First off, let me just say HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Unless you’re in Canada where Thanksgiving was well over a month ago.


Since I consider myself a Food Satire Blogger I’d like to do things a little differently around here today.  Most food bloggers will be showing you beautifully staged photos of what they ate or will be eating (ok I did that but just that one time and it wasn’t staged very well so it barely counts) or giving you a link to their Thanksgiving Day Pinterest board or will tell you all the things they are thankful for or will have spent the last month detailing recipe after recipe for you to duplicate on the big day.

I’d like instead to share how we already did the big day.  Yes, we already had Thanksgiving.  It was last Saturday because my Brother-in-Law has to work Thursday night.  It seems Black Friday has become Black Thanksgiving and no that doesn’t just mean a burned turkey.

Stop shopping for DVD players on Thanksgiving day people.  Just stop. I would be very thankful for that.

So here’s how we did Thanksgiving.  And by “did” I mean really did as in past tense as in the food has been eaten already.  Here we go.

We had turkey.  It was apparently from Trader Joe’s of which my mother seemed immensely proud.  She was less proud of the fact she accidentally left the baggie of giblets in the cavity of the turkey.  No, no, I take that back, she didn’t seem unproud of that.

DSC_0101 RW

Speaking of turkey here’s what was left in the bottom of the roaster.  We aren’t a make gravy from the drippings kind of family.  We’re a open a jar of gravy kind of family.  Simple but oh so tasty.

DSC_0104 RW

We had green beans and mushrooms with garlic.  They used to be in that pan down there.  My mom originally told me and my sister to both make dessert but my sister and I decided the two pies I was making were enough so she contracted with mom to make the vegetable.  Mom would provide the ingredients and she’d make it there.  Except my sister had a long drive and didn’t arrive in time so mom made the green beans and mushrooms with garlic aka opened up a can of green beans and a can of mushrooms and a can of minced garlic.  There’s your recipe people.  Again, simple, but oh so tasty.

DSC_0102 RW

We had crockpot applesauce.

DSC_0103 RW

And rolls.  We also had rolls.  Straight up.  This was the extra bag we never even opened.  Mom overestimated our roll needs.

DSC_0107 RW

Noodles.  This is The Husband’s Thanksgiving tradition (one I could live without quite frankly but I love the guy so I make him his noodles cooked in beef broth.  I at least bought organic beef broth.)

DSC_0105 RW

We had stuffing.  My dad makes a crockpot stuffing but that’s a post all on its own.  Seriously.

DSC_0111 RW

Here’s the turkey plates we ate off of.

DSC_0113 RW

And the cups we drank from.  They were hot pink.

DSC_0114 RW

My pies.  This was the pumpkin.  Libby’s recipe.  Click here for last year’s post about it!

DSC_0116 RW

And this pie, my all time favorite holiday pie, Apple Cranberry with Sweet Walnut Pecan topping!  It’s supposed to be walnuts but my Brother-in-law can’t eat ’em so I subbed in Pecans.  I also subbed in coconut milk for heavy whipping cream in the topping and it did not have the same texture as the original recipe.  Tasty but slightly different texture.  I must confess I had misplaced the recipe till just a few hours before I needed to make it so I had to guess at the ingredients when I grocery shopped beforehand.  So no heavy whipping cream.  But you probably read all about that on Monday so I’ll move on.

DSC_0115 RW

We also had a bowl of jellied cranberry stuff and a tasty jello salad my Aunt made.  I don’t have pictures of those empty bowls.

Sorry 🙁  I was a bad Food Satire Blogger on those two accounts.

Since I already slipped up and told you I’d be thankful if you all stopped shopping on Thanksgiving day, I’m going to tell you another thing I’m thankful for.  I’m actually thankful our holiday meals aren’t crazy fancy.  I hosted Thanksgiving at my house with everything from scratch one year and I have to say it was hectic.  By the time I got to sit down and visit with my family it was time for them all to leave.  I would much rather have canned green beans and bagged rolls and get to see people than eat a twelve course meal carefully planned out and pinned months in advance.  Unless you really want to invite me to your twelve course meal then I will happily eat your Pinterest inspired food.

That was our holiday with my side of the fam.  Hope yours is just as fabulous!

Oh, one more quick thing.  This is my sister’s dog.


Aaaaaand apparently the most fun thing to do the entire Thanksgiving holiday for all three kids was to play around the pooch’s cage.  The pooch wasn’t even in it.


We’re easy to please in the Midwest.

– Joanna

Question of the Day: Are you cooking this holiday or just eating?  Staying in town or travelling?


  1. We did big family holidays–like, 50 people throughout the day–for years until my grandma went into the home. Now my mom is making a meal for her and my uncle and I’ll stop by to hang out for a bit. I kind of miss the big gatherings, but I don’t miss all that work! Or the questions about why I can’t eat kielbasa if I’m vegan. Anyway, despite the fact a few of your pictures look like a crime scene collection, I’m glad you had a wonderful holiday and hope you have a chance to rest and relax today. Outside of the dog cage.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! There is definitely something to be said for choosing meals that take less preparation when you’re cooking for a bunch, especially now that kitchens are more open concept. People would rather hang out with the chef than watch them slave away for a few hours. I’m very careful about that these days. On another note, I am thankful that the American tradition of Black Friday has finally caught on here, so I will be shopping at 7am tomorrow. Thanks! But you can wait until Friday, people! Don’t make people sell crap on Thanksgiving!

  3. I didn’t make a single thing for Thanksgiving, but I did get my aunt’s recipe for baked ziti that we always have (Thanksgiving, Christmas, other random holiday gatherings). I hope to make it soon!

    • I made baked ziti for the first time in awhile lately and it was super fast, easy and tasty. Are you going to share your Aunt’s recipe???

  4. I hope to make it soon and then yes, I will share. 😀