The Husband and I have a long standing fight that I don’t think we will ever come to terms on.  Yes, we will most likely be fighting for the rest of our lives.  I mean it.  Forever and ever.

You see, he thinks that the best cake is found in his hometown.  I think the best cake is found in our current town.

One year for his birthday I ordered him a cake from the best cake place and instead of it saying Happy Birthday, I had it say “THIS is the best cake.”  Because if this cake could talk, that is most definitely what it would say.

Cake Best RW

Shout out to my old boss Steve who turned me on to this bakery in the first place!

– Joanna

Question of the Day – Do you have a favorite bakery?  A place you ALWAYS buy from when not making homemade?


  1. “Yummy Stuff,” in our neighbourhood has the best cakes, but they’re $30 so you really need to want one. Love that you write thaton Husband’s cake

  2. We have lots of small bakeries we buy treats from…we do have a favorite cupcake place…but no cake place. I guess we should work on that. 🙂