I have mentioned this in passing before, but in case you missed, it I have some new things planned.  And by planned I mean already written and scheduled (go me) so it’s a done deal.  Starting tomorrow I have four months of Thursday and Saturday posts coming at you.

That’s right, four whole months!

Thursdays will be “Throwback Thursday” posts where I share old pictures with a fun backstory and . . . gasp . . . some actual pictures of me!  Shocking, I know.  I was all kinds of sentimental when I was pregnant it seems.

Saturday will be Random Picture of the Day posts.  I don’t normally post on the weekends and since most bloggers don’t, I thought it would be a fun addition while still leaving me room during the week for current events.  Saturday posts will be quick and easy with little time commitment on either of our parts.  Mostly a picture (or two) and a paragraph (or two).

I had hoped these would start right after the baby was born, but Charwee graced us with her presence a few weeks early and I’ve been too busy to go back in and reschedule 30 plus blog posts.  So they are starting in April and running through July.  I’d have mentioned it yesterday but I didn’t want any of you to think it was an April Fool’s joke.

This awesomeness is real people.

Well, I gotta run.  The baby is chirping like a bird and demanding attention, illustrating the very reason I did this in the first place – I’m kinda busy right now.  So I’ll see you every Thursday and Saturday for quite a while with hopefully one current post a week thrown into the mix, probably on Mondays or Tuesdays.  Maybe two if I get really lucky with baby sleep.  And I’m sure the Father-in-Law as well as The Husband will be peeking in for a visit periodically as well.

Okay I really gotta go now.

 – Joanna

Question of the Day:  Are you excited?  Say you’re excited.

The Husband politely informed me on Tuesday that when I tell you all we had a baby I’m supposed to show you a picture of the baby . . . not a selfie of me taken in the hospital bathroom mirror with a rather flat stomach.

Probably would have sold it more if I had also posted a giant belly before picture since I never really did that.

So I’m here to officially share our newest addition with you all . . . Charwee!  At least that’s what Sweetey Petey calls her because that is what he can pronounce.  And to my pal Cinnamon that thinks I am only going to show you all pictures of the back of baby girl’s head . . . I’m here to prove you wrong on that account.  See, Charwee’s hand.

Charwee RW

There you have her ladies and gentleman.  Baby Girl Charwee!!

Have a fabulous day and week and I’ll be back real soon with an egg-free chocolate chip cookie recipe to share.  If you are thinking I am Supermom for getting a decent blog post out so soon, think not.  I had the post mostly written and completely photographed before baby girl made her way into the world.  I’m awesome, but not that awesome.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  What do you think of The Husband’s pajama pants there in the background.  I think they are stylin’ and he absolutely does not need a new wardrobe.

I looked a little different by the end of the weekend.

After after RW

Yup, we had a baby!

What did you do?

– Joanna

Title RW

This project feels like it took me forever, but I think that’s mostly because I had the idea rolling around in my head for well over a month before I ever even began.  Once I started though, it was fairly fast and easy and came out just as I’d hoped it would.

One thing I have always been picky about in home decor is light switch covers.  I do not do the cheap, generic covers.  Ever.  Not even in rental apartments.  Yup, I’m that crazy.  I purchased several wood light switch covers for my very first solo apartment years and years ago and swapped them in while I was renting.  Naturally I swapped them out when I left and I’ve had them ever since.  I have a box stored in the garage with random home related odds and ends that could eventually become something cool and that’s where I found the old apartment light switch cover tucked away, just waiting for new life.

I’ve been working on completing the nursery for Baby Number Two and I knew I wanted something special for the light switch cover.  I checked out Etsy first for unique one-of-a-kind pieces but nothing jumped out at me so I decided to make my own.  I quickly decided to match the art work I’ve been framing for the walls.  You can check out this post I wrote a few months back if you want more info on the artist, but here’s a snap of the art I chose to mimic.

Frame RW

Here’s a breakdown of how this project went down.

Switch 9 up

Ya know, so you can make your own.  I have a few pregnant friends out there reading this who just might want to give this project a go!  And of course, this same technique can be used for any room really, I just think the whimsical look is well suited for a child’s room.

One –  Admire the light switch cover you had in your first solo apartment that you just re-found in a box in your garage.

Two –  Give it a light sanding.

Three –  Trace the art you want to match using transparency paper.

Four –  Locate some carbon paper or make your own for free with a charcoal pencil.

Five –  Cut out your tracing and your carbon paper and tape it to your light switch cover.

Six –  Trace over your tracing with a pen.  Push hard.

Seven –  Remove your tracing and your carbon paper and admire your handiwork.

Eight –  Go over your traced lines with a wood burning tool using the thinnest point.

Nine –  Go over your wood burned lines with a black sharpie.

Light Switch RW

Lastly, paint in between the lines with acrylic paint, allow to dry completely and finish with several light coats of sealer.

I love the depth and texture the wood burning tool created and I love that you can match the colors and design to your existing art.

I already had everything I needed on hand, but if you’re starting from scratch here’s a list of the supplies you’ll need.


wooden light switch cover (these can be bought natural so no sanding would be required)

transparency paper (I used a cheap plastic page protector)

carbon paper (store bought or homemade)

a pen (who doesn’t have one of these??)

wood burning tool (like this one)

black Sharpie

acrylic paint



That’s it!  Now go forth and reevaluate your light switch covers people!!!

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  Quick, look around.  What kind of light switch cover is in the room you are currently in?

I’m two and a half pages into my book review of Ann Moore’s book Girl Reinvented.  Expect to see it on Monday along with a giveaway!  I haven’t told The Husband about the giveaway yet so hopefully he’s cool buying one of you a present since I make zero money.

Also expect to see a nursery DIY project I’ve been working on.  Here’s a teaser.


Have a great weekend!

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  What are your weekend plans?

I went out on a limb for today’s Thrift Gift Facelift.


I broadened my horizons, stepped out of my comfort zone, delved deep into the recess of things I never thought I would do . . . that’s right . . . I hand sewed.  Did you catch the “hand” part?  This is epic people, epic.

I don’t hand sew.  I tried cross stitching once in college (my sister loves it) and after about ten minutes I wanted to rip my hair out and run screaming into the night shouting make it stop.  That’s how much I hate cross stitch.

This wasn’t so bad.  I’m not saying I want to hand sew for a living and I must admit my dreams of opening an Etsy store to sell Onesie Pillows have been squelched, but I did have fun trying something new and I’m pleased with the results.  That’s really what Thrift Gift Facelift is all about right?

If you have no idea what I’m talking about you must be new to The Bite so click on over here to read the haps on this swap that Supermom and I created, mmmmm K?  I don’t want to bore the rest of you with repeat information.

It’s no secret that I’m pregnant and it’s no secret that I’m having a girl and it’s no secret that Supermom has two girls of her own.  What you might not know is that a good chunk of the girly hand me downs we’ve received for Baby Number 2 have been from Supermom, including the world’s largest stack of onesies.  Onesies are a baby staple item and nice to have around, but I probably have enough at this point for the babe to wear one every day and not be seen in the same onesie twice.  Okay, I’m embellishing a bit for effect, but you get the point.  We have lots of onesies.  From Supermom, from my sister, the gender neutral ones I saved from Sweetey Petey.  It’s a onesie smorgasbord over here and one less onesie in the closet isn’t going to cause Baby Number 2 to crawl around naked.  I’m embellishing a bit for effect again . . . babies don’t crawl at three months.  Sweetey Petey was booking it at 5, but three is pushing it.

So I made a onesie pillow from a three month onesie.


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This post was inspired by two people.

First, my friend Nikki who was super excited to find out I was pregnant and super excited about what pregnancy stuff I would share on my blog.  Sorry, Nikki, I haven’t shared much here have I?  To be honest, unless I have become good friends with the blogger, I tend to skip over those posts that detail every excruciating instance of pregnancy.  Weight gain, cravings, movement, if they have swelling or stretch marks or if their belly button has “popped” yet.  The list goes on and on.  And on. Quite frankly, a lot of times I just don’t care.  Sorry I’m not sorry.

In case you do care, my weight gain is none of your business, we’ll get to my cravings in a minute, this baby moves non freaking stop, I have no swelling or stretch marks and my belly button is just fine thankyouverymuch (or as The Husband likes to say “the turkey isn’t done yet.”)

Second, my friend Ann who has recently posted such gems to her blog as I ate Rudolph for Christmas and Christmas trees aren’t good eating.

Between these two ladies, this post was born.  So without further hemming and hawing I’d like to share with you pretty much my one and only pregnancy craving . . . SNOW.

DSC_0604 RW

That’s right.  SNOW.

DSC_0606 RW

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