All bark and Bite RW

So now that the Christmas season is upon us, every blogger and their mother is making bark.  Most of them are making peppermint bark because peppermint is to Christmas as pumpkin is to Thanksgiving.

Channeling my inner SAT’s there for a minute.  Sorry.  No, I’m not really sorry, but I am sorry for apologizing when I wasn’t really sorry in the first place.

Moving on.

I have no problems with bark.  Unless it’s the dogs’ incessant barking, which I swear they do these days non freaking stop.

Anyway, moving on again.

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TGIF right?  Right.  Speaking of Friday’s, am I the only person who refuses to eat at that restaurant unless it’s actually Friday?

I mean, believe it or not, it’s not always Friday and one shouldn’t pretend that it is.  Take right now for instance.  Though you may be reading this on Friday, it’s really 9:44 p.m. on Thursday.  Wait, no, now it’s 9:45 p.m.

I almost titled this post Flopless, because despite its humdrum beginning that may suggest a flop, it really is all about pizza.  Pizza that doesn’t flop when you pick it up.  Flopless Pizza.

But isn’t most pizza flopless?  No.  It’s not.  Back in the day I briefly suggested you all try cauliflower crust pizza.  It’s tasty, but floppy.  So floppy it’s really more of a knife and fork pizza.

If there’s one thing that makes you feel old it’s eating pizza with a knife and fork.

Have you noticed the word “it’s” is used a lot in this post already.  It’s very popular with me today.

Have you also noticed the jumping about?  Frankly I am tired from all the packing and box moving so this is just what you get.  It’s just how it is.    Try this pizza, it’ll make up for it.

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