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New uses for umbrellas.  Man, I LOVE this kid.

Rain Play RW

– Joanna

I have a fun little project to share with you today!  A straight up, seriously fun and easy art and photography project.  That’s right people . . . no snark.  What is this world coming to?

It’s an inexpensive way to transfer black and white photographs to canvas without the high cost of paying someone to do it for you.  Plus, you get the added bonus of creating something handmade which in my book is always preferable to store bought.


First off you need a few supplies:

8×10 Canvas (I can find a two pack at the craft store for $5 or less but this isn’t too much more
if you don’t want to make the trip)

Liquitex Professional Gloss Heavy Gel (like this one)

A brush

8×10 Laser print or copy of a photograph in black and white

Here’s the haps:

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December’s Snap To It Tip and Assignment from Cinnamon at Eat Pray Tri is all about focus.

I’m loving her photography tips and challenges because it gives me an excuse to get my camera out and practice something I might not have.  I’ve never actually used toggle focus on my camera before.  Normally I would just manually change my focus area with the focus ring.  So I found this interesting.  Please read Cinnamon’s post for more explanation, but I hope my submission will provide an easy visual aid for you as well.

Basically you can set up your DSLR to use your selector buttons to change where the focus is on your shot.

I pulled out the tripod and took three pictures at exactly the same distance, ISO, SS, aperture ect.

The first pic the focus is on the fish on the left.  In the second pic, it’s on the fish in the middle.  In the third pic, focus is on the tail of the wooden garland hanging down.

Snap To It 3 Pics

Hopefully seeing these three pictures together will help you understand a little more about focus and toggle.  The only thing I did differently in each picture was to use my selector dial to move the focus box from one place to the next.

Have a great weekend all!

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  Wanna guess how many fish ornaments I have for our Christmas tree?  Maybe that should be the next giveaway.  The closest guess wins a prize or something.

I’m trying my hand at the ever popular blogger gift lists where we tell you the most amazing products to buy and you run out and buy them for your loved ones this holiday season.  Everybody has a (sponsored and unsponsored) gimmick it seems . . . gift lists for foodies, photographers, athletes, moms, dads, toddlers, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, fish . . .

I’m here to tell you what to buy for the Stay at Home Mom.

I will not be following this post with a gift list for the Working Away from Home Mom because that is a comparison trap I don’t want to fall into.  Our society is jugdey enough without my two cents.

Also I will not be creating a fancy schmancy board with cutesy numbers next to fun pictures for quick reference and pinability.

Pinability.  Ha!

Pinability 2

I’m totally contacting Webster’s dictionary and having that word added.  

Since I know you are all stressed and anxious about those last minute gifts, I’ll just get on with things so you can finish your holiday shopping, mmmmm K?

Dun dun dun . . .

DSC_0719 RW


That’s it.  That’s all that’s on my list for the SAHM.

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One thing I stink at when it comes to blogging is getting posts up relative to the moment.

Sweetey Petey’s birthday party?  It was a month ago and I’ve failed to mention it (or send out Thank You cards because the adorable Curious George note cards I bought have disappeared in the abyss of the house somewhere and I’m just about to give up hope of ever finding them and buy new ones.)

Halloween?  Also approaching a month ago and I also have yet to mention it which is a real shame since Petey was The Man With The Yellow Hat, completely adorable and I got so many compliments on his costume.

I started a funny Spam post in April which I have yet to finish.

I have three recipe posts photographed and recipes typed up but no interesting back story added yet.  Crockpot French Onion Soup, Glazed Sour Cream Puffs or Gluten Free Coconut Granola Banana Bread anyone?  I also have four posts photographed for a new Sunday series I’d like to start up soon.

Highlights from a weekend with my niece and nephew OVER TWO MONTHS AGO.

A few DIY house updates including a storage room, wallpaper stripping, and ceiling fans (this one is pretty much done I just need The Husband to actually hang the ceiling fan first before I can post it.)

The Father-in-Law e-mailed a funny guest post that needs to be shared and soon.

A hopefully funny post entitled “I Wish.”

I have some fabulous Sweetey Petey raking leaves photos that I really want to share even though it snowed here last week.

Speaking of snow, since it was only a week ago and the timeliest of the potential blog posts, I think I’ll share those today!

Here’s little Petey in the snow last year.

Snow Plant RW

He mostly did a lot of flopping in his bubble suit.  Cute flopping, but flopping nonetheless.

This year there was way less flopping.

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You may have noticed I changed my blog header again.  I’m thinking if I can get my blogger butt organized I’d like to change it at the beginning of each month to something relevant.

DSC_0196 RW

Currently ladybugs are relevant.

All toooooo relevant.

Not only did a swarm attack me outside the chicken coop a few weeks back (yes, attack, I swear it was an attack with biting and everything and yes I swear they bit me) but dozens of them have made their way into our humble abode.

I took down the Mi Casa Su Casa sign, but still.  Still they come.

I have this silly superstition stuck in my head that it’s bad luck to kill a ladybug so we’ve kind of let them be.

I mean, they are sorta cute.  When they’re not attacking and biting of course.

DSC_0187 RW

They are certainly better than bees or wasps which I have an unfortunate history with.

Except I’m starting to become afraid.  You see, the ladybugs in the house are organizing.

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Lately it seems like creatures are taking over.  Although to be fair The Husband seems to invite them in.  Take his worms for instance. In case you missed it Mike wrote an entire post about our 2000 new pets.  I’ve started writing my own post about the wriggly guys (my perspective is MUCH different), but as life gets in the way sometimes I’m still working on it.  I’m going to have to write two now apparently because Mike recently emailed me the following picture.

Meal Worms RW

Nothing like waking up from a nice nap to a picture of a mealworm happily chomping away on the carrots you bought because you thought your husband wanted to eat more veggies.  Nope, all for the worms.

For the record mealworms are creepy.  REALLY CREEPY.

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It’s a good thing Cinnamon over at Eat Pray Tri gave us two weeks to turn in our latest Snap To It assignment because it rained for over a week here.  Normally I could work around or even with this . . . but when the assignment is snapping a pic of a sunburst it becomes a whole lot trickier.

So yeah, the assignment was a sunburst.  It turns out it’s actually pretty easy.  Check out Cinnamon’s post for more details but the short of it is crank your aperture to like 22, underexpose and let the sun peek out .  Super easy.  As long as it’s not raining of course.

I took the first sunny toddler free opportunity I had to take a few test shots in the driveway.  My hope was actually for an architectural pic with the sun peeking out between some awesomely cool old buildings. Unfortunately (just for this assignment that is because the rest of the time it’s a good thing) my neighborhood is mostly trees.  I dusted off (no, not really, there was dust and I left it) my Nikon’s kit lens (or walk-around lens as I prefer to call it) and headed outside.  So here’s what I ended up with.

Sunburst 1 RW

Sunburst 2 RW

Yikes.  This pic isn’t winning the competition.  Kinda cool though.

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Snap To It this week over at Eat Pray Tri is all about Metering.  Click on over to see what Cinnamon has to say about how metering affects which parts of the photo are exposed.


The assignment for the week was to snap a photo with competing lights and darks with only one of the two being properly exposed.  Yup, that means part of the photo will be either under or over exposed.

Here’s my submission.  It’s a fern hanging from my In-Laws front porch.  I love how the greens fade from light to dark here.


 As you can see from the reject pile, the sky was bluer in real life.  Speaking of the reject pile, here it is.

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I’m still very much participating in Cinnamon at Eat Pray Tri’s Snap To It photography project.


This week’s tutorial is about terminology and acronyms and the assignment is very open ended.  Submit a picture inspired by one of the terms Cinnamon explains.  I’ve decided to go with a snap from a photo shoot I did with the neighbor dog Maggie recently.  She is quite wiggly so the pictures run the gambit from not too shabby to, well, shabby.  Out of focus because she doesn’t stand still for two seconds shabby.

Our neighbor is a retired gentleman who has complained to me before that he has few pictures of Maggie so I’ve made it my personal mission to get him some.

Here’s how this is going to work.  I’ll list the acronyms Cinnamon describes and match a picture of Maggie to each.  Some of these might be a bit of a stretch.  Like AI-Servo.  What the what?  Anyway.  You all then get to comment on which picture you like best and whichever one gets more votes I will submit as my official entry.  As for the title, my plan is to make the acronym stand for something other than what it’s supposed to.  Something funny of course.  Like B&W for Black and White might become Black and Wiggly.  Because Maggie is a Black Lab.  And Wiggly.

I’ll make it funnier than that I promise.

Here we go:

1. SOOC– pronounced “sook” Straight out of Camera

I chose this picture for SOOC because I also use it later where I edited the heck out of it.  So you can see the difference.

DSC_0894 RW

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