Technically a pawpaw is a fruit native to this area (looky I mentioned food already – go me) but for the purpose of this post it’s actually a name.  The name of Sweetey Petey’s grandfather, my Father-in-Law.  In my day nicknames were chosen based on what syllables a kid could pronounce, but nowadays it seems relatives get to pick their own.

Grandpa picked Pawpaw.  I think technically he may have picked “Papa” but when Sweetey Petey says it, it sounds more like Pawpaw so that’s how I’m spelling it.

Grandma picked Nanny and, for the record, if she’s expecting a salary when she comes to visit it isn’t going to happy.  I’m a Stay at Home Mom so there’s really no room in the budget for a nanny.

But I’ve segued.

Sweetey Petey loves his Pawpaw.  He asks for him quite a bit and insists we phone him on a regular basis.

He’s even taken to finding Pawpaw in some of his books and calling him by name.  You’d think this was flattering, but . . .  it’s not always.

Sweetey Petey has picked out four characters that remind him of his Pawpaw.

First up in this fellow from The Pirates Next Door starring The Jolley-Rogers.  Not so flattering.  The hook hand, the teeth . . . yeah, not so flattering.

DSC_0435 enh R

Next up, also from The Pirates Next Door, is this guy.  Also not so flattering, but at least this guy has ice cream and a cool viking hat.  The socks and sandals leave a little something to be desired however.

DSC_0434 enh R

From the Curious George Matching Game, we have Farmer Renkins.  Pawpaw does sometimes wear a hat, but I have yet to see him in suspenders.

DSC_0436 enh R

The most flattering of the bunch is from a book we recently took out from the library on making maple syrup called Maple Syrup Season.  Pawpaw does wear glasses so we might have finally found a match!

DSC_0433 enh R

The interesting thing to note here is that all four of these characters have a beard.

Pawpaw does not have a beard,

See?  No beard.

Pawpaw RW

Perhaps what Sweetey Petey is trying to say is that Pawpaw should grow a beard.  I dunno.  My two cents.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  What do you think?  Should Pawpaw grow a beard?  Which of these characters looks MOST like Pawpaw?

Supermom hosts Kids’ Reads on her blog one Wednesday a month and I gotta say these posts get more challenging every time I go to write one.  It’s not like I don’t have lots I could say.  After all, my 15 month old now LOVES to read books!  He picks one out of his stack of favorites, turns around and slowly backs up till he plops into your lap for a good read.  Unless he has chosen Let’s Dance Little Pookie, then he expects to be picked up and sang and danced with.

The problem here is that my schtick is to find the funny and kids reading books aren’t all that funny.  Unless I were to make beeping noises as he backed up into my lap (I totally do by the way) then it might be kinda funny.

So here is me and my sad camera phone’s attempt to find the funny in one of my kid’s favorite books, Waiting for Cookie.

Cookie Page 7 R crop

It’s just a little foam covered board book that has clearly been well loved.  Let’s begin by reading the book together shall we?  It’s short, but will require a bit of effort on your part as each of the four characters that speak needs a different voice.  Prairie Dawn, for instance, is quite high pitched and honestly, a little trampy sounding.  Here we go.

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Today’s topic in the January Blog a Day challenge is Made with Love.

I promised you I wouldn’t talk about Sweetey Petey and I’m going to stick with that.  There’s been enough embarrassment this month already and I still have confession, recovery and things that rhyme coming up.  I’m 98% certain I can’t write a rhyming post without embarrassing myself.

Today is also Kids’ Reads over at Supermom’s blog What Does She Do All Day?

That’s right, I’m doing double duty and linking this post in two places.  I’m either really awesome or begging for blog hits.  If any of you use the term “linky party” I will quit blogging this instant.  Or moderate your comment.  One of the two.

My distaste of the aforementioned phrase not to be spoken here again is another post though.

Today it’s about kids.  Kids made with love.  Dang, I said I wasn’t going there.  This is harder than I thought.

On a normal Kids’ Reads day I might talk about Sandra Boynton books

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Raspberry Marshmallow Peanut Butter Waffles. With Barbecued Banana Bacon!

Let’s not get confused, this post is actually about books.


According to Supermom’s Superblog, today is Kids’ Reads.  Participating bloggers post about books their kids are reading.  Hence the name.  Kids’ Reads.  Right then.  We’re all up to speed.

My little fellow is one and currently his favorite thing to do with a book is either to slam it shut or to crawl all over it.

So I’d like to discuss a book that might be best suited for a slightly older child or even two children.

Cooking with Henry and Elliebelly

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If you follow Supermom you know she’s been doing a monthly post on Kids’ Reads.

Ever the supportive friend, I toss aside my Non Mommy Bloggerhood and join in the fun.

True to who I am however, I do manage to relate my food blog to my kids’ reads.  Last month it was cheese, eggs, pheasant and beef.  This month it’s Tootsie Rolls!

No, I tease, it’s not really.  There are snacks though, but we’ll get to that.

I’d like to present Please Don’t Tease Tootsie by Margaret Chamberlain.

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I’m back again today.  Blogging from the closet.  For the record not a one of you tweeted to The Husband pushing for my new laptop battery.  I’m hurt.  Deeply.

It may be the odd hour or the stale closet air, but I’m going off the usual today and talking about books.  Kids books.

Supermom has decided to add a Kids’ Reads page to her blog and asked for support to link up posts on book recommendations.

I know what you’re all thinking.  Midwestern Bite isn’t a Mommy Blogger.  That may be true, but not only am I a good blog friend, I also appreciate every opportunity to prove I can relate just about anything to “food blogging.”

So without further adieu, I present to you “food” related books The Pete enjoyed as an infant. This is not to say he ate them, because that is a different post entirely.

When The Pete was very small, before the whirlwind rolling, crawling, standing and walking began I used to prop him up in his boppy and read to him.  As he couldn’t yet move he was quite the captive audience and the pressure was on to entertain him to the best of my ability.

Kate Toms books were the perfect solution.  Kate writes a slight twist into classic kids reads so bonus points for not jipping the boy out of a traditional childhood experience.  The illustrations are fun felted and whimsical creations.  Best of all the stories are completely singable and act-outable.  That’s right, not only did I sing these books to my immovable child unable to run far, far away from my terrible singing voice, I also had lovely hand gestures to keep him interested.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Better known as the book about cheese.

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