Under the Weather

The Midwestern Family has been under the weather this week.  This picture I took last year is the best representation of that I could find.  I like to call it I Fought the Crud but The Crud Won.  Fortunately we beat the crud, it just took awhile.

I used to think bloggers who were sick should blog more not less because what else could they do while lying in bed with the crud?  Watch Netflix.  They can watch Netflix.  That’s what this blogger did.  Blogging while sick is an insane prospect.

Anyway, see ya all next week and thanks for sticking around through the start of this slow blogging month!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the turtle’s name is Crudly.  Crudly Simon James Alexander Ragsdale the Third.

– Joanna

Question of the Day: What would you watch on Neflix if you were sick?



  1. I’ve been loving Pretty Little Liars lately, but I have a feeling you and I might have different tastes in TV. 🙂

  2. We’ve also been sick this week, so we’re also all over Netflix. Unfortunately it’s been a lot of iCarly, Power Rangers, and a weird Scandanavian cartoon movie called Thor. When the kids crash, though, we do Freaks and Geeks. And we used to do Lillyhammer, which is excellent, but we’ve been waiting for the second season to show up for ages.

    • Thanks to your rec I started Lillyhammer but stopped after a few minutes so I can save it for “date nights”. We are very exciting people clearly. I think the husband will really like this one too!!

  3. glad you are feeling better. I think I would watch Downton Abbey? I’ve heard so much about it, I want to see what all the fuss is about.

  4. Hope everyone is feeling better! I would definitely catch up on Downton Abbey.

    • Okay, what is so great about this show? I watched maybe 15 minutes of episode one and thought it was kinda boring. Did I not just not get far enough?

      • I admit the first episode I was all “Huh?”. It was hard to wrap my brain around the thick accents of the staff and to figure out what was going on. Basic premise is that the Lord had arranged with his second cousin that the Lord’s oldest daughter would marry cousin’s son in order to keep the estate in the family. Cousin and son died on the Titantic, and the Lord has no sons to pass the estate onto. Years earlier Lord married his wife (an American aristocrat) for her family’s money to keep the estate from going under. The Lord’s lawyer found an even more distant cousin to hook up with oldest daughter, and she doesn’t like him. Plus, there are side stories involving the staff. I’ve only made it through 3 episodes of the first season; been a little busy to resume watching. Fortunately, the seasons are short (7-8 shows per).

        • My dear, this e-mail has not helped with the “it sounds boring” problem. I am very sorry. Have you been following local news? My sis told me the other day there is all kinds of drama at my old high school.

          • You crack me up! In all seriousness, I have been reading about the assistant principal drama. I do not agree with his firing and am fed up with the Church’s refusal for its members to discuss “modern” issues. End of soap box. Need to think happy thoughts…like Valentine’s Day chocolates.

  5. Without Netflix here….I would probably just watch random cable stuff or read blogs/etc. 🙂