The Husband has been nagging me to hang pictures on our walls for months.  Unfortunately for him I prefer only to hang pictures in finished rooms with freshly painted walls and a plan.  It took me five years to finish the last house so clearly I’m not quite there at this house yet.

If you’re wondering why The Husband doesn’t just hang the pictures himself . . . he’s not allowed.  

I’m a royal pain when it comes to pictures.  They have to be hung just so.  We’re talking perfectly centered and level and hung with the center at exactly 35 inches down from the ceiling.  Unless there is large piece of furniture to consider, like a couch or a bed, this is how it’s done.  I even have a little drawing that illustrates simply how to find the exact place to nail that picture hanger in the wall.

If I’m using Command Adhesive, instead of nails or screws, painters tape is involved to find the perfect spot as well as a little basic math.

So it’s a process.

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