For Throwback Thursday I’d like to share a picture of my grandmother’s house and a few quick memories.

Grandmas House PM RW

For the record, I always thought grandma’s house looked like a duck.  It’s yellow.  With a duck bill and two eyes.  You can see it right???  Please say yes.

Anyway, my sister and I spent a lot of time at grandma’s house during the summers when mom was working her part time chemist gig.  Grandma never drove so we took lots of walks down to the ice cream shop.  My favorite treat was always a vanilla ice cream cone dipped in butterscotch.  You know, the shell stuff that hardens.  Yum.  I still think about those ice cream cones from time to time.

Grandma also used to let my sister and I play with her spice collection.  We would pour water into little white bowls and dump in various spices to make patterns.  Now that I have my own house and my own kitchen and know how much spices cost it mortifies me that she let us do this!  Spices are expensive people.  She must have really loved us.

Grandma taught us the value of hard work as she paid us a quarter to wash her dishes for her.  I’d like to think my labor was worth more, but I guess she had to compensate for the spice usage.

A fun tidbit is that my grandmother was physically born in this house.  Not only was she born there in what I knew as the dining room, but she lived there her entire life except for a few months (or maybe a year or two) when she got married.  Her and grandpa eventually moved back (I want to say to care for an ill parent but I’m not 100% sure on this account.)  Can you imagine living in the same house for over 70 years????  Crazy.

This house is bigger than it looks.  It’s a two family (although when I knew grandma it was only set up as a single family), three story with a full basement.

My sister used to say “up-a-deo” when she wanted to go upstairs to play.

Doors used to creak open by themselves and I swear grandma’s house was haunted.  My mother used to tell me not to worry about it because while yes, lots of people had died in that house, they were all family so it was no big deal and they wouldn’t hurt me.

Last but not least my grandmother used to let my sister and I break an ENTIRE LOAF OF BREAD into small pieces and throw it in the backyard for the birds.  Literally hundreds of birds would swoop down and nibble at the scraps we had tossed.  I’m not kidding you, the entire yard would be covered in birds!

Fond memories of my grandmother.

– Joanna

Question of the Day:  Did you spend much time at your grandparents when you were a kid?  


  1. We spent our summers at grandma’s house, too. She had a candy bar stash in the pantry and The Disney Channel! And we had a friend who lived across the alley who had a trampoline way before trampolines were all the rage.

  2. I stop by at least once every summer for a Cherry dipped cone from the same ice cream place Grandma used to take us to. I regret not buying the house when we sold it. But I was in college and wasn’t ready for a house yet.

  3. My grandmother lived with my aunt my whole life, and they moved around quite a bit in the area. We never stayed too long there (just a night or so). I did go through a stage when I didn’t want to spend any nights away from home. It happened after I went camping on a school trip for a weekend. For about a year I had trouble staying the night elsewhere, and usually wussed out. 🙁

  4. Stop the presses – a cherry dip cone?? I’ve never heard of that and I need one! After you mentioned butterscotch dip I tried to get one today but had to settle for chocolate.

    We had dinner at my grandparents’ every Sunday. We usually watched Hee Haw, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, and the Wonderful World of Disney there. My grandma wore clip-on earrings so we could too, even though our ears weren’t pierced. She used to blame a bad mood on not eating enough red meat, so I use that excuse sometimes too.

    • Yes!!!! My old friend Mavis still lives in the old hood. I’m totally going to make her go and get a cherry dipped cone and send me a picture.

      My grandma (other one, on my dad’s side) also wore clip ons so we got to play with them too. They just got passed on down to my niece for Christmas a year and a half ago.

  5. Considering we lived right around the block from my grandparents on my dad’s side, yes. Especially in the summer. Sweetened sun tea on the back porch, stringing green beans, smell of cornbread baking…memories.

    • 🙂 Hey, you live in the old hood, do you ever get to the dairy whip for ice cream (I don’t remember the actual name – it’s been a while)? Can you get a dipped cone for me??

      • Are you talking about the Dairy Whip in Norwood or somewhere else? If I’m feeling like soft serve (which is rare – I like regular ice cream best), we go to DQ, Orange Leaf, or Hold the Nuts. Yes, that’s its name.