.  Around and ’round, chasing my tail.  Dishes.  Laundry.  Breakfast.  Dishes.  Lunch.  Dishes.  Laundry.  Nap (not for me of course).  Dinner.  Dishes.  Repeat.  This quilt is symbolic of those days.  Those days that seem circular and cyclical and on repeat.  But despite those days, each season of our lives leads us onwards and upwards.  Sometimes down, sometimes around and ’round but always eventually up!  I mean, someday the kids will be old enough to do the dishes for me, amiright?!?!?!?

The back of the quilt is a fierce lion.

Le Challenge 1 Back RW

Okay, maybe not so fierce.  Still, he makes me happy.  Look at that face!!!

Direction 5 RW

This quilt now hangs in the guest room, which doubles as my sewing storage room (all official sewing is done at the dining room table.)  I love it.  It reminds me how much I love my kids and my family and my season in life and no matter how many dishes I do in one day we are always moving forward as a family in God’s light according to His will.

Direction 8 RW

If you are new here (Oh hello!  Hi!  Welcome!  Thanks for stopping in and if you like chickens check out my chicken page at the top!  If you just like quilts, well, I’ll get on tech-support aka my husband to make a quilting page too.)  I keep comments turned off.  Here’s why.  Sew more, social media craziness-less.

– Joanna

P.S.  Here’s a sneak peek at a few things coming up:

Backing 4 RW

Chevrons on Wire with Leaves RW

Tetris Close Up Good RW

Blenders 1 RW

Bed Runner 1 RW

Apron Pink 3 RW

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I’ve finished the top of the second block for month 5.

BOM 5 block 2 RW

Out of pure laziness I have decided to repeat the mirror image log cabin on the bottom portion rather than double the triangle portion I didn’t use on block one.  I already have the log cabin patterns printed and cut out . . . plus it’s way less work than the triangle portion since there are less sections to sew together.  So, yeah.  Laziness wins out.  See this post if you have no idea what I’m talking about.

– Joanna

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Month 5 in the Beginner Paper Pieced BOM is a larger block and instead of making four, I only need to make two. Here’s the first one DONE:


The block is supposed to look like this:

BOM Craftsy

I didn’t love how the bottom half was cut into two separate patterns, so I made a mirror image of the log cabin portion of the block and set them next to one another instead.  I wish I had added another color in for contrast, but other than that I think it looks great.

BOM 5 close up

I haven’t fully decided on block two, but I’m leanings towards just doubling the other half of the original bottom pattern with the triangles.  It will be green and white though.  That much I know.

I’ve also found a great blog called Le Challenge and I recently finished up a mini quilt for their monthly challenge.  The theme is “Direction” and the instructions are simply to create a project in any medium using your interpretation of the theme.

Here’s a sneak peek of the backside of my creation:

Le Challenge 1 Back RW

The full reveal won’t be till mid month.  I love this quilt already.  It came together in three days, used several of my favorite Cotton & Steel prints and just makes me happy.  It’s already hanging in my sewing room (aka The Guest Room).

I’ve also photographed my new Cotton & Steel blenders for Sunday Stash and photographed three other completed projects as well.  One of these days I’ll get them blogged.  I’d love to get all caught up with what I want to share so everything from then on can be current projects.  Ha!!  Wishful thinking.  I’d rather be sewing than blogging.

Chat at ya soon(ish).

– Joanna

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