We’ve been doing a little DIY around the old homestead lately.

And by “we” I mean The Husband.  But although he’s been doing the actual “work” part, I have been an integral cog in the process.  The shopping process.

That’s right, I can shop for a ceiling fan with the best of them.

It all started a few months back when my niece and nephew were visiting for the weekend and my niece tugged on the ceiling fan pull in the guest room and out it came.

Old Fan Up RW

See see, only one pull cord.

There is no switch for the ceiling fan on the wall.  You turn the lights and fan on and off solely with the pulls.  So while the fan still worked, the light was stuck in an off position.  This resulted in two months of garage task lighting clipped to the headboard to provide some much needed light.  Despite the fact we don’t have overnight guests all that often, the guest room doubles as my art and sewing studio so it actually gets a bit of use.

The husband also spent a week sleeping in the guest room after The Destroyer ate an entire loaf of artisan bread and licked clean a package of raw chicken and threw up 40 times in the span of four days.  Being pregnant and pretty dang tired I made them both sleep in there so I could get some sleep.  On the off chance this lovely story scares you away from ever staying with us, I promise we covered the wood floors with an old tarp so believe it or not the room stayed pretty clean that week.  I’ve shared too much now haven’t I?    

But I’ve segued.

We checked at Lowes and found we could replace a part and potentially fix the ceiling fan, but I put a bug in The Husband’s ear about just replacing the whole thing.  He’d have to take it apart to fix it anyway, it might be a good time to spruce.  No, an excellent time to spruce!  In my opinion replacing light fixtures is one of the best ways to update a house.  And let’s face it, our house needs some updating.

After months of wearing him down with talk of how the ceiling fan was the very last update that needed done in the guest room before declaring it officially done, The Husband agreed to replace it for me.  WOOOOO HOOOOO!

Now I just had to find the right one at the right price.

Our first stop was Menards.  They have an excellent lighting selection at cheaper costs than either Home Depot or Lowes so it’s a good place to start.  As long as you don’t have tooooo many technical questions for the teenagers that work there that is.

I wanted black fan blades to match the curtain rods in the room and a white NOT ivory glass globe.  I also wanted something a bit more modern than the current fan.

Here was my top pic at Menards.

Fan RW

At $134 it wasn’t a terrible price, though more than we hoped for.  Also, it was bigger than we needed at a whopping 52″ radius when the fan we were replacing was only a 44″.

Fan 2 RW

Still, a contender.

Lowes had similar style fans and in the smaller size . . . but at a higher price.

Fan 3

Womp womp womp.

I had been online shopping for these so The Husband and I decided to stop in after breakfast one weekend on a whim to check out what they had in stock.

Enter in THE CLEARANCE RACK!  Okay, so it wasn’t a rack but a random spot on the floor in the middle of the aisle, but CLEARANCE SPOT ON THE FLOOR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AISLE doesn’t sound quite as good, even when all in capital letters.

That’s where we found this bad boy.

New Fan Box RW

The right size.  Black fan blades.  Modern trio of track lights in a modern brushed nickel finish.  On sale for 63 buckaroos.  That’s less than half the first fan I had picked out.  We shopped a bit more while I pondered but eventually went back and snagged this puppy from the clearance rack.

As a bonus I think it matches well with the fans The Husband installed in our fireplace room and family room recently.

DD Room Fan RW

We’ve adopted a two toned dark vs silver finish throughout the house so I think the new fan will fit right in.

I did decide to swap out the one switch plate in the room to better match the two toned fan.

Yes, I spend a lot of time considering switch plates.

Here’s the final product.

New Fan Up RW

Oh and looky . . . LIGHTS!

New Fan Up Light RW

Isn’t she pretty?  And it’s all because of me and my fabulous shopping skills.  And The Husband’s fabulous ceiling fan hanging skills I suppose.  But without the shopping there would have been no fan to hang!  It’s sorta like the old which came first, the chicken or the egg conundrum.

Somehow all the posts around these parts these days always come back to chickens don’t they?

– Joanna

Question of the Day: What metal finish is your house in?  Old fashioned gold?  Modern brushed nickel?  Classy oil rubbed bronze? 


  1. As future potential overnight guests, has the room rate increased due to the new fan or decreased due to the forty dog vomiting episodes? Signed, cautious Midwest travelers. ps. – If this is a bed and breakfast and not just a bed, we enjoy a hearty breakfast of chicken and artisan bread.

    • We don’t accept your kind of cash . . . the hand painted counterfeit kind. I mean, I’m still waiting on the $1000 you bid for Sweetey Petey’s last watercolor painting.

  2. Hahahahaha…. We always means my husband!
    Glad you poked your head in my twitter. Ok I really should change that sentence but I’m laughing too hard. Judging by reading just this one post I think you’ve got a sense of humor.
    Cheers, wendy

  3. Great fan! I think our look is more chrome with white, but to be honest, I can’t guarantee that all knobs/etc. follow that rule. I’m also too lazy to get up right now and look. 😉

    • Your place is pretty new, I bet it’s chrome. Chrome is the new hip thing. That makes you guys hip so woo hoo! I’m only partially hip.

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