Whenever I attempt to bring a chocolate-free dessert into our home,

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The Husband only has one thing to say.

Were they out of chocolate?

Lemon bars.  Were they out of chocolate?

Oatmeal cookies.  Were they out of chocolate?

Banana Cajeta ice cream that was ten bucks a freaking pint.  Were they out of chocolate?

Momofuku’s super fun funfetti Birthday Cake that cost sixty bucks for the Cookbook and specialty supplies alone not to mention the time it takes to meld the four recipes together into one cake.  Were they out of chocolate?

So you can imagine The Husband’s response when I informed him I was making Sour Cream Raisin Pie for some new friends we were having over for dinner one Saturday night.

Were they out of chocolate?

The Husband went as far as to tweet an apology to our friends and promise he would have Oreos in reserve as a proper dessert.

For the record, “they” were not out of chocolate.  Sometimes I just like to mix things up.  I don’t make the exact same recipes every holiday like grandma did.  I don’t eat vegetarian every Monday for “Meatless Monday” and I don’t always like chocolate in my dessert.

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