You all know what Foodie Pen Pals is right?  That fun program through The Lean Green Bean where I send a box of edible goodies to a new friend and a new friend sends one to me.  Then I create a recipe out of the entire contents, CHOPPED style.

Well, today is Foodie Pen Pals reveal day.  Actually, so is tomorrow because sometimes life gets in the way of blogging.  So stop back tomorrow (UPDATE: Read Here!) to see how this

DSC_1010 enh RW

and this

DSC_1020 enh RW

from my FPP Gina

DSC_1014 enh RW

DSC_1015 enh RW

combine with this from my pantry

DSC_1018 enh RW

to create this.

DSC_1059 enh RW Title

In the meantime please peruse my previous Chopped Challenges on my Foodie Pen Pals pageBig Balls is still my favorite, but they’re all good.  In my humble food satire blogger opinion that is.

See ya tomorrow then. (UPDATE: Read Here!)

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  Frosting or no frosting on your brownie?  The Husband is VERY anti-frosting on his brownies.  Needless to say he was not pleased with my creation.


  1. I do love your chopped challanges!!!

  2. Send one of those my way! YUM!

  3. wait cream of coconut? jesus that is awesome. and those trader joe treats? man all new to me

    • I had never heard of that cream of coconut stuff before but dang it’s good. So many ideas of what to add it to, so little bottle left already . . .

  4. oooh i cannot wait! you got an awesome box. (that sounds dirty)

  5. Someone finally was aware of the Chopped challenge when sending you a package! Yay! For brownies, I have had some that are good with frosting, but I have had many that seem to only have frosting because they are so dry without it. (Not saying yours fall into that category) So, usually I stay away from the frosting ones knowing that the plain ones have a higher chance of being yummy.

    • I can guarantee that Ghirardelli brownie mix is anything but dry. I’ve been eating less sugar lately and I will confess that my tolerance level is down and there was a tad too much frosting on these brownies for me.

      • I think it’s more of a store-bakery thing. Often those brownies have been sitting out for ages and they just are so dry. Bleck. I’m sure yours are delicious. 🙂

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  7. I have to admit that I prefer brownies without frosting. Peppermint and coconut definitely have my attention. And chocolate-covered mushrooms…I would try that once just to say I’ve eaten it. Thanks for sharing another great FPP post!

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