I know I say this all the time but, I’m not a Mommy Blogger.

And then I go off and blog about my kid.

Apparently I need to make up my mind already.

In the meantime I decided to join Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life in her weekly Munchkin Meals.

Look, there’s a graphic and everything.

I  like graphics almost as much as the Pete likes cheese.  I’m getting ahead of myself here though.

Munchkin Meals is pretty much just what it sounds like . . . blog posts highlighting the meals our munchkins are munching on.  Being a first time mom, I’ve found these pretty dang helpful.  So if my Munchkin Meals post mirrors another bloggers, well, I may have stole their Munchkin Menu.

Today is supposed to be a whole day of eats, but I only have lunch pictures snapped so I’m kinda doing my own thing here.  I doubt that will surprise any of you.

With all that being said, I’d like to present to you . . . Lunch in the Life of The Pete.

Lunch starts out everyday with a distraction to keep The Pete occupied while the Mama prepares the food.  Things that make loud noises, like pots and pans, are crucial for my mise en place.

Once The Pete has tired of the shiny things he can be heard babbling “mama mom” to let me know he is hungry.  Hanging on to his high chair is an excellent clue as well.

Up he goes.  If I still need a few minutes to prepare his food, he begins his lunch course with an appetizer of puffs.  Please note the double fist action.  Mama doesn’t have long now.

If lunch isn’t ready by the time the puffs are gone, The Pete squeals and looks about for his food.  He looks to his left.

He looks to his right.

He looks down.

The Mama comes through! Today we have an all organic feast of blueberries, cauliflower, grated cheese and sliced chicken.

The cheese is always the first to be shoveled into his tiny little mouth.

Next is the lunch meat. The fruit and vegetable are often interchangeable but for this meal he opted to demolish the cauliflower before attacking the blueberries.

If you are concerned that tray looks mighty full for such a tiny baby, have no fear.  The Pete never dines alone.

The Snoops and The Destroyer lie in wait for morsels to be dropped.

That’s not exactly true.  The Snoops, though short, is a go getter when it comes to potentially dropped cheese.  She always makes sure to remind the Pete she is there.

The Destroyer just takes what she wants, attempting to lick any leftovers directly from The Pete’s hand.  Mama is not thrilled, but the boy doesn’t seem to mind at all.

So while the tray looks way too full of food, some goes to The Snoops, some to The Destroyer and some is simply saved for later.

The meal ends as all meals should, with a little Cardio to work off the calories.  Stairmaster anyone?

And that’s lunch!


P.S. He’s 9 months old

Question of the Day:  What did you have for lunch?


  1. Pete is my kinda fella. Cheese first is always my rule when eating lunch. Or any meal for that matter. Toby just stares at the ground anytime we are in the kitchen. Never looks up at what’s going on to anticipate. Just stares at the floor waiting for the food to show up. If he’s feeling really frisky he will try to eat the food directly off your plate as you have it in your hands while on the couch. I can only imagine what he would do if Pete was trying to eat lunch over here.

    • Pete got his love of cheese from me (and The Snoops). The dogs go nuts at mealtime . . . it’s kinda insane. You can’t keep them out of the room for anything. It’s nice that they help clean up, but as I am trying to keep the house show-ready I then have to clean up the dog spit from them licking the floor. I need one of those plastic covers older folks stereotypically put on their couch, but I need it for the whole house. They make those right???

  2. Oh my, those lashes are to die for. He is so cute! Love all the evidence of snacks for later. Lula does the same thing!!

  3. So cute, the food everywhere still happens to me. smart kid, cheese first.

  4. Bethany @ One Girl's Taste on Life

    This was such a cute post! You’ll be happy to know that Jake is doing such a great job with his puffs that I’m ready to try more solids! Let’s get away from the purées, shall we?

    • Yay!! I saw his cute picture. I just bought a ton of Plum pouches the other day. I love keeping them in my diaper bag for snacks while on the go or as a pre-meal when we go out to eat and food hasn’t arrived yet. The boy clearly got his impatience from me. I also love that he won’t eat peas, but will eat the Spinach, Peas and Pear pouch. Mom is so sneaky.

  5. Haha! Pete and Hailey have a lot in common. From being ready to eat as soon as they sit in the high chair, to the pieces left scatter around for the dogs. It drives me crazy, too, when Koda tries to lick off Hailey’s fingers. Greedy dogs! 🙂

  6. As a new mom myself I have enjoyed Munchkin Meals for ideas. My son is almost 1(!) and I’m still trying to figure out what to feed him. Most of his meal ends up on his lap too and I just set him down and let the dogs clean him off 🙂

  7. Audrey is the same way as Pete- she must have her appetizer (cheerios) or else all hell breaks loose. She demolishes the cheese first and our pup ends up happily eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. There are always lots of treasures stuck in her leg rolls after a meal. Gotta love it! 🙂

  8. Liam always goes for the cheese first as well! Then the lunch meat too. So funny!

    Love the pictures!!!

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