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I’ve adopted a new philosophy when it comes to sewing . . . no scrap left behind.

Now I’m not all into the “Scrap Vortex” quilts that were making their way across the quilty world a year or so ago that kinda made my eyes want to pop out.

Scrap Vortexscreen shot of the images that popped up when I Googled scrap vortex

These scraps are just toooooo much for me.  Way too busy.  No place for the eye to rest.

I have instead decided to deal with my scraps on a per project basis.  This way there’s fewer fabrics to deal with at one time and theoretically they should all go together nicely.

The project I’d like to highlight today started with a four pack of Marimekko napkins I bought at Target.


I decided to turn them into tote bags for my son’s preschool teachers.  Nevermind the fact I later learned there were actual Marimekko tote bags available as well.  Harrumpfh.  Handmade is always better anyway right?  Right.  I used a free tutorial by Noodlehead for the Madras Tote Bag.  I made a few changes:

- skipped the canvas as interfacing

- skipped the pocket

- added fusible fleece and quilting to the napkin exterior panels

- lengthened the straps a bit

I shared these bags on my Instagram account but here’s the gist for those of you not on that space:

IMG_7951 RW

IMG_7952 RW

IMG_7947 RW

I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out thank you very much.

This project left some random scraps.  Lots of long scraps from the interior fabric as well as the finished edges of the napkins.  Most people probably would have chucked the pile and moved on to the next project.  Not me.

I started by cutting one inch strips off the Marimekko napkin leftovers and two inch strips of the teal and pink.  I used my bias tape maker to fold the pink and teal in on themselves to make one inch finished strips.  This was the result, a woven mini quilt that my son has already claimed for his room:

DSC_0762 RW

DSC_0761 RW

DSC_0763 RW

It measures roughly 8″ x 15″ and I washed it when I was done to help roughen up the edges of the raw edge Marimekko fabric.

Next up was another woven panel, this time nothing was measured or cut or folded and it seriously used bits of fabric that otherwise would have been chucked.  The folded over finished napkin edges I had cut off.  The pink and teal whose edges had frayed when I prewashed the fabric.

DSC_0755 RW

DSC_0760 RW

The pieces are not uniform.  The panel isn’t square.  I love it.  It’s raw and organic and completely unique.  I’m too lazy to go and measure it but it’s bigger than the mini and maybe destined to be a tote bag of its very own one day.  I haven’t decided yet.

Both panels were made using the Wefty weaving needles that my pal Tara sent me.  You can check her and the weaving process out here and here.

Next up are improv blocks, which are more the style I usually go with when busting scraps.

DSC_0759 RW

DSC_0764 RW

DSC_0765 RW

These blocks will be added to my improv block collection which will someday be its own project.  Except the little guy.  He may want to be a mini mini quilt.  He’s super tiny and adorable.

All together now:

DSC_0751 RW

There are officially no more of these scraps left.  Not one.  Wahoo!

Thanks for following along on my sewing journey with me.  Till next time, whenever that might be . . .

- Joanna

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    Hi there.

    I’ve been sewing.  Not blogging.

    I have a really old and slow computer.

    Plus sewing is more fun than blogging.

    I just wanted to pop in and share a mini quilt I made for my friend Andee on Instagram.

    Andee is an artist and I am swapping her these lovely feathers for a drawing of my beloved dog who passed away last November.

    Feathers RW

    Andee asked for greys, blues and oranges and said she loved feathers and birds.

    Can.  Do.

    Feathers on Step RW

    I LOVED making this mini.  It was all improv and, aside from the curved feather, used very few pins in the piecing.  That’s my kind of project.

    I was a little sad to see it go, but I am so very happy it will be loved in its new home.  I have a generous pile of scraps from this project that I will most likely turn into another mini for myself.

    The title of this piece is “Orange You Glad We Swapped? I Yam.” and runs about 15 x 22 inches.

    Feathers Corner RW

    Thanks for swapping Andee.  I can’t wait to see my precious Koi (The Snoops) again.

    - Joanna


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      Hiya.  I’m back.  October was a super busy month with my son’s birthday party then Halloween.  Then of course the holidays crept up and some crazy person realized they had suggested handmade Christmas a year ago (ahem, cough, darting eyes) and hadn’t prepared.


      The funny thing about blogging is, once you get out of the habit . . . you get out of the habit.  And I’m definitely out of the habit.  The funnier thing?   I’m okay with that.  I started this blog almost four years ago with a focus on food and photography that morphed into food satire (go ahead, scratch your head over this, you know you want to) that morphed into stopping cold turkey for awhile that morphed into quilting.  How’s that for consistency?  At first the purpose of my blog was mainly to give this brand new SAHM something to do, a way into an online community that could provide me with a little social interaction (babies don’t hold conversations very well, who knew?) and a little purpose beyond changing diapers.

      It did that.  I made a few great friends that I still have too!  But . . . it took way too much of my time.  Even now as my blogging has decreased from three times a week at the beginning to a few times a month to hey, how have you been the last quarter I would still rather be doing something else.  Like sewing.  I’m sure you ALL understand that feeling.  That brings up the question, what do I want for my blog?  For me?

      In light of that, I’m hopping onto a linky party by Quilting Jetgirl.  Ironically my first bullet point will be not to worry about linky parties anymore.  Don’t lecture.

      So here we go.  My (quilting) goals for 2016.


      Goal 1:  Don’t stress about this blog.  Blog when I want to.  Blog about what I want to.  Do not hold myself to any ridiculous standard of posting schedules that conform purely to dates and times other blogs have link up parties.  What is the purpose of link ups you ask?  It’s pretty simple . . . to bring people to your blog.  I’ve decided not to care about this.  When I switched the focus here to quilting, it was mainly because my mother urged me to keep a record of everything I make.  I still think that is the very best plan for me.  I still love photography and photographing my makes (though it is frustrating for me that that the only free time I have to do this is my daughters nap time which is my least favorite time of day for photography - I’m an early evening kinda gal.)

      I just told you what I want for this blog.  But what DON’T I want?  I’m not looking to be famous.  I don’t want a million readers and sponsors and companies sending me freebies that will just eat more into the little free time I have.  I don’t want to create tutorials and teach others (yet) because I have way too much to learn myself.  I don’t want to write and publish quilt patterns.  I don’t want a book or a line of fabric (okay maybe I do want this one . . . it’ll be all bunnies, nothing but bunnies, bunnies as far as the eye can see!).

      The other day I woke up early and didn’t feel like sewing or cleaning, which is what I normally do in the wee hours of the morning.  So I lay in bed, listened to my husband snore, and browsed my own blog.  I realized I am quite proud of the space I created here.  I’m proud of its diversity and ability to remind me of things I had forgotten.

      Goal 2:  Finally get a sewing table.  I sew on the dining room table BUT we have a guest room that almost never gets used for guests (I already keep my sewing supplies in there).  Of course the one time someone wants to stay is right after I’ve just laid out 120 quilt blocks on the bed aka my design wall.  Figures.  My husband says we can talk about converting the guest room completely to my sewing room at some point.  In the meantime I have a corner carved out and really want to finally get a table.  It needs to be a certain size and dimension and of course I’m the crazy person who took apart my grandmothers old dining room table in the hopes of repurposing the wood into my sewing table.  I’m complicated.  I know.

      Here’s my future sewing corner.  Hopefully.


      Goal 3:  Be on Instagram less.  I check Instagram way too often and really want to be more intentional about this.  More mindful.  I’d love to detox from it every weekend and I’d really love to give it up completely for lent next year.  I think this will help me focus on my makes rather than others’ makes.  I’ve already made some nice friends there though so I do really love the Instagram community.

      Goal 4:  Make a lap quilt.  I’ve made lots of mini’s and mini mini’s and baby quilts . . .

      Minis small

      but nothing I can snuggle under.  I really want to change this.  I have a Modernized Disappearing Nine Patch laid out on the guest bed.  It fills the entire top of the bed so it’s going to be big.  I may pay a long armer to quilt this for me.  Maybe Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl or Cassandra from Not So Dramatic Life?  I think they both offer these services.  I don’t know anyone local and would rather pay shipping charges to have someone I trust quilt my very first large quilt for me.

      Modern D9Patch

      Goal 5:  Finish my WIP’s or send them packing.  Probably to mom’s house.  WIP’s make me twitchy.  And my tastes have changed drastically in the past year as I become more ingrained in the quilting world.  I either want to finish my WIP’s or give them up entirely.  I’ve already sent one project to mom and she’s currently completing a lap quilt for me to give to my Mother-in-Law for next Mother’s Day.  I have a few long term scrap projects (a Wanta Fanta quilt for one) I want to start but I NEED to get the other WIP’s in check before I start more.

      Goal 6:  Buy less fabric.  Learn to WANT less fabric.  I’ve spent the last 5 months not buying fabric other than for projects involving birthdays or gifts.  I started this partially because there was a chance my husband would be needing back surgery and our insurance deductible is pretty high.  So not buying fabric seemed like a logical choice.  I also find myself getting a little anxious over all the new fabric lines that are constantly being released.  This is part of my issue with Instagram.  I see all the fabric everyone raves about and all the stash reports and all the amazing stuff being made with all the amazing fabric and it’s an overwhelming feeling for me.  I don’t like it.  I want to be the kind of person that is grateful and thankful for what I have and not be continually wanting more more more.  I think I am going to set a monthly budget for myself for my sewing hobby and I’m hoping this will help keep fabric purchases in check and help me be more intentional about what I buy.  Also I have realized that I don’t need half yards of every fabric in a line I like.  Fat quarters or even fat eighths are sufficient to whet my whistle and larger yardage can be saved for pieces I truly love or basics like the Grunge line from Moda.  My husband does NOT need back surgery, by the way (woot and woot) and his back is doing pretty well these days.  Prayers do work it seems.  Because we pray for this alllllll the time.

      Goal 7:  Start saving for a new sewing machine.  This is a long term plan.  I’d like a Janome Memory Craft 6300.  Renee at Quilts of a Feather has one.  Jessica at Quilty Habit has one.  My mom has one.  I have no desire to jump down the sewing machine research rabbit hole.  Recommendations by these ladies are plenty good enough for me.  My hope is to have a new machine when my daughter enters preschool so I have almost two years to save the money.  I think I can do it.

      Goal 8:  Say NO.  To myself.  To others.  I see this a lot in quilt goals.  A lot a lot.  Which means it’s doubly important.  It also means I think you get it and I don’t need to elaborate too much.  I always told my mom growing up that quilters are TOO nice.  I still think this is true and sometimes to the detriment of their own goals and desires.  There is a line between doing for others (which I want to do – see Goal 10) and doing for yourself.  I’m planning on finding it.

      Goal 9:  Take regular planned sewing breaks.  I actually find this helps me refocus.  Gives me a chance to work on projects around the home like painting the dining room (I did this last month) or reorganizing the kitchen pantries (this is my January project), to sleep in if I want to (I’m an early morning quilter – early like 5 am) and to appreciate sewing again.  I think a 2-3 week break every 3 months should do it.

      Goal 10:  Do for others.  I’ve made a few nice friends already and I hope to make more.  I’d like to be an encourager to these women who have encouraged me.  I’d like to send cards through the mail telling them how great they are.  I’d like to mail random fat quarters to internet friends for no reason other than to surprise them and brighten their day.  I’d like to do a few small giveaways on Instagram to pay it forward.

      Goal 11:  Learn the scant quarter inch seam allowance.  I use a quarter inch piecing foot so my seams are consistent. Consistent is good but my seams are always just over a quarter inch.  When you add this up over an entire quilt top it can amount to quite a bit lost.  I’d like to correct this.  To have a 12 inch block come out to 12 inches.  Exactly 12 inches.

      Goal 12:  Explore art quilts more.  I’ve always thought my sewing path would lead me to making art quilts.  I still do.  I want to let go of that sewing which makes me unhappy (I’m talking to you half square triangle), find my creative spark again and CREATE!

      Goal 13:  Give myself a break.  Relax.  This one is self explanatory.

      Goal 14:  Figure out quilt labels.

      I’m sure there is more but like WIP’s, too long of a goal list might make me twitchy as well.

      See ya later alligator.  (I really hope one of you just said after while crocodile).

      - Joanna

      Linking up with Yvonne at Quilting Jetgirl for 2016 Planning Party

      I’ve been at this computer too long as it is so I’m not going back and spell checking.  So ignore any misspellings mmmm k? Thanks.

      Oh, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

        Well.  I had hoped this project would be done by today . . . but it’s not.  I’m full of excuses if you want to hear them.  Family member with a back issue.  Farm chores.  Cranky daughter with TWO molars coming in.  Kitchen painting prep.  Son with an upcoming birthday that needs planned.  House that needs cleaned all the freaking time.  Shall I go on?  I’ll stop.

        Unfortunately as this is the last link up party for the selvage along, my motivation to actually finish this is gone.  In all reality I probably won’t touch it again for awhile and the only sewing I’ll be doing in the near future is a birthday bunting and then some Christmas presents.  I kinda suggested to my family we all do handmade Christmas this year and somehow the year has completely gotten away from me.

        Pesky life.

        I’ll stop whining and just share pictures instead.  That’s all most of us are here for anyway!

        I do have the top completely quilted!  Go me!  Unless I decide to do the little triangles at the top of the feathers.  Which I might. Someday.

        I started with my selvages on the woodpile so I might as well end there, right?

        Quilted Front RW

        Don’t lecture me on my ironing skills.  I loathe it.  I have seen something called “Flatter” out and about in the quilty interweb so maybe I’ll give that a try next time.

        Quilted Back RW

        I’m pretty happy with the quilting.

        Quilted Quiting Back RW

        Quilted Quiting Back 2 RW

        I just love quilts with the sun shining behind them.

        Quilted BackLit RW

        And while the sun is out, how about a lovely starburst, just for funsies?

        Quilted Starburst RW

        Maybe a little wind too, to go with the sun.  It really is a gorgeous day here!

        Quilted Windy RW

        If you want to make these feathers yourself, I have a link to the free pattern and tutorial by Blossom Heart Quilts in my very first selvage post.

        That’s all I’ve got.  It’ll probably be pretty quiet around here for awhile till I get the kitchen painted and the party planned.

        Linking up with Renee of Quilts of a Feather and Jess at Quilty Habit.  Thanks ladies for the push to create this and especially to Renee for all the advice!!!

        - Joanna

          It’s Le Challenge time again.  I won last time (thank you, thank you very much) so of course I had to enter again!

          This time the theme was “Wilderness.”  Only one thing popped into my mind when I thought about the wilderness.


          Happy, pretty, frolicking little deer.

          Deer RW

          The funny thing about deer is that when you see them on vacation . . . they are happy, pretty, frolicking little deer.  When you move to five acres and see them everyday . . . they are annoying.  They eat your Hostas.  They eat your Day Lilies.  They eat your tomato plants.  They eat the tops off every dang thing you try to plant.  They poop in your yard.  They don’t move when you are jogging down the lane and you have to play a game of chicken over whose gonna veer off first (this actually only happened once to me, but I’m adding it to the list anyway.)  They carry ticks (we haven’t had a issue with this yet, but I’m sure the day will come.)

          Once the wilderness theme was announced I rushed right out to the LQS and picked up 3/4 yard (on clearance too, wahoo) of the above deer fabric.  I decided to make another mini quilt, this time to reconcile me with my previous love of deer.  Happy, pretty, frolicking little deer.  It only half worked since I decided to use the deer on the back of the quilt and nowhere else.

          I did use it as color inspiration for my fabric pull though and finally landed on this:

          Wilderness Full Front RW

          I’m calling it “Camp Snuggly.”  I’ll explain that more in a minute.

          Side Front RW

          These prints are all Cotton & Steel fabric.  I seem to be a one trick pony these days.  It’s just that I have a ton of it, I really like it, plus all the colors go together.  So.  Yeah.   And the lions?  I cannot get enough of the C&S lions!  Makes the perfect happy, pretty, frolicking little tent side.  At least something got to be happy, pretty and frolicking on the front of the quilt right?  Not that this lion has his “frolick face” on or anything.

          Let’s move on, shall we?

          Lion RW

          This was only my second time doing applique and I learned something.  If you plan on dense, matchstick quilting, you don’t actually need to applique.  The quilting holds it all together just fine.  So I ripped out all the applique stitches as it seemed to busy with the quilting over them.

          I love that sun.  And the clouds?  It’s one of the few purchases (and by few I of course mean a fat quarter pack, two yards and 7 half yard cuts) I’ve made from the NEW Cotton & Steel lines.  Most of my stuff is older and speaks to me more than the new lines do.  Talking fabric, now that’s WILD.

          Wilderness Clouds RW

          The trees were completely improv and my absolute favorite part of this mini quilt.  This is my second attempt as I wasn’t wild about the first try.  I’ll post a pic of it later.  My mom liked the first try okay so I’m considering a mini mini quilt for her.  Otherwise it’ll just be an orphan block.

          Inspiration for the fabric on the tree trunks came from here, a lovely mini quilt called Winter Trees by Cassandra at The Not So Dramatic Life.  If you like mini’s check her out for sure.  She’s doing an awesome year long series where she makes a new mini once a week.  Plus, she’s super good at what she does.  Way better than me.  So hop on over there (once you’re done here though, mmmm K?)

          Tree Trunks RW

           I’ve had several people tell me the trees looked like fireworks.

          Trees RW

           I love the binding too.  It’s fun.  And who doesn’t need more fun in their lives?

          Binding RW

          Doing stellar with my corners still!  If you are thinking that binding looks big . . . you’d be right.  I use three inch strips to make my binding.  I sew to the back, turn to the front, and machine sew down the edge.  I started this for several reasons.  One, I don’t hand sew anything.  It’s just not my thing.  This way the bottom thread from sewing on the binding ends up on the back, not the front. Two, it gives me plenty of room not to catch the back binding when I’m sewing down the front.  Yes, when I first started, I was that bad I did catch the binding a few times even with three inches.  I’m much better now and have considered making smaller binding tape, but I’ve decided I like the larger size.  I think it adds a hefty frame to the piece and since quilts, whether mini or not, are ART, it just makes sense.  You frame ART!  You just do.  It always looks better that way.  It does mean I often have to add borders or leave a little batting showing when I trim down in order to save points so it’s not a perfect solution.

          Binding Corner RW

          Happy deer frolicking on the back.  I totally forgot to add triangles to the corners for hanging though . . . . grrrrrr.  My new friend Renee from Quilts of a Feather (yes! I have made a few quilty friends!!)  suggested just hanging with clear tacks.  This girl is AMAZING at free motion quilting!  You should check her out too.

          Back RW

          They can frolick as much as they want, so long as it’s not through my Hostas.  Or my Day Lilies.  Or my tomato plants.

          Deer and Binding RW

          That fence?  It does not keep deer out.  Not out of my Hostas.  Or my Day Lilies.  Or my tomato plants.

          Fence RW

          I promised I would mention Camp Snuggly, didn’t I?  Camp Snuggly is the nickname my husband gave to our two person dome tent that we used before the kids.

          Camp Snuggly RW

          I realize my quilted tent isn’t a dome tent (also, there is clearly no giant lion head on the side of the real Camp Snuggly), but it was a free pattern off Craftsy so I went with it.  This post has a link to the tent pattern if you want it.  Also, Renee crafted a free dome tent pattern (after I sewed this one up, harrumph) which you can find information on here if you’d like.  Fabric is expensive enough, I’m all about the free patterns.

          Here’s another pic of Camp Snuggly from this same trip, all rolled up on the back of Rocky (that’s the motorcycle).  Also, my super hot husband.  Swoon.  Rocky has been sold and we don’t travel this way anymore since we had kids.  But I have some fond memories of these trips.


          - Joanna

          P.S.  I keep comments here closed.  Thanks for understanding.  I caved and started an Instagram account, so you can catch up with me there if you’d like.  I use it sparingly to keep up with a few quilty inspirations and post the occasional duck picture and WIP.  I probably won’t follow you back though.  Just keeping it real.  Have a great day!

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            Month 7 in the Beginner Block of the Month series.

            BOM 7 Both RW

            I printed and cut out the patterns for Month 8.  I even cut and pinned on fabric to section 1 of each pattern piece.  And there I stopped.  The last block, Month 9 is out too and I’m debating going another way completely.  So I’m pondering.  I have a few other projects to finish up before I get any farther on this one.  I did lay out the blocks I’ve done so far and snapped a quick I-Phone pic.  I’ll try to post that this month.

            Honestly, I haven’t been sewing as much as I’d like to.  Too much other stuff needs done right now.

            I did finish my Le Challenge project for the Wilderness theme.  I posted a previous sneak peek here.  And here’s another:

            Binding RW

            - Joanna

            Linking up with Janeen at Quilt Art Designs for Paper Piecing Party

              I’ve been working on a mini art quilt for the current Le Challenge wilderness theme.  Here’s a sneak peek:

              Tent RW

              It’s a paper pieced tent pattern I found on Craftsy for free.  Here’s a link if you want to make one yourself.

              I’m on the fence about this project so far.  I love the big lion for the side of the tent but I feel like the rest of the tent is too busy.  And that dandelion yellow background fabric??

              I.  Just.   Don’t.  Know.

              Off to the right are some improv trees.  You’ll have to wait for the full reveal for those.

              - Joanna

              Linking up with Janeen at Quilt Art Designs.

                Once again, another selvage feather that doesn’t read as selvages.

                Feathers P 2 RW

                Meh.  I’m still happy.

                Ready for a bunch of repetitive pictures?

                Feathers P 1 RW

                Feathers P 4 RW

                Feathers P 5 RW

                Feathers P 6 RW

                Feathers P 7 RW

                Feathers P 3 RW

                See?  There are selvages mixed in with the Kona solid white.  More Grunge fabric for the aqua background fabric.  I swear, if Grunge came in more colors I wouldn’t even look at another Kona solid again.  I LOVE Grunge fabric.  Love.  Love.  Love.  Almost as much as Cotton & Steel.  No worries though, I’m using some C&S for the back.

                Feathers P 8 RW

                I picked up a half yard of these birds for the backing.  Perhaps I should have cut the selvage off and used it in the feather?

                Feathers P 9 RW

                Feathers P 10 RW

                Since I started writing this post several weeks ago, I’ve made one and a half more feathers in various colors for this project.  And that’s pretty much the only sewing I’ve done lately.  Only one half of a feather still to sew, then sewing the feathers together, adding a border, basting, quilting, squaring up, binding and hanging it in my son’s room.  At the rate I am sewing, that’ll take me three months.  Or more.

                Click here for more posts related to my selvage projects such as my easy improv feathers tutorial.

                Feathers C 3 RW

                - Joanna

                Places this post will probably be linked up to . . . Quilt Art Designs for Paper Piecing Party, Mollie Sparkles for Sunday Stash, Sew Fresh Quilts for Let’s Bee Social,  Freshly Pieced for Work in Progress Wednesday, My Quilt Infatuation for Needle and Thread Thursday, Quilts of a Feather and Quilty Habit for Selvage Along Mid-way Check In.

                  Another top I pieced together eons ago.  It was my third top I believe.  Maybe my fourth.

                  Tetris on the Pine Logs Top RW

                  I finished quilting it April-ish I’d say.

                  Tetris on the Pine Logs RW

                  To be perfectly honest, this quilt looks WAY better in the pictures than it does in person.

                  Tetris on the Fence Full RW

                  I made it for a friend who was due with her fourth baby!  Just the other day she passed my house running with two kids on bikes and pushing two kids in the jogging stroller.  She’s pretty much Supermom.

                  Tertris on the Fence with Back RW

                  It’s a tetris pattern pieced with flannel squares.  Some parts look GREAT!

                  Tetris Close Up Good RW

                  Other parts?  Not so great.

                  Tetris Close Up Bad RW

                  I made this quilt before I knew I had to nest my seams.  Before I realized how stretchy flannel is.  Before I bought a 1/4 inch piecing foot.  My mom says this foot is like training wheels on a bike and I will want to take it off eventually.  No.  You can pry it from my cold dead hands.    

                  My other mistake?  I made a flannel baby quilt for a late spring baby.  Yup.  It gets hot in the Midwest.  What was I thinking???  Oh well.  90% of the use of baby quilts in the beginning is to lay on the floor for the baby to lounge on TOP of so I think it all worked out okay.

                  Still.  This quilt holds a special place in my heart and I can’t exactly pin down the reason.

                  Thanks for stopping by.

                  - Joanna

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                    BOM 6 Block 2 RW

                    BOM 6 Block 2 close RW

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                    - Joanna

                    Linking up with Janeen at Quilt Art Designs.  She’s having a two year celebration (CONGRATS) so hop on over there and leave her a comment if you’d like a chance to win a free pattern.

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