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Give me a minute before we get to my regularly scheduled blog post to complain a bit.  It’s about fabric so bear with me.  Okay, so after multiple chats with my mom about blender fabric (lower volume, not quite as interesting to look at and matches with more things) I decided I needed to work on adding more blenders to my stash.  I’m fairly new to sewing and a SAHM (read: no more excess cash floating around) which means I need to be extra selective about what I spend my money on.  I decided to go with Cotton & Steel since I l love the vibe of most of their fabric (not Cookie Book though, yikes) and a have quite a lot of their more interesting, high intensity prints.  I have charm squares of all the Basics they carry so I sat down one afternoon to determine which fabrics would be most useful to add to my stash.  I came up with 15.  A few prints I knew I wanted to order full yards of since they would match the most fabrics in my stash, but most would be half yards.  I have two go-to online fabric sources: Hawthorne Threads and Fabric.com.  I tend to start off with Fabric.com simply because they offer free shipping on orders over $35 and if it’s the end of the bolt they send you the extra.  So I started off with Fabric.com.  Here’s what I found when I got there:

Fabric Dot Com

Say what????  Are you kidding me????  Almost $8 for a half yard????  Unless I really love a print or have specific plans for it, I tend to buy half yards.  It works for me and my bank account.  When did Fabric.com start charging extra for half yards?  Hey Fabric.com, I’ll be spending most of my money at Hawthorne Threads from now on.  Which is what I did.  I still had to buy a few things there simply because Hawthorne Threads didn’t have the stock but fortunately it worked out they were the pieces I wanted full yards in.  They still lost out on a decent sized order though and from now on will be my backup only plan and not my go-to.  Just thought I’d share in case any of you shop there and hadn’t noticed the change yet. 

Rant over.

Aaaaaaaand back to regularly scheduled programming:

This little blog of mine has been quite varied over the years.  Food.  Food Satire.  Photography.  Chickens.  Ducks.  DIY.  Sewing.  At my core I march to the beat of my own drum and a simple Sunday Stash report highlighting new fabrics I picked up that week is no different.

My first stash report I hung fabric on an electric fence (it was off – I checked first.)

Next up was Tula Pink on the woodpile (and the grass when the boy dropped the fabric.)

Today?  Today is more Tula Pink hanging off the side of the trailer.

Swarm Full RW

We have five acres here at the ol’ homestead and my goal is never to photograph my stash in the same location.  I think that’s doable.  It’ll make things more interesting for both of us.

Swarm Tall Skinny Enhanced RW

My husband randomly handed my a ten dollar bill and told me to buy some fabric.

Swarm Side to Side Enhanced RW

So I did.  A half yard of Tula Pink’s Swarm in Fern.  Plus a half yard of Lizzy House but I’m saving that for later.

Swarm from Above RW

I’m planning on picking up all four colorways in Swarm over the next month and I already have a plan for a simple yet potentially shocking mini art quilt.

Ok, it’s not that shocking (Mollie Sparkles, now he’s shocking), but I do think it will remind us all to think outside the box.

And one last shot of Swarm . . . and my pooch The Snoops coming over to check it out.  She says it’s yummy.

Swarm and the Dog RW

If you’re new here and want to read a few funny posts about The Snoops (who wouldn’t really) then check these out:

How The Snoops got her name.

Why The Snoops might really be a human and NOT, in fact, a dog.

The Snoops and her pets . . . yup, my pet had her own real live pets.

The Snoops and her stuffed pets.

How The Snoops actually takes a walk.

How The Snoops learned to steal (she’s quite the little thief).

The Snoops wearing hats.  Yeah.  I regret some of those.

The Snoops and her really really really bad hair accessory.

Excuse some of the cartoonized pictures.  That was my schtichk back in the day for a while.  Even so, you may guffah once or twice.

 As is my new norm, comments are closed.  Here’s why.  Thanks for understanding.  Really it just gives you more time to read Sunday Stash reports over at Mollie Sparkles.

– Joanna

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I have no idea why I titled this Throwback Thursday post “Gramps” . . . I don’t recall ever calling my grandpa that.  He was always just Grandpa (insert last name here which is my maiden name which unless we went to grade school together – Hi Mavis! – is totally irrelevant.)

So here’s my Grandpa.

Grandpa PM RW

I have a pretty sweet picture of him in his uniform from his Navy days, but I don’t have the time right now to dig through the external hard drive looking for the scan.  I like this pic of Grandpa mostly for the cool old car.  That makes, what, three Throwback Thursday car posts now?  I also like the fact that people dressed better back in the day.  We weren’t all running around in jeans or yoga pants all the time.  The Husband often comments he longs for the days when people wore hats everyday.   And not baseball hats or even gentleman farmer hats.  Hats like fedora’s.  I can get behind that.

At the job I loved before Sweetey was born, all my coworkers wore suits each day to work.  There is something so traditional and fabulous about coming to work and seeing all your friends in suits.  There was something also pretty fabulous about seeing said suited men cleaning the bathrooms when it was their day too, but we can talk about that some other day.

But I’ve segued, this post is about Grandpa.

So, Grandpa.  I spent more time with my family on mom’s side than dad’s side so I didn’t know Grandpa as well as I could have.  He loved to play cards and we played Gin Rummy a lot, sitting on the creamy colored and creaky rusted old two seater swing on his front porch.  He also loved postage stamps!  I went through a phase where I wanted to have something in common with Grandpa and collected stamps for awhile there too.  To this day if I see a cool stamp on an envelope I cut it off and toss it into a wooden box and think of him.  Grandpa used to work on his stamps in his basement on an old metal desk with floor laminate curling up on the open shelves.  I wish I could have taken that desk for my garage, just for sentiment, but when we cleaned out my grandparents house I had no place to put it.  Besides, an old metal desk is an awfully large item to hold onto just for sentiments sake.  So I think it stayed with the house.

I did keep many of the contents of that desk though and I have them boxed neatly into a plastic bin.  It’s odd to think of every material possession and link to years of memories I have of Grandpa being stored into one modest bin.  Although I have no memories linked to the wooden gavel I found.  Why did Grandpa have a wooden gavel???  I guess this will always remain a mystery.

– Joanna

Oh!  One more quick thing.  My poodle, The Snoops, came into my life the day after my grandfather passed away.

Question of the Day:  What’s your favorite memory of your grandfather?  

Since this week’s Throwback Thursday post was all about our destroyer, Sadie, it’s only fair that today’s Random Picture of the Day post be all about The Snoops.

There’s a reason The Snoops loves my husband so much.  Mike had just gotten Sadie when we first met and I often brought The Snoops with me on our dates.  While we were dining or going to the movies, the pooches would chill out together at Mike’s apartment.  What I didn’t realize back then was that every time I stepped away to use the restroom, Mike would sneak the poodle a snack.  Mike quickly became one of her favorite people!  The way to a girl’s heart is through her dog, right?  It sure turned out that way.  The Snoops hasn’t always liked my gentleman friends so I took it as an excellent sign she was so infatuated with Mike.  Heh.  Little did I know.

Our neighbor across the way has adopted a similar attitude and is the local favorite for pretty much all the dogs.  He’s less covert about it though, and everybody knows when they see him he will have a pocket full of treats.

Here’s Don bribing The Snoops for her affection.

Snoops Gets a Snack RW

Works every time.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

Considering it’s January for me as a preschedule this post and, with the wind chills, it’s expected to get to -30 ish today it feels odd to be posting a picture of walking.  Outdoors.  Without a protective heated bubble to encapsulate us.  Most of the schools have already closed so the kiddios don’t have to contract frostbite waiting for the bus and even The Husband is most likely working from home today.  Yay!  He often retires to his Man Cave on these days otherwise The Pete won’t let him actually work, but even then it means we get more time in the mornings together as well as lunch and late afternoons when his work is winding down.  So I’m all kinds of excited.  I loathe being stuck indoors but when we are all together as a family it’s not quite so bad.

So, it memory of warmer weather that even the Groundhog would laugh at us right now if we inquired about, I’d like to show you how our family walks sometimes go.

Stroller Walk RW

The Pete doesn’t always want to ride and The Snoops doesn’t always want to walk.  Admittedly The Snoops doesn’t typically enjoy being pushed since The Pete hasn’t exactly learned to push evenly or even in a straight line yet.  But I find it amusing.  I actually SERIOUSLY considering buying a double stroller before we were pregnant with our second child just so I could push The Pete and The Snoops at the same time.  What can I say?  The Snoops is getting old and she can’t always handle our walks, especially in warmer weather.

Warmer weather.  Ha!  What’s that?

Oh, if you want to see a picture of The Snoops happily riding in a stroller, please click here.  Also, in my personal opinion, that’s one of my best posts to date and since it was written the month I started this blog probably a lot of you have never read it.  As a teaser, I provide physical evidence that The Snoops is not actually a dog, but a human.  And also a picture of a bad haircut.  It was back in my cartoon-the-heck-outta-all-my-photos-days, but still, a pretty darn funny read.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  What’s your weather like today?  Sunny?  Rainy?  Foggy?  It’s May so it had better not be snowy.  

You have no idea how I struggled to find a witty title for this post.  Possibilities included:

You’re My One Eyed Snoops

Cyclops Pooch

Mono Flower

If You’re Going to San Francisco

What Was I (I Mean The Groomer) Thinking


Yes, I realize none of those are witty.  Or funny.  Or anything less than stupid.

I landed on Forehead Flower which is purely descriptive and at the very least gets the point across – someone will have a flower on their forehead.  Unlike the San Francisco title which The Husband made up and had to explain to me because I didn’t get it at first.  Womp womp womp.

I don’t know that I need to say much more, rather letting the pictures speak for themselves.  I would quickly like to preface by saying our dog groomer Karen does an EXCELLENT job and we really like her.  Her choice in canine fashion accessories does, however, leave something to be desired.

Mono Flower 2 RW

Mono Flower RW

Mono Flower 6 RW

Mono Flower 3 RW

Mono Flower 4 RW

Mono Flower 5 RW

Why the MIDDLE of the forehead, Karen?  Why?  Why not just behind one ear?

– Joanna

Question of the Day: What’s your favorite hair accessory?  Father-in-Law, I’m especially interested in your answer to this question.

I’m still rocking this Snaptacular Weekend thing but I promise I have some more substantive posts planned for this week as well.  About half of these pics are from my camera phone edited with a fun little high contrast filter.

The weather around here has been awesomepossum so we took a walk down the lane to visit with Joey and Moon.  That’s Joey on the left and Moon on the right.  Moon was taking a cat nap.  Maybe it’s a colt nap.  In any case, he was snoozing.

IMAG3303-1 enh RW

The walk was great, but I’m not 100% sure who was walking who.  I think I was walking The Pete and The Pete was walking The Snoops.

DSC_0603 RW

Picked up some raw buckwheat to make this flat bread recipe from Ashley at Edible Perspective.  Hoping to get to that in the next few days, but I also have a brownie idea to implement as well as some Coconut Flour Lemon Muffins (spruced up with my maple macerated blueberries) from Faith at Gracefulfitness to make.

IMAG3307-1-2 RW

It turns out it is finally spring around here.

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23 Paws.


Sometimes on the 23rd (ish) of the month I come at you with a humorous pet post.  So humorous I often find myself laughing so hard I cry.

My Pet’s Pet?  Come on.  A dog with a pet???  This is comedy gold people.  Comedy.  Gold.  Actually more like comedy platinum imbedded with a river of comedy titanium studded with flawless comedy diamonds the size of my fist and wrapped in Oreos.

What?  To The Husband Oreos are like gold.  Or platinum imbedded with titanium studded with diamonds.

All I am trying to say here is I’ve really enjoyed writing the pet posts for you all and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.  And reading them.  I cannot tell a lie, I re-read them and laugh my arse off a lot.

This will be my last “official” 23 Paws post as Cinnamon who has been hosting for a year now has decided to retire 23 Paws and focus on other endeavors.  I can only assume she means to start 24 Paws but that remains to be seen.  What?  23 is an odd number of paws so 24 Paws must be next right?  Six whole pets is way better than five and three quarters pets.

Sad little pet missing its paw.

I promise to still share dog stories with you, but for Cinnamon’s final hurah I’d like to tell you how The Snoops got her name.

Snoops RW

The Snoops was born in a puppy mill so I imagine her first name was probably Puppy #108565658462937604. Stupid puppy mills.

She was rescued by an aspiring model who named her Ping Pong and then promptly dropped her off at her mothers house, a miniature dachshund breeder.

I bought her for fifty bucks from the breeder (I still have the cancelled check to prove it) and named her Mazzy.

Mazzy stuck for about a week before I changed her name to Koi.  Like the fish, but not like the fish.  Koi the fish is pronounced like “coy” while Koi the dog is pronounced like “ko-e.”  Officially The Snoops name is Koi.

My mom nicknamed her Ko Schmo which not only stuck but also was the catalyst for many other “Schmo” nicknames.  Hubby Schmo.  Wifey Schmo.  Should I go on or have I embarrassed myself enough?

About 7 years ago Ko Schmo was retired and replaced with The Snoops.  Why you ask?  Let me tell you.  Better yet, let me show you.

It has everything to do with a Peanuts cartoon I cut from the Sunday paper.  Take a look, scene by scene.

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Day 22 in the January Blog a Day challenge is kids.  You’d think this one would be cut and dry for me as I have exactly one kid.  Sweetey Petey.

Except I don’t have exactly one kid.  I have three kids, two of them just have more legs than Sweetey Petey.

If you’ve ever owned a dog, especially a dog on your own, while living alone, or before having the two legged kid variety, you’d know that a dog can be just about as close to a kid as a kid can get without actually being a kid.

It really is a blurry line.

Take Sweetey Petey and our poodle, The Snoops, for example.  It’s easy to get the two confused.

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Do you all know the band They Might Be Giants?  I love them.  I have a bunch of CD’s and have been to several concerts.  I have even strummed John’s guitar during one of those concerts.  If you do know They Might Be Giants, you may be wondering which John.  There are two.  That’s irrelevant to my point here and so I’m going to leave you hanging on that one.

Anyway, TMBG has a song called Minimum Wage.

Here it is in a random YouTube video.

Cool, huh?  And, believe it or not TOTALLY relevant to today’s post about Christmas and Dogs.

You see today is 23 Paws over at Cinnamon’s blog Eat Pray Tri.

Still not getting the connection?

That’s odd.

I guess I’ll explain.

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Hi Tuesday.  Welcome to the week, albeit a bit late.

I hope everyone had a chance to check out my submission to the 23 Paws party over the weekend.  Yup, still shamelessly promoting my post in which I prove to you The Snoops is a human.  For the record I think the virtual 23 Paws party is better than an actual 23 Paws Party.  For one, 23 is an odd number of paws which means there would be at least one sad little pooch.  For two, I’ve been to a dog’s birthday party before and, well, let’s just say The Snoops left an unwanted present in the corner of a basement.  We left early.  Sigh.  Can’t take the kiddos anywhere nice.

Some random things that are going on here in my Midwest.  We are still moving forward with the move forward.  Or sideways.  We are moving in more of an Easterly direction.  We are scheduled to get the keys to the new place in less than a week so let the packing and painting begin!

Fortunately the move lined up with a 40% off paint sale at Sherwin Williams so I dropped almost $300 on paint for four rooms yesterday.  I’m a paint snob – I admit it.  It’s Sherwin Williams for me or bust.  We are purchasing the home from an elderly couple who have lived there for the past 15 years so the house needs a spruce.

Sherwin Williams has this great online tool called the Color Visualizer that helps you choose colors for your home.  It’s kinda fabulous.  I love all things home repair and remodeling so I‘m planning to blog about the transformation.  Maybe I can be Sherwin Williams new poster child?  Or rather Sweetey Petey could be since I’m not a child.  The Snoops falls into that category since she acts like a child sometimes, at least at birthday parties.

Here is a sneak peak of what I’m planning for the master bedroom.

While this is is no way my future bedroom, this IS my bed and dresser (minus the mirror).  Crazy.

I adore accent walls so I’m going with a bright orange, Tango, for the wall behind the bed and Rhinestone, which is a very light but bright grey for all other walls.  I have curtains already purchased and a few photography prints I still need to purchase online from an artist I found at a craft fair earlier this month.

I’m excited and I hope you are too.  I know I lean more towards food satire here, but hey, it’s my blog and I can remodel if I want to.

While we are on the subject of food satire, I posted this gem on Sunday asking what it was and why was it wearing a hat?

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