I’d like to take a minute this morning to give you all a heads up on a fun new photography project Cinnamon over at Eat Pray Tri is starting up.  It’s called Snap To It.


Basically it’s for anyone with an interest in photography.  It will involve weekly tips, a weekly assignment and a reveal day of all our homework.  Though it does offer many tips for DSLR cameras (Father-In-Law, that’s the big ol’ honkin’ Nikon I carry around) it will also be for anyone with a point and shoot (Father-In-Law, that’s the teensy tiny thing you carry around.)

To steal all the words from Cinnamon’s page here’s the specific haps:

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I know I told you yesterday I wanted to chat at you every day, but I also said I wouldn’t bother you unless it was important and . . . I have nothing to say today.

But two days ago Abby put up a funny, I mean punny, post that if you haven’t read already, you should.  It’s a series of “perishable personal ads.”  Be warned though, if you’re gluten-free you might not want to respond to “Born and Bread in Coloradough” as you probably won’t be compatible.

So go ahead and do that if you want.

If you really need something from me to tide you over, here’s a picture of my kid holding a pinecone.

A Pinecone RW


– Joanna

Question of the Day:  I got nothin.  What?  You think if I can’t come up with a decent post I’d be able to come up with a decent question of the day? Pshaw.

Before I get into the Unroasted Roasted Vegetable Soup,

I’d like to take a few paragraphs to talk about a fellow blogger, Aly of Fudging Ahead.

If your first thought was I must have won another blog award to be spreading the Blog Love, you’d be wrong.  I’ve won nothing.  Not by anyone else, that is.  I have seriously considered bestowing an award upon myself, though, to make this post legit.  Perhaps the I’m Awesome and I Know It award.  I even made my own crappy graphic that designer pal Calee will probably virtually kick my ass for.

Nah.  It’s not that bad.  As Cinnamon might say, whatevs.  Feel free to swipe it and award it to yourself if you please.  No reason not to give the ol’ self esteem a little boost from time to time.

But back to Aly.

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I am a little surprised to be writing you today.  I don’t mean to honk my own scooter horn here . . .

. . . but I keep making fun of blog awards and I keep receiving them.  Pyramid scheme anyone?  I have also heard them referred to as chain letters which is a pretty accurate description as well.  Still, despite all that I do appreciate a little lovin’ from other great bloggers.  It’s nice to be well thought of.

So, this marks number four.

Honk, honk, honk, honk.

I have stopped googling them as quite frankly I don’t really care where they originated or who started them.  This one is a Liebster Award and was awarded to me from Lisa over at Cooking Jamie.  She is the next Julie and Julia, cooking her way through Jamie Oliver’s books.  I don’t know how his food is, but Jamie Oliver himself is pretty tasty so he gets my culinary vote.

When it comes to these awards I don’t answer questions.  I don’t ask questions.  I don’t provide random facts about myself and I don’t mandate other bloggers nominate other bloggers.  Instead I share bloggers I love to love.

Today I’d like to focus on calories.  Lots and lots and lots of calories.

First up is Lindsey over at Gingerbread Bagels.  Lindsey does not bake vegan or gluten-free.  She does not add beans to her brownies.  She does not bake low sugar or low fat or low taste.  In fact I truly believe if you try to sub in a low fat ingredient for a full fat one in her recipe she will somehow know and personally come to your house and kick your butt.  All while listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Clearly she has good taste in music.  Since I do too (honk) and one of my favorite bands is Cake and she likes to bake cake I think we are somehow friends.  She isn’t aware of this (or that I even exist) so let’s not freak her out with the news just quite yet, mmmm k?  But for the Blog Love of all things dessert, please check out her Recipage and make something on it!  NOW!  I mandate that.  The blog award rules say I have to mandate something so there it is.  Go forth and bake.  Or freeze.  She also makes ice cream.

Second up is Bakerella.  Just in case you have all been living under a rock and don’t know who she is (gasp), she is the mastermind behind Cake Pops.  I know you all know what cake pops are.  Tiny little balls of cake and frosting dunked in creamy candy coating and decorated to look like anything from babies to Muppets to eyeballs.  Bakerella is absolutely 100% an artist.  She is so popular she now has books, kits, molds and even T-shirts.  Hot pink, so maybe not for the boys unless you are Shane from Big Brother 14.  (Kelly may be the only of my readers to laugh at that, but oh well.)  Once you are done baking something from Gingerbread Bagels, bake something from Bakerella.  She has some fabulous cookie recipes on her site too. These are amazing .

That’s all I’ll share for today since I know you want to hop off here and get to baking.  And since I’m winning these awards at an alarming rate I’d better save some Blog Love for later.

Stop back later, though.  I have a post up my sleeve about yogurt that just might interest you.  Or it might make 90% of all bloggers turn against me.  Either way it’ll be interesting.


Question of the Day:  Do you have allergies?  How are they?  Mine are a flipping wreck this season.  Grrrr.

Ahhhhh Monday.  We meet again.  I used to assume when I became a SAHM days would lose their meaning and a Tuesday would be the same as a Sunday.  Nope.  Mondays are still cringe worthy and Fridays are still much anticipated.  Saturdays are still the absolute best day of the week of course.  Not sure why that is exactly.  It just is.

This past Saturday was, obviously then, absolutely awesome.  We took the Pete to the Zoo for the first time and while he was more interested in his lunch than the elephants, it was a gorgeous day for a nice walk in the faux wild.

As a side note, I thought “faux” was spelled “feux” but to be sure I googled it.  The Urban Dictionary told me that “feux” is the way a dumbass spells “faux”.   Thanks Urban Dictionary.  Thanks a lot.  Moving on.

I’ll share more of our Zoo trip later this week or next, but for now suffice it to say that Saturday was awesome.  Sunday was pretty great too . . . except for one teensy tiny thing.  The Destroyer destroyed again.  Sigh.  No, it wasn’t the carpet or the couch or (gasp) my brand new Spongy Poof from Cinnamon at Eat Pray Tri.  It was this guy.

Well, that’s what’s left of him anyway.  No, it doesn’t look like it was anything in the first place. No, I’m not nuts.  That is, er, was my newest favorite photography prop.  I found this lovely bit of bark in the yard and he was perfect for holding vegetables.  See?

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What an original title for a post.  I had a better and funnier one picked out but I was worried the spam comments would go nuts like they did after my Big Balls post.  Yup, still pushing the Big Balls post.  What can I say?  I’m particularly proud of it.  I should move on. In this post and well, in past posts.  It’s time.

So . . . I’ve received yet another blog award.

That brings us once again to . . . dun dun dun . . . Blog Love.  Crap.  So much for moving on.

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Hi all. How was your weekend? I was fortunate to have some extra Just Me and The Pete time as the Husband was volunteering for a bit again. I think he’s trying for another Cub Scout Merit Badge.

Organized the garage. Took a nap. Painted the trim in the master bath and walk in closet. Took the Pete to a new park and was overrun by wedding parties. Outran a swarm of the largest bees ever at the same park. Okay, out speed-walked and by swarm I mean a half dozen. Still, those suckers were enormous and scary! Hunger Games Tracker Jacker scary.

Clearly you’re not reading my blog for its excitement.

Speaking of blogs, I’d like to talk a little about blog headers.

Here’s mine.

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Well, the unthinkable has happened.

I’ve been nominated for a second blog award. I know, right? You all have to be as shocked as I am. I mean, here I am, just minding my own little corner of the blogosphere when the lovely Cinnamon of Eat Pray Tri suddenly offers some encouragement and positive reinforcement. Out of nowhere. Ain’t blogging grand?

I found Cinnamon, pretty randomly if I recall, through Twitter. She clearly has a similar sense of humor and a fabulous conversational writing tone. I think we’d get along famously if we ever met in real life. Even my husband has become addicted to her blog.

So Cinnamon nominated me for The Versatile Blogger award.

It’s pretty. A lovely shade of green. Oh, and in a very nice font.

Okay, this is my blog and I get to be brutally honest here . . . I kinda think blog awards are just a Pyramid Scheme to get hits on the award creator’s website. There, I said it. It’s kinda genius. This particular award asks each nominee to nominate 15 additional bloggers and link back to the original site. And so on. If it works as planned, that’s a LOT of hits and a LOT of coverage.

I could be wrong (it happens occasionally), and I sincerely hope I am.

Despite my hypothesis and whatever the motive may be, blog awards do urge the nominated blogger to love on some other bloggers. I am truly honored that Cinnamon thought to include me.

Cinnamon tweeted the other day “I love being built up by others….why wouldn’t I do the same for them?”

So whether blog awards belong in Egypt, or not, I will choose to use them as an excuse to build others up. I will celebrate and share fabulous bloggers with you. I even made a page up top. It’s called Blog Love. See it? You can click on it if you want, I don’t mind.

You can read about the first award I received here. Take note of the thinly veiled reference to the Pyramid Scheme.

As food story tellers, I celebrated Sara from Stories and Sweet Potatoes, Faith from gracefulfitness, Bethany from One Girl’s Taste on Life, Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers and Angharad from Eating for England.

Today I’d like to celebrate a few Moms that inspire me. That’s right, Moms. Don’t click away just yet if you are anti-baby because these Moms have more to offer than just diaper talk, I promise. Some of them don’t talk about diapers at all. As I mentioned last time, these ladies are in no particular order.

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I usually post on Mondays, but the Husband was volunteering all weekend and I was on baby duty pretty much 24/7.

I was gonna post Blog Love Part 2 today, but when 11:30 last night rolled around I was still typing it up and beyond ready for bed.

I don’t bank posts, so what you read is what I thought.  Recently.

So, where does that leave us?

It leaves us with some pictures of Key Limes that I really like, but never amounted to anything interesting enough to warrant a recipe post.  In my personal opinion, Key Limes and low sugar are about as great a combination as garlic and ice cream.  Don’t do it.  It doesn’t work.  Not even at a Garlic Festival.

Enjoy and see ya tomorrow with a brand spanking new Blog Love post.

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I am new to this blogging thing at just under two months, but already I gotta confess I LOVE IT!  For lots of reasons.

One: It gives me a creative outlet, which I sorely need as a mom.  Staying home to raise my son is my priority and I am thankful every moment that the Husband provides this opportunity for me.  For us.  But while the Sweetey Petey is completely fulfilling, that isn’t to say I don’t miss aspects of my old job.  Because I do, I really really do.  I miss the people first and foremost.  They were, are, my extended family and I miss them.  I know this is hard for some to understand, but when you find a job that doubles as family it’s excruciatingly difficult to leave.  While my job title wasn’t “Coming Up With Crazy Super Cool Fun New Things,” it did provide for a sense of accomplishment, community assistance and the occasional imaginative idea.  So now, instead, you all have me.

Two:  I get to poke a little fun at the in-laws.  Come on now, who out there doesn’t secretly want to do this?  Even just a little?

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