I officially declare this Brownie Week here on Midwestern Bite. Somebody remind me next year and maybe by then I will have my own brownie recipe that doesn’t stink. Or, I can just do what I did this week and make other people’s recipes. I figured with all the brownie talk, I had better end the week on a sweet spot.

A lovely reader, Mavis, left me a recipe in the comments of the first installment of The Worst Food Blogger Ever. It’s my duty as a dedicated blogger to try it out. So try it out I did!

Here is a snapshot of her recipe:

I made a few changes based solely on unpreparedness (the Husband would not be pleased, though brownies don’t yet appear on his list of basic physical needs). I was low on brown sugar, so I subbed in white sugar and molasses. Also, I was out of chocolate chips so I subbed in a chopped up Lindt bar. I didn’t measure, just chopped and dropped.

Nothing too drastic here. Right off, I noticed the batter was much easier to work with.

I had a few.

The Husband had a few.

The rest went off to the Husband’s work in a bag draped over the handles of his motorcycle. So, they travel well too. Bonus points!!! These were good and disappeared quickly in the breakroom I hear. I don’t know that I would necessarily call them brownies, though. More like a cookie bar.

Because one recipe wasn’t enough, I tried another. Blackberry Goat Cheese Brownie Bars from Eden Eats Everything. This chick has actual cooking credentials so I figured it was a safe bet. This is not my recipe nor was it innocently left on my blog for me to steal, so you’ll have to check Eden out for the details.

I mostly followed the recipe, but only used one extra-extra-large egg instead of two. This wasn’t my fault. Eggs don’t always make it home safely swinging from handlebars, and there was an egg fatality, so I was short.

What was the verdict on these? Much more brownie-like brownies. I preferred them straight out of the oven or slightly warmed in the microwave. The Husband wasn’t sold on the blackberries (he likes chocolate with his chocolate) and requested a fudgier (aka undercooked) brownie next time. Personally I thought the blackberries and goat cheese in the topping were genius. I may have eaten the top off most of the brownies on its own, then ate the brownie later.

As always, I took away a few bites of wisdom from this experience:

  1. Recipe experimentation should not be done the night before you are expecting guests. Period. End of discussion.
  2. Check that your oven is empty before pre-heating.
  3. Never store things in the oven. This includes brownies. (By the way, this also includes pieces of aluminum foil your husband previously used to cook gruyere chicken sausage under the broiler but forgot to remove and so when you turn on the oven it smells like burnt cheese. You’re welcome for the tip.)
  4. Do not use a mixer near your laptop. Brownie batter may splash on the keyboard. This happens more times than I’d care to admit.
  5. Read the ingredients before cooking.
  6. Do not let your husband carry eggs home on his motorcycle.

And that’s Brownie Week, folks. See y’all next week!

Part 1 can be found here.

Part 2 can be found here.

– Joanna

Question of the Day: Does anybody get the TV show Portlandia? Maybe I didn’t give it enough of a chance (is fifteen minutes enough?) but I just don’t get the hype.


  1. Mavis M. Weisgerber

    Glad you liked them! The pictures look exactly like how mine turn out! I do agree that they are more of a chewy cookie bar than a brownie, but they’re still good nonetheless. Also, it’s not really my recipe though I tweaked it a little. I got it from a newspaper column called The Amish Cook. The original doesn’t include cocoa powder or chocolate chips (those were my ideas), and I cut 1/4 cup of white sugar from the recipe.

  2. They look luscious! Would that be your 4th time is a charm?!

  3. At first, all I could think about was how peanut butter brownies sounded like the absolute perfect brownie ever. And then there were blackberries…Seriously torn!

    • My husband would say peanut butter, I would say blackberries! BTW, I just peeked at your site and now all I can think is when will Easter be here so I can make peep cookies!?!?

  4. Oh my god those goat cheese brownies look absolutely amazing. You should submit that to Foodgawker 😉

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