I’ve been a lazy blogger lately.  I admit it.  It’s a phase.  I’ll get better,  Especially when other people count on me for a blog post. Thrift Gift Facelift.  Supermom.  Cough.  Hack.   Wheeze.  Ahem.  I’m not actually sick, though Sweetey Petey has been fighting a particularly nasty cold so I’m still blaming my overdue Thrift Gift Facelift post on illness.

Supermom had her post on time but I requested an extension.

So, yup.  It’s (finally) Thrift Gift Facelift time!!!

TGF Button 8

Supermom actually gave me three months worth of thrifted items to facelift and I chose these fun little wall plaques to makeover first.

DSC_0895 RW

The one on the right didn’t come yellow by the way.  I did that while making these:

DSC_0897 RW

Greeting cards!

I’ve been a tad greeting card obsessed these days.  I die a little inside every time I have to shell out three fifty for a folded piece of paper.  My preference is always always always to send a homemade card for a special occasion.  I have all the supplies to make them, but since my “art studio” is crammed into the guest room closet and it makes a giant mess to pull everything out, I tend to make a ton of cards at once to last for a while.

DSC_0915 RW

I don’t love the mirror behind the set of wall plaques and I don’t love the idea of hanging them on the wall like they were designed. What I do love is the design!

DSC_0911 RW

I went two routes to copy the intricate detail.

Route One:  Paint and Pressure

I used an orange watercolor paste mixed with water and painted one of the plaques.

DSC_0504 RW

Then I pressed the plaque onto a sheet of watercolor paper.

DSC_0506 RW

I used the same technique with some yellow acrylic paint.

DSC_0509 RW

The orange watercolor paint was a little faint for my liking so I traced around the design with a black sharpie.  The yellow acrylic impression was darker so I watercolored inside the design.

Route Two: Crayon Rubbing

I swiped some of Sweetey Petey’s crayons and did a rubbing on a piece of white cardstock and colored it in.  More crayon.  Use what you’ve got around, am I right?  Right.

DSC_0513 RW

I scanned a few of the designs I had created so I’d have the option of using the original or generating printed greeting cards.

scan color 2 001 crop enh 2 RW

Here are the final products.

DSC_0912 RW

One by one.

DSC_0903 RW 6 up

I have seven more greeting cards to add to my collection, four using the original artwork and three printed cards.  These cards are twice the size of the ones I usually make so I’ll have to save them for when I really have something to say.

Who am I kidding, I always have something to say.

If only I could blog it in a more timely fashion.

You may be wondering what my plans are for the wall plaques now since I didn’t actually use them.

DSC_0913 RW

Well, that right there is a free standing cabinet in the guest room I’m using for my sewing supplies.  I painted the inside with the same no VOC paint as the walls, but my hope is to sand the outside down and spray paint it black.  Since spray paint isn’t exactly baby growing friendly I’ve decided to push this project off till next winter.  The babe should hopefully be sleeping through the night by then and I’ll be free to spray away.  Once the cabinet is sprayed, I’m going to remove the mirrored backing off the plaques, spray the design black as well and affix them to the front of the cabinet in the center of the top two panels.  Till then the plaques will be stored safely away in the mess that is my art closet.  So come back in a year to see this project completed.  But you should come back before then too.  Like next week.

Okay.  See ya then.  And way then.  But then before then too.

Don’t forget to hop on over to Supermom’s blog What Does She Do All Do to see what she did what the item I thrifted to her!  If you need even more botox free facelifting check out my Thrift Gift Facelift page for a refresher on my past projects.

- Joanna

Question of the Day:  What would you have done with the plaques?  I thought they might make nice trivets for the kitchen but I wasn’t sure how too make them heat proof.

Oh, and this post was also linked up with I Heart Nap Time‘s Palooza!

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      • I was thinking the same thing! I have plans for my next two Facelifts already and neither involve stamping. In act one involves drilling! And maybe even some hammering. Kinda excited about that.

    1. Super cool! It also pains me to pay $5 for a card. I’m too lazy and in artistic to go to the lengths you did though – I run a little home sweat shop and make my kids colour something. :)

      • Ya know, Parker got a handmade card from his friends at his birthday party and it was by far my favorite! Construction paper, marker, stickers, crayons, the works.

    2. Your greeting cards are so cute! I know what you mean about the price of cards these days.
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