Do you all know the band They Might Be Giants?  I love them.  I have a bunch of CD’s and have been to several concerts.  I have even strummed John’s guitar during one of those concerts.  If you do know They Might Be Giants, you may be wondering which John.  There are two.  That’s irrelevant to my point here and so I’m going to leave you hanging on that one.

Anyway, TMBG has a song called Minimum Wage.

Here it is in a random YouTube video.

Cool, huh?  And, believe it or not TOTALLY relevant to today’s post about Christmas and Dogs.

You see today is 23 Paws over at Cinnamon’s blog Eat Pray Tri.

Still not getting the connection?

That’s odd.

I guess I’ll explain.

Every time I read or think or say the phrase 23 Paws I always do it to the tune of TMBG’s Minimum Wage.

23 Pawsssssssss . . . HEYAH!

Actually it’s more like this.

Better.  Much better.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest and woken the baby (you can’t sing that phrase quietly, you just can’t) I’ll move on to the real purpose of this post.

The pets.

Oh and free stuff, cause Cinnamon is giving away a Pet Tag Silencer over on her blog.

But mostly the pets.  Since Christmas is just around the bend I thought I’d share with you some pictures from a few past Christmases.  Traditionally I have done an annual pet picture each year which made an appearance in our Christmas cards as well as ornaments.

I think you’ll be able to see from these pictures it’s a miracle my dogs still like me.  While I usually turn pet pictures into cartoons on my blog, I left these pictures alone for this post.  You know, to truly capture the sadness and disgust in their little doggie eyes for having to endure the indignation once a year.

I had to reshoot this picture because there was a “World’s Best Dog – Sadie” ornament hanging right smack in front of the tree.  We just can’t have that for The Snoops’ annual photo shoot.

* * *

This year was a disaster.  Have you ever tried to keep a poodle in a box before?  Ugh.

* * *

Okay, this one is cartoony because this was the official picture and I mailed it out that way.  Sadie looks happy here, but don’t mistake happy for crazy.  Hats make her crazy.

* * *

If she ignores the hat perhaps it will just go away.  Ha!  Not likely.

* * *

I did try to get her ears through the holes.  She was having none of that.  And that bow tie?  Forgetaboutit.

* * *

I could have at the very least found a penguin hat that fit her.

* * *

One bow was tolerable.  Sorta.

* * *

Four bows and the stink eye came out.

* * *

Saddest eyes ever.

* * *

Wait, no, those are the saddest eyes ever.  Or scaredest eyes.  Maybe both.

* * *

This picture really isn’t too bad, mostly because The Snoops wasn’t really doing anything but asking for food.  Yup.  The poodles’ way of telling us she was hungry was to hop up on the fireplace hearth.  I also like this picture because it has some very “us” things in it.  My favorite painting on the mantle from a college artist pal.  My black squirrel statue.  Mike’s swords from the dojo he belonged to for several years.  And a big ol’ pot of rocks.  I think you can tell a lot about people from their fireplace.

* * *

And finally the look of death from three dogs who were about to bite my face off to get the bacon flavored Beggin’ Strips I was teasing them with.  Gotta do something to get three pooches to hold still for a photograph. This was a hilarious Christmas card because the dog to the right was a friend’s pet, Luna, and I was dogsitting for a few days.  I absolutely mailed this picture out as our holiday card and Mike’s family thought we had gotten a third dog.  There were some shocked phone calls.  I still chuckle over that one.

From our unhappy pets to yours, Merry Christmas!

– Joanna

Question of the Day: Do you dress up your pet for holidays?


  1. This is Haruki’s first Xmas with us and we haven’t yet dressed her up. But, I am on the lookout for a hot pink baby tee to put her in year round–if you know where I could get one? I just love an uncomfortable dog in a really tight t-shirt.
    BTW, your dogs are _so_ lucky to have you!

  2. Our animals have the most expressive faces don’t they? This was great. Happy holidays!

  3. J @ semplicemente ... J

    I have never dressed Dante although my daughter tried to convince me today. Thank you for sharing your pics.

  4. Must go edit my post to include the picture of Oscar in the Santa hat if I can find it…………

  5. No pets to decorate 🙁 But we didn’t when I had cats. We tried putting bows on them, but they always got them off quickly. Oh, and why do you have a black squirrel statue?

    • I’m gonna let Mike field the black squirrel question. I will say I was supposed to decorate the black squirrel, but he’s been naked for years now. Now you are for sure interested!

  6. oh man … barney would not stand for most of that. Merry Christmas!!

  7. OMG, there are so many funny things about your post – where to start? The look on Sadie’s face half obscured by the black hat is priceless. And, the fact that you sent out a dog picture for a holiday card that included a dog that isn’t yours makes me laugh so hard!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  8. Your puppies are so cute! The things we do to our animals. They must think we’re all nuts. I once took a Christmas card pic of my dog wearing one of my winter hats and mittens. Talk about the saddest eyes! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  9. That one of the both of them in front of the tree is priceless. I have a photo of Guinn in a santa hat but I couldnt find it anywhere!! It was from a long time ago. But I love the idea of taking a Christmas themed photo of them…I just might have to do that for next years card! Love it!! And I love that 23Paws sounds so musical to you. I think I will probably think of it that way too now!! ha! Merry Christmas!

  10. “Unhappy pets”? Even after all the goodies they got? Guess beggin’ strips can’t heal the wounds caused by too many Christmas bows and blue penguin hats! 😀