Lately it seems like creatures are taking over.  Although to be fair The Husband seems to invite them in.  Take his worms for instance. In case you missed it Mike wrote an entire post about our 2000 new pets.  I’ve started writing my own post about the wriggly guys (my perspective is MUCH different), but as life gets in the way sometimes I’m still working on it.  I’m going to have to write two now apparently because Mike recently emailed me the following picture.

Meal Worms RW

Nothing like waking up from a nice nap to a picture of a mealworm happily chomping away on the carrots you bought because you thought your husband wanted to eat more veggies.  Nope, all for the worms.

For the record mealworms are creepy.  REALLY CREEPY.

Not long after, The Husband dragged me outside to view a stow away on the side of the house.  A tiny little bat high up under the roof of the garage.  While he was kinda cute, he left tiny little “presents” all over the deck which was much less cute.  What was The Husband’s first reaction to the bat?  He wants to build him a house.  To attract MORE bats.  Apparently bats east bugs and especially mosquitoes so they are favorable to have around.  Honey . . . can you not build the bat a house so near our house please?  Unless you can attract some bats that are potty trained that is.

Bat RW

Last but not least I brought my Nikon to the park a few weeks ago and got a little ballsy around some bees.  Seems I have much less fear behind my camera.

Bee 2 RW

Until the bee started flying straight at me then I booked it outta there and fast.

 Bee RW

I’d like to blame the crappy bee pictures on my sudden flight but I’m going with camera issues instead.  For some reason I can’t get the darn thing to increase the shutter speed more than 200.  It gets to 200 then it just stops no matter how much dial turning I do.  I’m going to do a hard reset on the camera (which as it was bought used I probably should have done a long time ago).  If that doesn’t work I’m going to ask Camera Doctor Google.  If that doesn’t work I’m trekking to the camera store.


Much like this blog as of late.

– Joanna

Question of the Day: Which of the above creatures is least scary?  I’m going with bat because he was the farthest away.


  1. “No Honey, not those worms. Our other worms”. <---- My new favorite thing to say. Yeah, the new meal worms are a tad bit more skeevy than the more normal composting Red worms. But this family is going to have chickens. Healthy chickens need protein in the winter. Pet stores sell 100 meal worms for like $7. We can grow our own for free! Yay!!!!!!

  2. The meal worms have little legs? Um, I kept wigglers for kitchen waste, yes, but… spooky! I did take a picture of some piggies for you guys yesterday at our Canadian National Exhibition yesterday though. Piglets are much cuter than bats or meal worms or even chickens. There was a big poster of an environmental cycle they kept afloat. I thought it would have made your the husband very enthusiastic about adding to his animal kingdom. Oink oink

    • Hey Joanna, can we get a pig? Don’t think of the mess or smell. Think about all the literate spiders we’ll attract that could guest post for you.


  3. ummm forget the worm…a camera that is stuck at 200 SS? I would be terrified. Hoping that problem gets solved quickly! No good!!

  4. The bee might not be so bad…it’s just a bumble bee, not the mean stinging kind like yellow jackets, so I might pick that one? We used to have lots of bats at night growing up, and I was never happy after that realization.