I have to do a recap (I hate that word) of my niece’s eighth birthday because in one of the Throwback Thursday posts I scheduled for July I mention her party.  And I claimed I would add a link to the recap (I still hate that word) I hadn’t actually written yet.  So here I am, keeping my word.  I’m nothing if not true to my word.

Since I am now pregnant with a little girl, I paid more attention to the finer nuances of little girls at the party.  I realized two very important things.

One.  Little Girls Like Pink.

I think this fact might be universal, but I’m not 100% sure.

The cake was pink.

DSC_0070 enh RW

Even on the inside.

DSC_0176 enh RW

Her dress was pink.  At least on the bottom.

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Chocolate malted Milk Cupcakes RW

Okay, so we’ve got our cupcakes that were dabbed with Chocolate Malt Ovaltine Soak.  Let’s put these puppies together once and for all.  Seriously, my lazy arse has been dragging this cupcake series on waaaaaay tooooooo looooong. Visit all the links below to see all the previous steps!

Ovaltine Soak RW 4

So, the next thing ya gotta do is microwave the Chocolate Malt Fudge Sauce for just a few seconds.  You want it to flow, but juuuuust barely.  It still needs to be thick.  Top each cupcake with a spoonful and put them all back into the fridge to set up.  There may be some drippage.  No worries, that’s what spoons were made for.  At least I think that’s what happened to the tray after the party . . . mom, you wanna fess up to scraping all the tasty bits off???  (Next time I might try piping the fudge sauce INTO the cupcake to see how that goes.)

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Our snaptacular weekend.

The after effects of terrorism often creep up on you.

DSC_0040 enh RW

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither.”

DSC_0041 enh RW

On a lighter note, I finally spied one of those 3-D Printers the world has been yammering on about.

DSC_0079 RW

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At the start of this whole January Blog a Day challenge I threatened to do some single picture posts.  It’s been a busy weekend so I’m making good.  The topic for Day 20 is beautiful.  This is an easy one.  My niece just had a birthday and she is beautiful!

She claims to be seven now, but I’m not so sure.  She doesn’t like Pop Rocks.  What seven year old doesn’t like Pop Rocks?  Also, she picked Hibachi grill for her birthday dinner and she asked for dijon mustard over regular mustard on her sandwich yesterday.  Not a seven year old.  But still a beautiful girl.

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It’s Monday.  Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day,

Did you know my first thought for this blog would be that all post titles be lyrics?

Of course they would by mostly Cake lyrics.  Maybe some Johnny Cash.  Definitely some Jim Croce.  The Mama’s and the Papa’s never crossed my mind though.

Did you know that, in the blog world, there is such a thing as WIAW or What I Ate Wednesday?  A bunch of bloggers chronicle their every bite for an entire day and post it for the voyeur in all of us.  Most of them start with oatmeal.  We’ll discuss that another day.  The problem with WIAW is that it’s misleading.  What I Ate Wednesday is actually What I Ate Tuesday that I’m Posting on Wednesday or WIATTIPOW.  I guess that’s not quite as catchy.

Today I give you snippets of my weekend.  That’s right, Saturday and Sunday.

Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day.


A failed recipe attempt.  I’ve warned you all, I’m not a chef.

Brussels Sprouts growing up.  Yay?

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It occurred to me last night that I have mentioned this Greek Chicken Salad twice on the blog and my “recipe” for it is pretty much just a list of ingredients I dumped into a bowl without measuring. On top of that, I only snapped a few pictures (it was the night I mowed the yard for the first time and I was busy and hungry – hey, mowing works up an appetite.) Bad blogger, bad. In my humble, I have only been blogging for a week and a half now opinion, salads are pretty subjective. You take some ingredients you like, you dump them in a bowl and you mix them up.

I picked the Greek theme because the Husband has been complaining a bit about being bored with his Paleo diet. He doesn’t cook much so unless I prepare food, his eats are pretty simple. Trying to plan meals we will both eat is getting easier though. His Paleo diet allows for more fat and cholesterol than I am comfortable with, so I try to make healthy dinners for us both. I think this recipe fits the bill.

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If you celebrate Easter, I hope you had a wonderful Easter. If you don’t, I hope you had a wonderful Sunday! It was a beautiful weekend around these parts either way.

Easter used to be the one holiday the Husband and I spent alone together, just us. It’s not dominated by food (unless you can make a meal out of marshmallow Peeps, which incidentally I can) so there was never a huge family dinner to attend. No presents. No picnics. No fireworks. No costumes. No stuffed turkey’s. It was our quiet holiday. With the Sweetey Petey now in the house, we are more popular than we once were, and both sides of our family clamored for some baby time this weekend!

Turns out a typical Midwestern Easter Saturday on my side of the family has some traditional and not so traditional traditions!

My dad dyed eggs.

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