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This week’s addition to the fabric stash is rather modest.  I’m still attempting to respect the budget.

Pink on the Pile RW

I not only love photographing things in trees,

I also love photographing things on the woodpile.



I could go on but I’ll stop.

A half yard of Tula Pink’s Swarm in Jam from the Moon Shine collection and a pink solid from the remnant cart at the local quilt shop.  My LQS has the best clearance section.  I paid less than two bucks for the solid and it’s probably around 3/4 yard.

Butterflies on the Pile RW

Sweetey Petey decided it was a cape.

Pink Cape RW

Then he dropped it on the ground.

Pink on the Grass RW

Then the dog stepped on it (I didn’t get a picture of that – I was too busy rubbing off the paw print.)

I usually nab any large solid pieces off the remnant cart and it was a happy accident it matched so well with the Tula Pink print.  For my non-sewing readers, Tula Pink fabric has some weird sort of cult following in the quilting world.  People hoard it, stalk it, buy it in ridiculous yardages and then never cut into it because they are scared they will run out since once a print has been discontinued it sells for $80 a yard on Etsy.

I may be embellishing a little  . . . but not about the $80 a yard.  Yeesh, people.

I have to admit, I don’t fully get the hype.  I love some of her prints (like Swarm – I plan on buying all four colorways.)  But I have never loved an entire collection.  At least half the prints just don’t speak to me.  I have about six yards of Tula Pink fabric now in seven prints.  Oh hey that’s like $500 in a few years amiright?  So I’m giving her a chance.  I’m even considering buying a fat quarter bundle of an entire collection and sewing one quilt up with it just to see what the deal is and why everybody says it’s magic when it comes together.  Someday.  Maybe.  This Sunday Stash from Work-In-Progress Girl I read really made me give Tula Pink fabric another look.

Okay, one more shot from the woodpile.  These pictures make me love this color more than I did at the quilt shop!  I may have bought a whole yard if I had it to do over again.  Which technically I do, since I go all the time.  They know me.  They know the kids names.  They worry if I don’t show up on my designated day.

Wood and the Pink RW

I really think this pink is striking next to the natural grain of the wood and super green grass.  Something to think about before sewing this puppy up.

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– Joanna

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