Today I’d like to introduce you to a new friend.  His name is Merle… and yes, he’s a Pandora station.

Up until recently, I never really let myself get to know Merle and his buds.  For my formative years we ran in different circles. Back then I almost exclusively hung out with guys like Kurt, Eddie and Trent.  Merle never showed up for road trips or hung out at keggers.  Sure, there were younger distant relatives of his I met during those years, but we never clicked as they were too shallow and glittery.

But now I know Merle and have come around to appreciate his family.

Merle is real.  Merle has soul.  Merle is perfect company and likes coming along when I mow a couple acres at the new house, burn brush, clean firearms, or tip a few cold ones out in the garage.  Cliche?  Oh well.

You think you don’t like Merle?  Dwight?  Willie?  Have you ever tried to get to know them?  Sometimes they’ll make you laugh.  They’ll always make you think.

Do me a favor and give old Merle a chance.



Merle Haggard – The Bottle Let Me Down

Today’s installment in this musical series is thanks to some recent Social Mediating between Calee (over at life+running), the Wife, and yours truly.  I interrupted their conversation to publicly ask Joanna the degree to which she is physically attracted to Eliza Dushku.


Then something awesome was proposed.




Since that exchange (and because Calee is a fellow choir geek from back in the day) , I haven’t been able to unstick:


MTV’s The State – Porcupine Racetrack


I’d like to dedicate this installment of Stuck in Husband’s Head to a very calm, serene gentleman who’s restful lullaby-esque melodies were instrumental in the training for, and completion of, my first 5K race on Tuesday.

Mr. W.K., thank you for your contributions that led to me finishing first overall out of thousands of runners in my age division, even though the cheap-ass event coordinators don’t recognize my victory because they did not separate dvisions to exact birth day and hour like I do.


Andrew W.K. – Party Hard

Please play this song as you read this post

We’ve come a long long way together

Through the hard times and the good

I have to celebrate you baby

More »

Pure Genius.

Listen to this entire album and try not to put it on Repeat.

Which track is better than this one? Who knows.


Girl Talk – Feed The Animals


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Try and find more genuine passion in an artist.

I dare you.


Son House – Death Letter Blues

Great Video?

Or the Greatest Video?

(Despite the fact murdering linebacker Ray Lewis’s loathsome band of thugs has adopted this song at home games.)



The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

A long time ago…

Some days, unlike today, it feels longer.



The Postal Service – Nothing Better

If this doesn’t make you want to desperately claw out of the office, leap onto a motorcycle (maybe in a convertible if you’re just sort of cool), and tear into the open road…. you need to check yourself.



Eve 6 – Open Road Song

Thanks to Andy, I sometimes can’t stop thinking about how the Axl Rose knob continually gets turned up in here, just a little… notch by notch…by notch.

Disclaimer: Neither I, nor anyone associated with, its affiliates, subsidiaries, or sponsors (ha!), endorse or condone murdering your spouse and burying him/her on your own property.  Don’t be an idiot.  Watch CSI.  Be smarter.


Guns N’ Roses – Used to Love Her