In an effort to keep the blog interesting in the initial months after the new babe is born, I just finished (it’s January 27th right now for me in case you were wondering) prescheduling Throwback Thursday posts from the beginning of April all the way though the end of July.  I’ve decided to take a little break from that and start prescheduling Random Picture of the Day posts.  I’ve dug out and edited a TON of pictures for this series so I have a lot of material to work with here.  I have a folder of single pictures and folders full of groups of pictures so my plan is to start posting the single pictures on Saturdays for a while.  Potentially a long while . . . like I said, I have a lot.  I know that I’m always Jonesing for a blog fix on the weekends (most bloggers these days are fairweather weekday friends it seems) so I think quicky Saturday posts might be a nice change.  Don’t expect too much text on these days, just a pic I found fun or interesting with a sentence or a paragraph or two of explanation.

The longer picture series I will save for weekdays, but I haven’t decided what day I will post those on yet.

I’m leaving Mondays wide open for sure since I hope to be able to at least pop in once a week with fresh content.  I remember Sweetey Petey was a crappy sleeper when he was born, but hopefully the new little one will NOT take after her big brother.  Fingers crossed.

For today’s fun and interesting picture I present to you a collage of ties!  Yes, men’s ties.

Ties RW

At my last job, one of my coworkers had a friend bring him ginormous bags of brand new ties.  I think she was some sort of tie rep, but I don’t recall the specifics.  Naturally, my co-worker shared the wealth.  All the men wore ties at my job so this was a pretty sweet windfall for the boys.  I picked out ties for my friends working at other locations that day or who were off.  I also grabbed some in specific color themes or patterns with lofty goals of sewing projects.  I still have those goals and tons of ideas, I just haven’t implemented any of them yet.  I let my husband pick out what he wanted, and sent a few to Supermom’s husband and a few to my Dad.  I took snapshots of the rest of the ties I brought home and e-mailed them to my Brother-in-Law, who also wears ties quite often.  He picked out what he liked and I saved the rest for projects.

I turned my tie pictures into a collage because I love the color and pattern.  And now I have more ideas swimming around in my head for tie inspired quilts and tie inspired wall art.

– Joanna

Question of the Day – How often does your man wear ties, or if you are a man, how often do you wear ties?  How often do you update your tie collection?


  1. My husband is entrenched in the rat race, and he says none of the cool kids wear ties anymore, even though he wears a suit every day. They’re skinny right now, right? I like the big fat gaudy 70s ones.

  2. My husband wears jeans or khakis to work, so definitely no tie dress code there. Definitely no suits.