I’d like to wish Aly from Fudging Ahead a BIG congratulations on her pregnancy!!

Aly’s beautiful baby boy is due soon and I wanted to do something special for her.  After all, she threw me an amazing virtual baby shower.

Since she already gave me a shower and I know I couldn’t duplicate its awesomeness, I decided to go a different route.  I’ve decided to let her pick her own shower gift.  I know from personal experience sometimes you later regret putting items on your registry or you receive too many of the same item.  Sometimes you have a favorite item but you don’t receive it and sometimes it’s the surprise gifts that are truly the best of all.  So I’m providing a mix of all these options and giving Aly the choice to pick which gift she’d like best.

My twist?  Pandas!  I know Aly and her husband love Pandas so most of the gifts she can pick from have a Panda theme.  I may have even created a Panda Pinterest board in preparation for this very moment.

Let’s begin the parade of pandas! (Oh and clicking on the pictures will take you to each product page for more details.) 

Baby Panda Onesie


Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? Board Book

Panda Bear Panda Bear Book

Panda Art Print

Panda Art

Curious Panda Art Print (from one of my favorite artists – I have four of her prints in Baby Charwee’s nursery)

Parn Panda

Pandas and Popsicles Art Print (I realize this is a little funky, but Aly does have a food blog so I’m adding it)

Pandas and Popsicles

Panda Abstract Animal Art

Panda Art Print

Panda Minky Blanket

Panda Minky Blanket

Panda Bear Night Light

Panda Bear Nightlight

Panda Crib Shoes

Panda Crib Shoes

Baby Einstein Panda Toy

Panda Toy

Crochet Panda Hat

Panda Hat

Panda Plates and Bowls (I found these at the grocery store last week)

Panda Plates RW

Swaddle Sack (not a panda but my FAVORITE baby essential ever so it makes the list)


Crib Sheets (also not pandas but super cute and the brand I use and love)

Crib Sheet Yellow

Crib Sheet Gray

So Aly, what’s it gonna be???

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  Which present should Aly pick??  Help her decide!

Ann of Cooking Dangerously fame and also one of the winners of our first chicken naming contest mailed me some sweet chicken gloves the other day!  She even included some Canada gloves for Sweetey Petey and Baby Number Two.

Chicken Gloves RW

Ann’s from Canada in case you missed that somehow.

Thanks to me Ann is now totally chicken obsessed.  This has clearly paid off since I now own my very own pair of chicken gloves.  And not just any chicken gloves, but the fingerless removable mitten kind!!  How did she know I’ve been wanting a pair for when I photograph outside in the winter??

I don’t know, but she did.

Thanks Ann!

Have a great day all.  See ya tomorrow for Thrift Gift Facelift.

– Joanna

P.S.  So I typed “chicken gloves” as my focus keyword down in my Search Engine Optimization section and ya know what WordPress also suggested?  “Chicken skin gloves.”  Creepy.   Ann, don’t send me any of those, please and thank you.

Question of the Day: Quick, what color are your gloves????