Day 23 in the January Blog a Day challenge is Dessert.

Being the multi-tasker that I am, I’m also combining this with a little thing called Blog Love and the Liebster award.  You can check out my Blog Love page here, but to sum it all up for you: I think blog awards are mostly a pyramid scheme.  I say mostly because I have an ego just like the rest of you that likes to be stroked on occasion.  Whether blog awards are a desperate attempt to bring in more page views or just a well intentioned gimmick I do like getting them and I may walk around the house in my comfy pants and hooded sweatshirt and BIC headband all puffed out for a few days.

So, the Liebster award.

According to Cinnamon who awarded this danged thing to me, the Liebster is a great way for bloggers to interact.  Except I don’t nominate other bloggers like I’m supposed to and I don’t answer the random questions like I’m supposed to.  For my take on this award, I chose instead to share one of my favorite bloggers with you in the hopes you’ll all find a new blog love yourself.  Today it’s Ann of Cooking Dangerously.  I mentioned Ann briefly this month already on Day 14 Food where I posted my submission to her Dangerous Shepherd’s Pie Contest.

The thing I like most about Ann is not only does she do her own thing by cooking with crazy “dangerous” ingredients and not falling prey to the food blog bandwagon, but her posts always show me a different side to food and always leave me with something fresh to think about.

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