I say Part One in case I decide to do this again next Monday. Not sure. We’ll see how she plays out.

Please enjoy some snaps from the weekend.

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– Joanna

Question of the Day:  How was your weather?  Ours was great and we enjoyed it!


  1. So you finally made it to NP? We’re going Easter weekend.

    • We managed to hit that elusive sweet spot where no one was sick or busy. We will be here for Easter. I am, however, supposed to somehow arrange for us to go to NP at the same time this summer AND finagle a ride on the pontoon boat. Or so I have been instructed by The Husband.

      I know it’s not that close to the in-laws, but do you take C to the park often? We took P there and there’s so much to do, even in the off season. The playgrounds are way better than any we have here.

      • We’re there a lot in the summer. And by there I mean Atwood, not NP, which is why we really don’t take C to the park. She only goes when we get a DiRusso’s during First Town Days and then we leave. This year, though, I think we’ll have to do more with her.

        • Probably hard to play on the playground during First Town Days with all the people milling about. There was one area that had a ramp with row after row of metal pipes that spun. P LOVED when dada helped him walk up.

  2. Yesterday our weather was a bit cool and windy since we just had a major storm on Saturday. This week, however, it is supposed to get to the seventies!!!

  3. Great weather and great company! Thanks for coming home.

    • We had a lovely time, thanks for having us. Although I hear you are trying to talk your son out of replacing the 16 year old car . . . not cool man, not cool. You can bring one Trisha’s cake to make up for it. And one Litty’s, just for comparison sake of course. Extra frosting.

        • OK Heather, the last time we visited you we brought pies – the next time I promise it will be cake.

      • Ha ha, I’ll stay out of the car conversation – I promise. I went past the cake place this morning so I know where it’s at now. We’ll try to remember to bring one down. White with white icing or chocolate with chocolate icing? I don’t know if they would have a healthy tofu/artichoke cake with spinach/kale frosting or not.

        • Knowing what tofu, artichokes, spinach and kale are means you are halfway to eating them yourself! I say mix it up . . . chocolate cake with white frosting. Crazy.

  4. Did you have that place (wherever it was) all to yourself? Looks awesome. LOVE the water fountain pic. Like seriously love.

    • We did, which now that I think about it seems odd. The rides don’t open till Memorial Day, but there are lots of play areas open all the time. It was the first nice weekend we’ve had in a while too. Thanks on the pic compliment! I like that one too, though my fav is the fire hydrant. I may have been a little heavy handed with the highlight tool on the editing software, but I think it looks artsy. I was especially happy with the pics considering I left my macro lens at home. Must buy bigger camera bag soon.

  5. I am another water fountain picture fan. 🙂 We had great weather Saturday, but not so much Sunday. It’s ok…we have to ease into spring here. We’ve been having a bunch of sunny days and I’m getting spring fever!

  6. Look at Petey’s hair! He is really getting to be a big boy!

  7. I know that place! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been there though! Glad you had fun!

    • I took a picture of Mike next to the cotton candy stand where he worked while we were there for old times sake. He hates cotton candy to this day!