Chevron has been the latest design trend that seems to have stuck around.  I’ve heard a few people complaining about it, but I see it often enough to assume it’s still a thing people do.

But chevron can’t be all that new because my mom did chevron before chevron was cool.

Chevron RW

This is an afghan she crocheted (knitted? I’m not up on my terminology) way before I was even born.  It’s currently hanging over a chair I have in our guest room.  I love it.  It doesn’t make me want to learn to crochet (knit?) though.  I know plenty of people that already do that so gifts already abound.  I’ll save my energy for tie art instead.

– Joanna

Question of the Day – Is your mom artistic?  Does she create?

Coming off the January Blog a Day Challenge and the Young House Love Thrift Store Challenge last month combined with reading this post by Ashley and this post by Kim, one notable thing has occurred to me as of late.  I’ve been playing it safe.

With design and with my blog.

Let’s start with design.  As you know, we’ve recently moved into a home I’d like to spruce everywhere.  I’ve completed three rooms now in Sweetey Petey’s room, the dining room and the living room.

I haven’t blogged about Sweetey Petey’s room because ultimately I decided that was his space and not my place to share.  Besides, after getting a Land of Nod catalog in the mail it turns out we are just plain miserly.  Every inch of his room is NOT fully coordinated with mismatched but somehow still matched items that all totaled cost more than my car.  And I’m talking the new car people, not the old car.

As far as Sweetey Petey’s room goes, suffice it to say I painted his new room a slightly brighter shade of his old room.  Updated but kinda the same too.  I told myself it was the logical choice.  His sheets, his changing table cover, his chair, all his stuff still matches.  Practical.  Safe.

I am seriously considering painting a whale on his wall so I might share that once it’s done.  Daring, huh?

I did blog about the dining room and shared how I painted half the walls the same color as the old dining room.  The exact same color.  How’s that for safe?  Same pictures on the wall too.  Same table.  Same hutch.  Same wobbly chairs.

Now comes the third room I’ve finished, the living room.

Midwestern LR RW

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