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Case in Point

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Ice Ice Baby

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TuftedDSC_0114 enh RW


MossyDSC_0138 enh RW

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– Joanna

Question of the Day: What did you do this weekend?


  1. Super great pictures! I especially loved the ice bubbles. Those were some rad shots!

  2. GORGEOUS! Is that area in your backyard? If it is, I am so jealous. If it’s nearby your house, I am so jealous. Hope you guys are all well and enjoying life!

    • Even though we’ve been here a few months and I go exploring often, Joanna and The Pete had never seen the creek at the back of our wooded 5 acres. She’s quite the outdoorswoman and at one point thought she was lost.

      • Haha, thanks for making me chuckle. That is fantastic that you have that kind of nature/wildlife on your property. Petey is one lucky kiddo to be growing up with such a neat area to explore!

        • Let’s see if you change your tune if you stop back in a few days when Joanna blogs about a recent skunk incident……. or during yesterday’s walk when Sadie took off, cornered a raccoon, and Joanna freaked out.

          I’ve never seen so many types of colorful birds and the millions of deer are pretty cool. At least until the garden gets planted.

    • The Husband is right about the skunk incident, it was bad. Skunks have to live somewhere too though right? It’s nice having all the land we do and I don’t blame the skunk . . . Sadie was clearly the instigator if the raccoon encounter is any indication.

  3. now that I’m all into the photography I feel like I look at pictures differently. THANK YOU for giving me some awesome pictures to look at!! They are GORG!! 😉

  4. I really liked the second one under moody–so light and airy feeling! And the first textured one was really cool looking, too. 🙂

    This weekend I ordered the bridesmaid’s dress for my friend’s wedding, and we did loads of house hunting (nothing yet).

    • Ohhhh…house hunting. Awesome and awful all at the same time. How did your folks take it when you told them you weren’t moving home? I owe you a real e-mail.

      • Most people were expecting the news, apparently. When I said I had news, they thought it would be “I’m pregnant!”. Ha! I was really disappointed our offer didn’t work on this one house. 🙁

        • That stinks. It’s so hard when you find a place you love, but don’t get it. We jumped on our current place and it was really an unfortunate circumstance for the previous owners that made it simple for us. They weren’t going to accept our offer as-is, but the wife fell and broke her wrist the night they received it and they decided in the hospital something had to give. So they took it and we were kinda shocked. Happy, but shocked. You’ll find the right place, keep looking. And start looking for that perfect shade of red to paint one wall . . .

  5. What gorgeous photos! I love how you get right in there for the close-up shots.

  6. Beautiful pictures! Your yard?