Honey Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.

Honey. Chocolate.

Peanut Butter. Oh my! Does anybody remember when Reese’s made Honey Roasted Peanut Butter Cups? I found them years ago (pre-Husband if that tells you anything) at a dollar store. I don’t normally buy food from the dollar store. Actually I don’t normally even go to the dollar store. But for some random reason I went, stumbled across the cups, bought one and never saw them again. Ever. It must have been fate.

When it comes to the occasional junk food, the Midwesterners are purists. Oreos? Only one kind. Doritos? None of this Cool Ranch crap. White Chocolate Reese’s Cups? Now those were just wrong. Plain Jane Reese’s Cups are the way to go. As a kid, I would evaluate my Halloween candy loot by how many Reese’s Cups were in the bag. Ten or more and it was a good year. Eight or less and some trading would have to be done. Don’t ask what happened if I had nine.

The Honey Roasted Peanut Butter Cup is different. Honey roasted peanuts are skads better than regular peanuts so it makes perfect sense. Er, made perfect sense. Cause I have never seen them again.

That’s an easy fix, though why it took me ten years to make my own I’ll never know.

This is the easiest “recipe.” I use recipe loosely here. Dump. Heat. Stir. Pour. Freeze.

Three ingredients: chocolate, peanut butter, honey. A 1:1:1 ratio. Again – Dump. Heat.



Freeze. Oh, and eat.

Lots of eating.

If you want to go nuts you can vary the type of chocolate and substitute another nut butter. Dark chocolate and almond butter would make this a better alternative for Paleo Husband, though he nibbled quite a few of these for me and declared them a huge success. For this batch I used ½ cup semi sweet chocolate chips, ½ cup plain old Jif peanut butter and ½ cup local honey from the apple orchard. I dumped it all into a double boiler, heated and stirred till smooth, poured into miniature baking cups and froze on a baking sheet. If you want your cups flatter, tap the pan on the counter a few times to settle the mixture before freezing. If you want to be really crazy, sprinkle with crushed nuts. I topped a few with macadamia nuts and the salty texture was a nice addition.

Store loosely in a sealed container in the freezer (or fridge for a little less bite) as the cups soften up quickly at room temperature.  On a warm day (okay, okay, any day) I enjoy them popped directly from the freezer!  For a cooler weather alternative, add a few of the cups to some warmed milk for delicious hot chocolate.

To be really fancy you could try making your own nut butter from actual honey roasted peanuts and combining that with chocolate and see what happens. That sounds like a lot of extra work and dishes to me though and that is not really the point of this recipe – simple and delicious is. As Husband says on occasion, don’t let perfect be the enemy of good enough. But these are better than just good enough, they are GOOD!  So make them and let me know what you think.

And come on back Friday too… I just may explain how the Husband is a genius.

– Joanna

Question of the day: What was your favorite Halloween candy as a kid?


  1. These look wonderful! I am going to try them the next time I have a sweet tooth! It probably won’t be for a while though with Easter this weekend. I already have too much chocolate around the house!

  2. Kathy cabbage

    These look amazing, will give them a try!

  3. If I made any of these, Dick would probably eat the paper, the bowl, and anything that looked or smell like them.

  4. Oh I am so making these! When you said 3 ingredients I wondered what they would be but I never would have guessed this. I can’t wait to try them! Reeses PB Cups were always my favorite too – my mom would get me one every time she went to the grocery store.

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