Thrift Gift Facelift reveal is feeling just as exciting as Foodie Pen Pals Chopped Challenge reveal isn’t it?

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This month Supermom was super proud of the thrifted item she picked out for me to facelift.  The only thing she didn’t like was that it was just a spray painting project.  I had to prove her wrong and do more than just bust out a can of spray paint.

Here’s what she gave me.  Two pineapple book ends.

DSC_0668 enh RW Title

Super cute, no?  Yes.  Super cute.

Of course the first thing I did was to whip out the spray paint.

DSC_0630 enh RW Title

It was an easy transformation.  A liberal coat of black satin sprayed on in the morning.  A nice rub down of silver in the afternoon.

While the all black look was classy it was also kinda flat.  Enter the same silver paint pen I used for my second Thrift Gift Facelift project, the upcycled clock.  All I did was push the pen a few times into a wadded up paper towel to release some paint and rub the paper towel over the pineapple.

photo RW

By using the paper towel and not a brush I was able to rub silver on just the raised portions of the pineapple creating a lot of depth.

DSC_0664 enh RW

Pretty, no?  Yes.  Pretty.

But still, just a quick and easy paint project.  I needed more.

I decided if these truly were book ends, they needed to have some books.  So I made one.  Out of wood.

DSC_0637 enh RW Title

It took quite a bit longer than painting the pineapple, but still, a pretty easy project.

First up, I enlisted the help of The husband.  My dad finally took back the miter box saw I was hoping would be on permanent loan and I am unfamiliar with our other saws.  So I grabbed Mike over nap time one day and he sawed up an old 2×4 I found in the garage for me.  I wasn’t particular on the size, just so long as it was bigger than my bookend.

photo (5) RW

I picked a block and sanded, sanded, sanded away.  On one of the longer sides I rounded the edges just a little extra to make my book binding.

Then came the fun part.  I whipped out my wood burning tool and started burning three sides to look like pages.  FYI you can pick up this handy tool at most craft stores for practically nothing.  I don’t think I even paid ten bucks for it several years ago.  Just be careful . . . it gets HOT!

 photo (2) RW

photo (4) RW

And ya know what?  It really looked like book pages.  Old, well loved book pages.

photo (3) RW

I slapped a coat of acrylic paint on the “cover” in red and picked a title.  The silver paint pen came in handy again here.

DSC_0636 enh RW double

 I had my painted pineapple.  I had my book.  Now I just had to put ’em together.

DSC_0651 enh RW Title

How ’bout a little closer.

DSC_0653 enh RW

That’s one good looking bookend.

DSC_0660 enh RW

Looks nice in profile too.  Because that’s really how you see a bookend anyway.

DSC_0658 enh RW

I haven’t affixed the pineapple to the book yet because I’m toying with the idea of creating a bunch more books and using just the pineapples as bookends for a slew of wooden books.  Maybe to sit on the mantle above the fireplace or one of four floating shelves I picked up at a garage sale.  This would make the piece more art than function.  Thoughts??

In either case I still need to create at least one more book for the second bookend.  Like I said, it took quite a bit longer than painting the pineapple, but still, a pretty easy project.

This project cost me ZERO dollars since I only used items I had around the house and only cost Supermom two bucks.  Not bad.  Not bad at all.

If you want more details on what Thrift Gift Facelift is, please check out my Thrift Gift Facelift page.  The short of it is Supermom of What Does She Do All Day fame and I each purchase a THRIFTed item and GIFT it to the other to FACELIFT, or make over any way we see fit.  We blog about it on the same day, usually the first Friday of the month (the holiday weekend bumped it back this month though.)

So click on over to Supermom’s blog to see what she did with three tiny wooden pictures I found for her.  Her reveal is just as much of a surprise to me as it is to you so I’m excited to see what she came up with!!  She slipped a teaser on her Facebook page so here’s as much as I know.


If you want to play along too feel free!  Find a friend to Thrift Gift Faclelift with and e-mail me your pics or links and we’ll get it posted.

Supermom has already given me the next gift and the wheels have been churning for two weeks now.  She told me she was sorry to give me another spray painting project when she presented the gift to me . . . oh, I think I can work around that, don’t you?

– Joanna

P.S.  The Father-in-Law will be here later this week for a fun post on garage saleing.  I laughed so hard when I read it and I think you will too.  It might be his best post yet.  I hope I can snap some good pictures of his garage sale finds to do it justice.

Question of the Day:  Keep the pineapple on top of the wooden book or create more wooden books to sit in between them for an art project?????    


  1. Give the pineapples back to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or send the father-in-law in search of more pineapple bookends, so I can facelift them. Have I mentioned how much I love the pineapples and I almost didn’t give them to you?

    • Ha! I almost didn’t give you the little plaques. Maybe we should agree that for Christmas we get to take one Facelift project back! Just don’t take the stuff I have hung in Sweetey Petey’s room already. Which so far is most of it. When we get famous we can auction them off for charity like Young House Love.

    • Oh, and I will put pineapple book ends on the Father-in-Laws garage sale list. He enjoys a challenge.

  2. Oh my gosh, you are so creative! I am obsessed with the finished product of the pineapple bookends! Love!

  3. Love them! And love that they hold up Beowulf. He probably digged pineapples.

  4. Wow! I love your art skills. I think if you have room to fill, the art project could be nice. Otherwise, one book per bookend could be good.

  5. You did a fantastic job! My question is, once again, how do you find the energy/time to do these projects!?

    • Welllllll on most days the Pete is a fairly consistent sleeper so it’s not too tough. Your house probably gets vacuumed a few more times than mine does though. Besides, Big Brother is on TV now so I now have three hours a week parked on the couch. Woodburning and TV watched go pretty well together as long as you open the window and turn on the fan.