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That post title is misleading.  Baby Charwee isn’t a baby anymore.  She’s 15 months old.  And when I say bibs, I’m not talking tiny little cutesy baby spit up bibs.  I’m talking big ol’ honking protect her shirt as she shovels food into her mouth at an alarming rate bibs.

Bib 1 RW

I made four bibs out of flannel I had in my stash.  I had found the heart fabric super cheap on JoAnn’s remnant rack.  The hearts are all going different directions as I wanted to use up as much of this piece of fabric as I could.

Bib 3 RW

The dot fabric was another previous find at JoAnn’s, but these were a fat quarter pack.  One fat quarter is the perfect size for a bib!  Each bib is reversible and just as pretty on the back as the front.

Bib 2 RW

I’ve only ever sewn with cheap flannel from Joann’s and I’ve often wondered how the designer flannel differs.  I plan on finding out someday, but bibs that get food smashed into them on a daily basis aren’t going to be the way.  Cheap-o fabric will do just fine here.  It’s probably not going to be too long before Baby Charwee rips off bibs and refuses to wear them anyway.

The reason I made four new bibs is I finally decided it was time to retire some of the old ones.  Not only had they gone though my son who will be four this fall, but quite a few of them were hand-me downs to boot.  And some?  Well, they just weren’t appropriate for a girl.

Bib 4 RW

My husband got a chuckle every time I put this bib on our daughter and insists we are keeping it because it’s funny.  This bib was my nephews, who is going to be seven this month.  Sorry honey, it’s time for it to GO.

I had another fat quarter pack of the flannel dots which I turned into a baby quilt for a friend.  Here’s a sneak peek.

Tetris Close Up Good RW

See ya later alligator!  If I had comments enabled (here’s why I don’t) I would expect all of you to respond with “after while crocodile.”

– Joanna

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cooltext whoop whoop

DSC_0739 enh RW Title

Since I still claim this is a “food satire blog” despite the ridiculous amount of chicken posts lately (okay that still makes it sound like food but since we haven’t eaten any of the chickens it’s not really) I’ll start this post off with the fact there were no fish sticks at the aquarium.

It sure smelled like fish sticks, especially around the cafe, but hunt as I might  . . . there were no fish sticks at the aquarium.

Yes, after wandering through room after room of both local and exotic aquatic wildlife, I still had a hankering for the breaded white fish we all scarfed down as children.  It’s fair to say I cannot recall the last time before that I’d even thought about fish sticks, but dang I could think of nothing but that day.

It seems appropriate doesn’t it?  To serve fish sticks at the aquarium?  Fish are food, not friends after all.  I like visiting farms but I still fried up some bacon for breakfast this morning.

There REALLY should have been fish sticks at the aquarium.  I mean, if they can manage mini pizza’s, french fries and fried chicken strips, fish sticks shouldn’t be out of the question.  And why the fish stick smell?  I SWEAR it was quite strong right outside the cafe.  Ask The Husband, he’ll back me up on this one.  He smelled it too.  Did they pipe in the fish stick smell?  Did they put a tank full of common white fish right outside the entrance and I just missed it??


Why are we even talking about this anyway????  If you recall I asked you folks last week to pick this week’s topic and two of you picked the aquarium so blame Unka Rick and Aly for this tirade.  In their defense I assume they were looking for pictures of fish rather than six paragraphs on fish sticks.  No worries.  I have pictures of fish too.  Some are better than others because taking pictures in a dimly lit room with no tripod and a twelve pound baby strapped to you in a sling is challenging at best.

But I did my best and I’m pretty pleased with the results.

So, here’s the haps.  My sister contacted me on a Monday and wanted to know if we’d like to hit up the aquarium with her family that same Friday.  The kids were off school and they were planning a last minute trip.  It was a little bit of a drive for both of us but as we were driving towards each other to meet in the middle it seemed like a natural rendevous.  Plus I love fish (to eat and to look at).  The Husband’s work schedule allowed for him to take a vacation day and we were on like prawn.

Ha!  I kill me sometimes, I really do.

My brother-in-law, Unka Rick, had to work Friday morning so they weren’t planning on getting to the aquarium till about 1:00 pm.  Mike and I decided to pack the kids up early and go through the aquarium twice, once by ourselves and once with my sister’s brood.

We arrived at the aquarium about 10:15 am but didn’t get inside till closer to 10:45 am.  Baby Charwee needed a “shirt snack” in the parking garage.  For those not in the know, a shirt snack is lunch.  And breakfast and dinner and snack and middle of the night hungries.  We adopted this phrase shortly after lunch at Panera one day when Sweetey Petey stood on the bench seat, pointed to his baby sister, and yelled BOOB MILK loudly and repeatedly.  Baby Charwee no longer eats boob milk.  She now has a shirt snack.

But I’ve segued.

Let’s get to the fish!!

No, wait.  Let’s not.  I mean, yes, let’s wait.  Let’s wait till tomorrow to see the fish!

I know, I suck.

The fact of the matter is I have too many pictures for one post, especially considering I’ve wasted so much time discussing fish sticks, or rather the lack thereof.  Sorry I’m not sorry.  Come back tomorrow for fish pictures.

– Joanna

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Question of the Day:  What aquatic life are you most excited to see pictures of?

The Husband politely informed me on Tuesday that when I tell you all we had a baby I’m supposed to show you a picture of the baby . . . not a selfie of me taken in the hospital bathroom mirror with a rather flat stomach.

Probably would have sold it more if I had also posted a giant belly before picture since I never really did that.

So I’m here to officially share our newest addition with you all . . . Charwee!  At least that’s what Sweetey Petey calls her because that is what he can pronounce.  And to my pal Cinnamon that thinks I am only going to show you all pictures of the back of baby girl’s head . . . I’m here to prove you wrong on that account.  See, Charwee’s hand.

Charwee RW

There you have her ladies and gentleman.  Baby Girl Charwee!!

Have a fabulous day and week and I’ll be back real soon with an egg-free chocolate chip cookie recipe to share.  If you are thinking I am Supermom for getting a decent blog post out so soon, think not.  I had the post mostly written and completely photographed before baby girl made her way into the world.  I’m awesome, but not that awesome.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  What do you think of The Husband’s pajama pants there in the background.  I think they are stylin’ and he absolutely does not need a new wardrobe.

I looked a little different by the end of the weekend.

After after RW

Yup, we had a baby!

What did you do?

– Joanna