For whatever reason, it seems like the Midwestern Bite chicken posts are pretty popular.  Since the Husband isn’t the only one who writes about the girls, here they are all in one place for you to peck at.

Here are our lovely ladies themselves:

DSC_0768 enh NAME RW

DSC_0733 enh NAME RW

DSC_0576 enh NAME RW

DSC_0863 enh NAME RW

DSC_0873 enh NAME RW

DSC_0595 enh NAME RW

DSC_0829 enh NAME RW

We have twelve chicks in the process of being hatched as well!  Update coming soon . . .

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  2. A certain blogger is apparently updating this page and breaking all the rules pertaining to “Things You Don’t Do If You’ll Eat Your Chickens Someday”.


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