For today’s Throwback Thursday post, please enjoy a snapshot of The Husband’s college softball team.

Baseball Team PM RW

Mike was the pitcher.  And he still has that shirt . . . although it has seen better days.  It seems weird to me to see him without facial hair.  This is how he looked when we first met although with a few subtle hints from me he quickly grew a goatee.  And I do mean quickly.  My husband is a mountain man when it comes to facial hair.  He can have a five o’clock shadow by noon at the latest.

My role at these games was “wallet and key holder.”  Yup.  I sat in the stands, cheered and held a few of the guys wallets and keys.  I’d like to think any success they had was partly due to my support.  Although success is possibly not the right word here since it happened on more than one occasion that Mike had to explain the rules of the game to a team mate . . . as they were driving to the game.  Quite a few of these guys only knew how to play Cricket.

– Joanna

Question of the Day: Did you play any sports in school?  If so, what?


  1. The shirt was a gift.

    Baseball has a pretty intricate rule set to explain to a cricket player in five minutes. Not many people that grew up with baseball in Engineering grad programs. Funny how I didn’t think about it at the time.

    “Ah crap, Kalyan!!!! My bad! You can only run past first base. The other two you can’t overrun and have to touch at all times.”

    “SUNUVA$%^&!…. sorry Raj! It’s called ‘Tagging Up’. Come here and I’ll tell you about it.

    Good times. Good times.

  2. Oh, and you didn’t tell the story about how an ump told me I was *this close* to being the first person banned from intramural softball in UC’s history.

    It felt so good to intentionally hit that jerk at the plate… in slow pitch softball………

  3. Me again. I just LOL’d (yep!) because I forgot we stageD the bats, glove, and ball in front like a little league team picture. HAHAHAHA.

  4. I remember how tense we all were on pro softball draft day.

  5. These comments have me rolling on the floor LOLing.

  6. No sports here. I was too busy doing the plays/musicals/orchestra.

  7. Mike isn’t this where you defend yourself by saying softball players have big … Whaaa? Family blog, family blog. I swam. But I was more about form than speed. You should see my breast stroke I’M HERE ALL NIGHT PEOPLE

    • PS The last part didn’t really make sense but it made me laugh and sounded risqué so I went for it. I do have a very pretty breast stroke