You may have noticed I changed my blog header again.  I’m thinking if I can get my blogger butt organized I’d like to change it at the beginning of each month to something relevant.

DSC_0196 RW

Currently ladybugs are relevant.

All toooooo relevant.

Not only did a swarm attack me outside the chicken coop a few weeks back (yes, attack, I swear it was an attack with biting and everything and yes I swear they bit me) but dozens of them have made their way into our humble abode.

I took down the Mi Casa Su Casa sign, but still.  Still they come.

I have this silly superstition stuck in my head that it’s bad luck to kill a ladybug so we’ve kind of let them be.

I mean, they are sorta cute.  When they’re not attacking and biting of course.

DSC_0187 RW

They are certainly better than bees or wasps which I have an unfortunate history with.

Except I’m starting to become afraid.  You see, the ladybugs in the house are organizing.

Ladybugs RW

They have found each other, congregated in the same meeting spot in the front entryway over and over again and are looking awfully suspicious.  I’ve even seen them lining up.  Like in formation.  It’s only a matter of time before they strike.  Probably while we’re sleeping.

I’m considering just giving them the house and moving in with the chickens.

Speaking of chickens, I noticed The Husband created an entire chicken page at the top of my blog.  Tech support is taking some liberties these days it seems.  We had a severe thunderstorm warning last night as well as a tornado warning causing us to take brief shelter in the hallway bathroom.  Not five minutes after the warning was cancelled The Husband mused about how his chickens were doing.  Not five minutes after putting The Pete to bed The Husband made a mad dash out to check on them.

He even tweeted about it.


It seems, besides Mike of course, Aly was the only one truly concerned about the chickens.  Perhaps we should have let her name one too.

Also, Doc finally named his chicken!!  Mike took a video and sent it to him directly instead of posting it here.  I’d like to get a few new pictures before I reveal the name though.   Mike feels the girls haven’t had enough camera time and wants me to stop recycling photos.  So I’ll get on that.

Ann and I were tweeting yesterday and I came to a realization that the chicken she named Mistress Billington and I have the same initials.  Blog initials that is.  MB.  It’s fate I tell you.  Mistress Billington is now my favorite chicken.  So there’s that.

Alright I have to go.  I am kicking some serious ass on my wallpaper stripping project (I’ll explain the sudden fervor later) and I need to get some work done before The Pete wakes up this morning.  Which since the time change has been an hour earlier every day.  Clearly whoever invented the time change didn’t have children.  Or wallpapered walls.

- Joanna

Question of the Day: How was your weather over the weekend?  the Midwest was hit hard.  Not here though.  Mostly false alarms in our neck of the five acre woods fortunately.

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    1. You need to know that after the Weather I had two people text me. They asked only about the condition of the chickens.

    2. awww they are so pretty! But I know that they aren’t all innocent like people make them out to be. A ladybug straight up bit me once and no one believed me. The pic of them all gathering like that makes me shudder. SCARY!!
      Cinnamon @ eatpraytri recently posted…StressMy Profile

    3. That is one super hot ladybug pic. Maybe Snaptoit should do a post about photographing the teensy? Just putting a “bug” in her ear oh no she didn’t…

      Bet The Husband has been secretly importing ladybugs because they’re supposed to be good for natural pest control, and that kind of sounds like it’s up The Husband’s alley. A winery here uses them and they’re on all their labels. So maybe they bite but they could be eating meaner bitey bugs! Bright sides…

    4. We weren’t hit near as hard as Chicago and some other places in Michigan, but we did have 70 mph winds and lost power for awhile, which means that I lost my s$*^. Anyway, at least the chickens are okay. I do worry about the animals (from the comfort inside my house. With power.) As for ladybugs, meh. I work with someone who HATES them, but if they stay outside I’m okay. Actually, I feel that way about most people as well, so the ladybugs shouldn’t feel special…
      Abby recently posted…My Car Thinks I’m an IdiotMy Profile

      • I saw that you were out of power! That stinks. Mike has all these emergency procedures in place for things like this but they still somehow all involve us sleeping on the floor :/

        • Hmm, nope. No sleeping on the floor necessary. The wood stove should continue to do a great job heating the whole house, even back to the bedrooms. If it needs a little help, our kerosene heaters can be deployed on the coldest nights.

          Looks like someone needs to review the emergency procedure protocols. Huzzah! Family meeting! Bring your war paint and Go Kit!

    5. Hehe. Well, I wasn’t sure how the storms affected you all until I saw his tweet, so it was nice to hear things were safe for all involved. The only other signs I had were how they evacuated and delayed the Ravens game in Chicago. Scary! We’ve been having some wacky weather, but not that bad. Just really really cold, and some high winds. We’re *this* close to having a generator hooked up. Hopefully soon after Thanksgiving.
      Aly recently posted…Tres Leches CakeMy Profile

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