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For those of you who like house stuff, I am going to regale you with the amazing makeover of the dining room in the new house.

For those of you who just like food, well . . . this is the freaking dining room so food gets eaten there.  Theoretically speaking of course, since we eat our meals in the breakfast nook of the kitchen.

Also, I painted the room Anjou Pear by Sherwin Williams.

Which is a food.  I know the title of this post says Copen Blue but since that’s not a food item, let’s just skip it for now till I have you all reeled in then we’ll get to that part.

First up, for reference, the dining room in the old house.

Oh hey, look at that.  Anjou Pear.  Yes, this is a post about a makeover and yes I did paint the new dining room the same as the old dining room.  At least part of it.  I firmly believe in sprucing up a home every so often, a.k.a if you haven’t spruced your home since the Cleveland Browns last won the Superbowl, it’s time for a change.  Like perhaps rooting for a winning sports team.  In all fairness though, the dining room at the old house was one of the last rooms I painted so the color is still fresh in my opinion.  Besides, I love it.  Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

Those were not my original curtains as I removed a lovely striped pair before we put the house on the market so I could keep them.  They’ll be making an appearance in the breakfast nook someday.  These brown curtains were in Sweetey’s Petey’s room before we swapped them out for blackout curtains.

Out with the old, in with the new-ish. Here’s the dining room in our new pad as seen from the living room.

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