First off, let me just say HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Unless you’re in Canada where Thanksgiving was well over a month ago.


Since I consider myself a Food Satire Blogger I’d like to do things a little differently around here today.  Most food bloggers will be showing you beautifully staged photos of what they ate or will be eating (ok I did that but just that one time and it wasn’t staged very well so it barely counts) or giving you a link to their Thanksgiving Day Pinterest board or will tell you all the things they are thankful for or will have spent the last month detailing recipe after recipe for you to duplicate on the big day.

I’d like instead to share how we already did the big day.  Yes, we already had Thanksgiving.  It was last Saturday because my Brother-in-Law has to work Thursday night.  It seems Black Friday has become Black Thanksgiving and no that doesn’t just mean a burned turkey.

Stop shopping for DVD players on Thanksgiving day people.  Just stop. I would be very thankful for that.

So here’s how we did Thanksgiving.  And by “did” I mean really did as in past tense as in the food has been eaten already.  Here we go.

We had turkey.  It was apparently from Trader Joe’s of which my mother seemed immensely proud.  She was less proud of the fact she accidentally left the baggie of giblets in the cavity of the turkey.  No, no, I take that back, she didn’t seem unproud of that.

DSC_0101 RW

Speaking of turkey here’s what was left in the bottom of the roaster.  We aren’t a make gravy from the drippings kind of family.  We’re a open a jar of gravy kind of family.  Simple but oh so tasty.

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Goats are awesome.

Scenes from a fair.

The Richard Simmons of sheep.  You can thank The Husband for that witticism.

DSC_0919 enh RW

The poodle of sheep?  I dunno, he kinda looks like a poodle to me.

DSC_0925 enh RW

From the front anyway.

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Happy May.  Thanks for stopping back in to catch up on the rest of yesterday’s Foodie Pen Pals post.

DSC_1059 enh RW Title

In case you missed it, yesterday was technically reveal day.  Normally I would share with you what my Foodie Pen Pal sent me, what I did with it and how.  I always turn the entire box into a foodie creation, Chopped style.  I managed to get the first two knocked out but time escaped me and I signed off before I could share the how.

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You all know what Foodie Pen Pals is right?  That fun program through The Lean Green Bean where I send a box of edible goodies to a new friend and a new friend sends one to me.  Then I create a recipe out of the entire contents, CHOPPED style.

Well, today is Foodie Pen Pals reveal day.  Actually, so is tomorrow because sometimes life gets in the way of blogging.  So stop back tomorrow (UPDATE: Read Here!) to see how this

DSC_1010 enh RW

and this

DSC_1020 enh RW

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Today is Day 14 in the January Blog a Day Challenge which means I’ve almost made it halfway through.  It’s also finally a topic about food, which is what I claim to blog about.

That’s right, I don’t normally share stories of sitting on wasps or The Husband painting the stairwell naked.  Although I do sometimes talk about all the things our Labrador Retriever has destroyed and how not only is the poodle an animal lover, but she actually has her very own pets.  But mostly it’s food.

For my “food” post to make sense to you today you first need to check out Ann over at Cooking Dangerously.  Ann finds bizarre foods at the market, cooks them and blogs about it.  She is currently hosting a contest where contestants create their own “dangerous” version of Shepherd’s Pie.

By dangerous, I think she means you either have to cook with lobster testicles or alcohol.  That’s my guess.  I picked the alcohol.  Ann does like lobster so maybe I’d be a shoe in if I chose the lobster.  Still picking the alcohol.

I decided on a recipe fairly quickly, sparked from a slew of holiday leftovers and a thin after-Christmas pocketbook.  Besides, Ann’s own Shepherd’s Pie recipe touted clearing out the fridge and who am I to poo-poo the contest hostess.  Note to self: I should probably not use the term poo-poo in a food post.

Thus Holiday Leftover Pie was born.

My concept is to take all of your holiday leftovers and make them into one pie, or casserole.  That’s dangerous right?  It is with the Crown Royal I added.

Here’s the haps.

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Hiya all! It’s Wednesday! Well, for me it’s Tuesday but by the time you read this it will be Wednesday so we’ll just stick with that. It’s Wednesday!!

Before I go any farther, I just wanted to say THANKS for all the support in my Foodie Pen Pals Chopped challenge. I couldn’t have won without you guys, or at least without Katie who sent me the care package. It was fun, and despite the fact it looked like I put weeks of work into that recipe I really just threw it all together the night before the big reveal. Not to sound narcissistic, but I impress myself with my ability to throw things into a pan and have them turn out yummy. Except for brownies. Brownies and a pesto, acorn squash, coconut, pasta nightmare that I shall never blog about. Ever. It was just that bad. Worse than the brownies even.

Foodie Pen Pals is open to readers as well as bloggers so check out The Lean Green Bean and sign up (I am talking to my mom here so hop to).

I was originally going to talk about kale today, but I know a lot of you really like kale and I figured before I sully its name I should cement my readership. You’ll all still be around next week right? Okay, we’ll talk about kale then.

So what should we talk about today? I was thinking mushrooms.

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