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Question of the Day:  Where ya gonna go without your letters?  Sorry.  I have They Might Be Giants on the Brain.  There was an apple that lost its A . . . there was a zebra that lost its Z . . .

I officially declare this Brownie Week here on Midwestern Bite. Somebody remind me next year and maybe by then I will have my own brownie recipe that doesn’t stink. Or, I can just do what I did this week and make other people’s recipes. I figured with all the brownie talk, I had better end the week on a sweet spot.

A lovely reader, Mavis, left me a recipe in the comments of the first installment of The Worst Food Blogger Ever. It’s my duty as a dedicated blogger to try it out. So try it out I did!

Here is a snapshot of her recipe:

I made a few changes based solely on unpreparedness (the Husband would not be pleased, though brownies don’t yet appear on his list of basic physical needs). I was low on brown sugar, so I subbed in white sugar and molasses. Also, I was out of chocolate chips so I subbed in a chopped up Lindt bar. I didn’t measure, just chopped and dropped.

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If you missed Part 1 of The Worst Food Blogger Ever click here.  If you caught it, but want to read it again to keep the flow going, click back there too.  If you didn’t catch it and don’t want to, but still what to know what the deal is anyway, here it is: I made bad brownies.  I fed said brownies to the Husband.  I hid said brownies in the oven.  I forgot about them and accidentally cooked them again.  And now you are all caught up.  It got worse…

At this point, I really should have just learned my lesson and chucked the brownies.

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* Happy Monday!! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!! This was the only weekend the Husband and Pete and I had scheduled all to ourselves within a six week period, so we really lived it up. I mean, the Husband and I stayed up watching Lost for a good half hour after Pete went to bed Saturday night. And we split a beer. Yeah, we party like that. It was glorious. Anyway, before we get into things, I wanted to preface this post by warning you I split it up into two sections. I realized after I typed it out that it was reaaaaaaally long and if your attention span is anything like mine, you’re gonna need a break. That and my house needs a little TLC (paint touch-ups and what not) that I have been trying to get to for months now. I hope you will find it worth the wait. My mom read it and she thought it was hilarious (and moms never lie to their kids to boost their self esteem) so I feel confident you will bear with me and come back for more this week. This first installment is also a little shy on pictures, but I more than make up for it later in the week – promise.  Without further ado, I present to you why I am the worst food blogger ever…

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Joanna has been following quite a few blogs for awhile now.  During the months leading up to our newest addition’s arrival, she spent a lot of time seeking out and poring over Birth Stories.  And hey, I can certainly understand that.  If I was told I had to push a grapefruit through my urethra, and had most of a year to sit around and think about it, I’d probably do a little researching on what to expect as well.

At times, she would pass the laptop over and I’d read a particularly insightful or emotional birth story.  I enjoyed that…  even those that scared the heck out of me.

Since I haven’t been able to find many of those from the male perspective, I thought you might enjoy reading about a few of my experiences while we waited for the Sweetest Petey ever to join our family.  If it helps a new Dad or two prepare, so much the better.  I know I was looking for hilarious first time dad stories.

Alright, down to business.  Guys, let’s talk…

First, I was surprised how much I enjoyed attending the OB/GYN checkups.  If you can make your schedule work, don’t miss these.  Especially the appointments that include Ultrasounds.


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Welcome to Midwestern Bite! This is my first post on my first blog and it’s been a long time cooking. I am elated to have you here! You can check out my About page for the haps on me, but I thought today I would give you a peak into what Midwestern Bite is all about. Obviously it’s about me . . . me and my Midwestern Life. The Midwest is a pretty large area and over the past seven years we have traveled quite a bit of it.

Who’s this “we” I speak of? Well, the main cast of characters goes something like this:

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