I went out on a limb for today’s Thrift Gift Facelift.


I broadened my horizons, stepped out of my comfort zone, delved deep into the recess of things I never thought I would do . . . that’s right . . . I hand sewed.  Did you catch the “hand” part?  This is epic people, epic.

I don’t hand sew.  I tried cross stitching once in college (my sister loves it) and after about ten minutes I wanted to rip my hair out and run screaming into the night shouting make it stop.  That’s how much I hate cross stitch.

This wasn’t so bad.  I’m not saying I want to hand sew for a living and I must admit my dreams of opening an Etsy store to sell Onesie Pillows have been squelched, but I did have fun trying something new and I’m pleased with the results.  That’s really what Thrift Gift Facelift is all about right?

If you have no idea what I’m talking about you must be new to The Bite so click on over here to read the haps on this swap that Supermom and I created, mmmmm K?  I don’t want to bore the rest of you with repeat information.

It’s no secret that I’m pregnant and it’s no secret that I’m having a girl and it’s no secret that Supermom has two girls of her own.  What you might not know is that a good chunk of the girly hand me downs we’ve received for Baby Number 2 have been from Supermom, including the world’s largest stack of onesies.  Onesies are a baby staple item and nice to have around, but I probably have enough at this point for the babe to wear one every day and not be seen in the same onesie twice.  Okay, I’m embellishing a bit for effect, but you get the point.  We have lots of onesies.  From Supermom, from my sister, the gender neutral ones I saved from Sweetey Petey.  It’s a onesie smorgasbord over here and one less onesie in the closet isn’t going to cause Baby Number 2 to crawl around naked.  I’m embellishing a bit for effect again . . . babies don’t crawl at three months.  Sweetey Petey was booking it at 5, but three is pushing it.

So I made a onesie pillow from a three month onesie.


I picked this particular onesie from the pile solely for the color.  You see, it’s very close in color to the crib sheets and changing pad cover in Sweetey Petey’s room.  Plus, it matches the embroidery in the leaves on the stuffed rocker.  I plan on reusing these items for the new baby and I didn’t exactly plan for that in my color scheme for the nursery.  I figured if I can carry the color throughout the room maybe, just maybe, it’ll look like I did it on purpose and not that I’m cheaping out.

Here’s how it went down.  I took some straight pins and pinned all the openings closed, except for one arm.  That means I pinned one arm, the neck and both legs.  I then took some white thread and proceeded to sew the openings shut.

By hand.

By hand people.

I sewed.  By hand.

DSC_0052 RW

I was careful to sew just under the binded edge so you don’t see any of the stitches!

DSC_0069 RW

Then I started stuffing through the arm hole I left open.

DSC_0053 RW

The trick with fiberfill is to go slowly and use tiny bits rather than shove a handful in at once.  A pencil helps here as well to get those tiny bits into all the corners.

DSC_0054 RW

Once my pillow was stuffed, I needed to sew the remaining opening shut.

DSC_0055 RW

And that’s just what I did.  By hand people.  By hand.

DSC_0062 RW

Ta Da!  A onesie pillow!  A onesie pillow that, thanks to the shelf-like butt (this is pretty much the only time it is ever good to have a shelf-like butt) sits perfectly against the back of the rocker!

DSC_0068 RW

I’m happy with this pillow, I am, I really am.  It cost me zero dollars and was even completed during a single nap time!  I tried something new and created something unique for our little one’s nursery.  Happy.

Hope you enjoyed this months project and be sure to click on over to Supermom’s blog to see what she made from the item I gifted to her.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  Ever tried cross stitch?  Are you bald now or do you love it like my sister does?


  1. Cute! Now you need to stuff the matching pants! Nothing compliments a onesie pillow quite like a pants pillow!

  2. Can I be honest and say this creeps me out, just a little?

    • Don’t hide behind your Gravatar mister. I asked you in person if you liked it and you said yes!!! Fine. We’ll just buy all new crib sheets and changing pad covers and a new rocker to match the new room. I mean, it was this pillow tying it all together 😉

  3. I learned to cross-stitch in middle school and liked it, but was annoyed that the colored threads never matched and they never gave you enough.

    I’m not going to lie, the pillow is cute, but it does make me think of a body sitting there. I think I would be scared. 😀 I made a pillow by hand before, too…but that’s only because I am really bad with sewing machines. Cursed, you could say.