Considering it’s January for me as a preschedule this post and, with the wind chills, it’s expected to get to -30 ish today it feels odd to be posting a picture of walking.  Outdoors.  Without a protective heated bubble to encapsulate us.  Most of the schools have already closed so the kiddios don’t have to contract frostbite waiting for the bus and even The Husband is most likely working from home today.  Yay!  He often retires to his Man Cave on these days otherwise The Pete won’t let him actually work, but even then it means we get more time in the mornings together as well as lunch and late afternoons when his work is winding down.  So I’m all kinds of excited.  I loathe being stuck indoors but when we are all together as a family it’s not quite so bad.

So, it memory of warmer weather that even the Groundhog would laugh at us right now if we inquired about, I’d like to show you how our family walks sometimes go.

Stroller Walk RW

The Pete doesn’t always want to ride and The Snoops doesn’t always want to walk.  Admittedly The Snoops doesn’t typically enjoy being pushed since The Pete hasn’t exactly learned to push evenly or even in a straight line yet.  But I find it amusing.  I actually SERIOUSLY considering buying a double stroller before we were pregnant with our second child just so I could push The Pete and The Snoops at the same time.  What can I say?  The Snoops is getting old and she can’t always handle our walks, especially in warmer weather.

Warmer weather.  Ha!  What’s that?

Oh, if you want to see a picture of The Snoops happily riding in a stroller, please click here.  Also, in my personal opinion, that’s one of my best posts to date and since it was written the month I started this blog probably a lot of you have never read it.  As a teaser, I provide physical evidence that The Snoops is not actually a dog, but a human.  And also a picture of a bad haircut.  It was back in my cartoon-the-heck-outta-all-my-photos-days, but still, a pretty darn funny read.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  What’s your weather like today?  Sunny?  Rainy?  Foggy?  It’s May so it had better not be snowy.  


  1. A gorgeous sunny warm Mother’s Day! (And then rain for the next week, apparently).

    You should see the caravan I put together when the cat has to visit the vet in the village at the end of my street. At one point it was a giant bike trailer I would push which would fit toddler and cat in carrier, with a baby in a Bjorn on my chest. I’m just so cosmo.

  2. lol I love that this is how you walk. Your kiddo is adorable.

  3. I’m a little late getting to this…we’re having warm weather with lots of sun. Ok for a walk in the morning, less so in the afternoon. Especially with pregnancy hormones racing through.

    • Mike just asked me if he could write a post on pregnancy hormones. I told him only if he wants to sleep on the couch.