Today is Day 14 in the January Blog a Day Challenge which means I’ve almost made it halfway through.  It’s also finally a topic about food, which is what I claim to blog about.

That’s right, I don’t normally share stories of sitting on wasps or The Husband painting the stairwell naked.  Although I do sometimes talk about all the things our Labrador Retriever has destroyed and how not only is the poodle an animal lover, but she actually has her very own pets.  But mostly it’s food.

For my “food” post to make sense to you today you first need to check out Ann over at Cooking Dangerously.  Ann finds bizarre foods at the market, cooks them and blogs about it.  She is currently hosting a contest where contestants create their own “dangerous” version of Shepherd’s Pie.

By dangerous, I think she means you either have to cook with lobster testicles or alcohol.  That’s my guess.  I picked the alcohol.  Ann does like lobster so maybe I’d be a shoe in if I chose the lobster.  Still picking the alcohol.

I decided on a recipe fairly quickly, sparked from a slew of holiday leftovers and a thin after-Christmas pocketbook.  Besides, Ann’s own Shepherd’s Pie recipe touted clearing out the fridge and who am I to poo-poo the contest hostess.  Note to self: I should probably not use the term poo-poo in a food post.

Thus Holiday Leftover Pie was born.

My concept is to take all of your holiday leftovers and make them into one pie, or casserole.  That’s dangerous right?  It is with the Crown Royal I added.

Here’s the haps.

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How was your Independence Day? With a mid week holiday, it begs the question did you celebrate the weekend before, the day of, or are you celebrating this coming weekend? We celebrated the day of – going the traditional route and all.

Having any day off is never a bad thing in my blog, but it does unbalance the rest of the week. Resets it, if you will. Oh, and to all my Twitter friends who tweeted that Thursday felt like Sunday . . . YOU’RE WRONG! It felt like Monday, cursors down. So get your facts straight before you tweet.

Right then, back to it. Did you celebrate your freedom by reading the Declaration of Independence and eating good food with good people? We did. Supermom invited us over for dinner and prepared classic picnic fare of grilled burgers and corn on the cob. She did let me bring a side dish though (she throws me a bone every now and then).

I decided to go with a non-traditional, traditional dish.

So I made potato salad.

With sweet potatoes.

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Back on Wednesday when I was jabbering on about raspberries,

I mentioned I would be back on Monday to talk about Raspberry Chocolate Pecan Almond Flour Thingamajigers.  Right then, so here I am, true to my word.

You may be wondering why  I call them Thingamajigers.  What are they exactly?  A cookie?

A muffin?

Neither?  Both?  I considered going the cutesy route and combining names, like Brangelina or TomKat.  Okay, maybe TomKat’s a bad example because like Tom and Jerry, they just weren’t meant to be together.  The only cookie muffin combination I could come up with, however, was “coffin” and that just doesn’t sound yummy in a baked good.

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Raspberries. The Pete and I were at Sam’s Club last week picking up five items that somehow managed to total 70 bucks when a tub of Raspberries impulsively called my name. I try to buy organic berries but I let my guard down and into the world’s largest grocery cart they came.

I segue – as a side note, a giant cart with a listing wheel is way worse than a regular sized cart with a listing wheel and this is all compounded even further when you have a Pete strapped to your front in a sling. You may ask, why not just get another cart? Well, I had already sanitized the handle and had successfully made it past the all important woman checking my card to ensure I was allowed to enter the store. Clearly it’s an exclusive club.

Back to the berries. I’m pretty boring when it comes to fruit consumption. Usually I just rinse and eat. If I feel like cleaning the blender, I’ll make a smoothie. On a wacky day I add them to yogurt or oatmeal (yeah, I do eat the stuff, I just don’t like to talk about it).

So, I like raspberries. They are not my favorite (hello strawberries) but I like them. And they are pretty which nowadays, much thanks to all of you, is a bigger consideration when grocery shopping. Even the Iron Chef’s are judged on presentation so pretty is important in the food world.

The problem with all of this is that if you have a “food” blog (although if I had to classify myself I think “satire” is more appropriate) you are expected to make some crazy and new concoction with your raspberries. I’m not a chef. I just like raspberries. I also just really like photographing raspberries.

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