Hi!! Did everyone have a nice weekend? The Husband was busy volunteering so the Pete and I did a little chillin’ by ourselves. My folks stopped by for a quick visit and my mama finally started teaching me to sew. Sewing is a whole lot like mowing it seems . . . straight lines elude me. Oh well, just like any other hobby, practice practice practice. I will add that to my ever growing list of things to do. I WILL learn to sew in time for Halloween, though, so I can make Pete’s costume. Any ideas on what he should be?? I’m all ears (er…eyes?)

Alright, let’s buckle down. I mention in my About page that I am fascinated by the culture blogging has created and I poke a little fun at it. Well, it’s been a month, and while I have certainly poked fun at things (sorry Snoops) I’ve yet to poke too much fun at blogging. I’ve been reading “healthy living blogs” for a few years and the same things creep into almost.every.single.one. Like putting periods between words for emphasis. Oh em gee. I like to call this the Blog Bandwagon. I have a long list of frequently recurring items! At the top of this list is oatmeal, but I’m certain I will be banned from the internet if I speak ill of oats so I’ll start with Kale instead.

The question I pose then, is kale all that and a bag of kale chips?

Kale. It’s green and leafy and good for you (most green leafy things are). To be honest, before blogs I’d never had kale or even heard of it. My folks certainly didn’t cook it. My in-laws darn well wouldn’t eat it. The Destroyer would probably eat it if it had thorns. She likes thorns.

There are several types of kale including curly, dinosaur and even ornamental. Apparently ornamental is edible too, but as I have no desire to eat ornaments (or dinosaurs) I stuck with curly. Curly seems to be the most blogged anyway. As far as I have read, kale is typically baked into chips, massaged in a salad or stir fried.

I tried stir fried kale a few months before I started this blog. I found it to be very chewy and hard to swallow. It stuck in my throat, so I wasn’t a fan. The Healthy Hostess recently posted a few kale recipes on her blog and I chatted with her a bit about how I wanted to like it but hated the texture. She suggested chips and even posted a kale chip refresher shortly after (I am still convinced she did that just for me, though more likely it was coincidence.) I followed her recipe exactly. Wash, trim,

season, bake, crunch.

I have to admit, they were surprisingly crunchy like a chip

and very different from stir fried kale. If you are looking for a healthy chip feel without the fat and starch these are definitely a winner.

However, there were a few things I didn’t like. When I made these it was late and neither the husband nor I were very hungry. We both sampled a few and then sealed up the rest. The next morning I opened the container and found them once again to be chewy and unappealing. For me, they didn’t store well. The other serious drawback???? The smell. Though they might not look like it, Kale is a cabbage in the same family as broccoli and brussels sprouts. For two whole days after I cooked the kale chips, the first floor of my house smelled like brussels sprouts. For me, and the Husband especially, that is NOT a good thing.

So, what is my official Midwestern Bite verdict on kale? I give it a C. The kale chips were chippy and salty with excellent flavor and texture, but I found the after smell a little off putting. Also, it’s not a very versatile veggie if there is only one way for me to cook it.  Kale is healthy and very photogenic so it has that going for it.  Perhaps I should try massaged kale next? Or make it into a pesto? I think I’d better wait till the Husband goes out of town before buying kale again.

– Joanna

Question of the Day: How do you feel about kale? If you haven’t had it, are you willing to try it?


  1. Have you tried the steam-saute (or saute-steam) method? What I do is chop up an onion and saute it in olive oil until they are just starting to caramelize, then I add in a bunch or two of kale (washed but still damp). Stir the kale and onion together until the kale starts to wilt, add some salt and pepper, and then put a lid on the pan. The kale will steam and make it less chewy, and the caramelized onions give it a fantastic, almost sweet, flavor! The Kid even eats it!

    • Yeah, thanks for the tip, but I think kale and I are gonna just part ways amicable. Spinach and I will remain close friends though.

  2. I feel about the same way as you do regarding kale. If someone were to have it there in front of me, I’d eat it but I don’t know that I’d go out of my way to buy or make it. I made kale chips for my mom and she LOVED them, but I agree that the smell can be somewhat off-putting. I like the crunchiness of the chips, but let’s be honest…a bag of Lays is definitely more appealing than a plate of kale chips. Being as I need to buckle down and finally lose this baby weight that’s hanging on to me, however, I may find myself reaching for kale instead in the future! Maybe…

    • Thank you!!!! I wonder why no one talks about the smell? I never really crave chips of any kind so I can easily take ’em or leave ’em. Chocolate, however, is another story . . .

  3. I have tried Kale chips. They are okay – nothing I ever crave or will buy Kale just to make. I have also seen it used in smoothies/green monsters but I haven’t tried that either.

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