I’m trying my hand at the ever popular blogger gift lists where we tell you the most amazing products to buy and you run out and buy them for your loved ones this holiday season.  Everybody has a (sponsored and unsponsored) gimmick it seems . . . gift lists for foodies, photographers, athletes, moms, dads, toddlers, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, fish . . .

I’m here to tell you what to buy for the Stay at Home Mom.

I will not be following this post with a gift list for the Working Away from Home Mom because that is a comparison trap I don’t want to fall into.  Our society is jugdey enough without my two cents.

Also I will not be creating a fancy schmancy board with cutesy numbers next to fun pictures for quick reference and pinability.

Pinability.  Ha!

Pinability 2

I’m totally contacting Webster’s dictionary and having that word added.  

Since I know you are all stressed and anxious about those last minute gifts, I’ll just get on with things so you can finish your holiday shopping, mmmmm K?

Dun dun dun . . .

DSC_0719 RW


That’s it.  That’s all that’s on my list for the SAHM.

Despite the fact I am performing a super important 24 hour a day 7 day a week job, I bring in no actual physical income.  No cash is routed to my bank account every other Friday for work performed.  I do not get my name on a plaque for employee of the month (though I’ve suggested this to The Husband on numerous occasions – most of which are followed by jokes of how I’d have to beat out Sadie and that’s tough competition.  She’s our labrador.  The crazy one.  That eats things she shouldn’t.  That Husband of mine, always a kidder.)  The Husband and I do NOT have separate bank accounts and we actually deal with money quite well jointly.  It’s never been an issue and I usually have no problems acquiring the things I want or need.  A new to me car.  Camera accessories like tripods and remotes and replacement battery chargers.  A new to me double stroller for when baby number two arrives.  You get the idea.  But while it’s never been his salary and my salary, I have always had a particularly strong work ethic and a deep desire to contribute as much as possible.  This often brings up some serious self imposed guilt on my part.

Please note the term self imposed.

Do I “need” that item?  If the answer is no, in comes the guilt over purchasing it.  That’s where the cash comes in.  I love having a stash of cash around for non necessities or impulse items I don’t have to feel guilty about.

For instance, I think I’d like a new sewing machine.  My mom lent me one of hers indefinitely (she has like five and doesn’t need it back EVER) and as has been pointed out once before to me, I don’t use it that often.  Still, I think I’d like a new one that threads the needle for you.

Or there’s this necklace off Etsy.

Peacock Feather R

I love it.  Where would I wear it?  I have no idea. Sweetey Petey would probably just chew on it.  But I kinda want it.  And by kinda I mean desperately.  Why?  I don’t know.

The Husband JUST gifted me a fabulous new fixed aperture walk-around zoom lens for my birthday which I am so appreciative for.  But I also have my eye on a straight up wide angle

Nikon Lens 2 RW

AND a cheap long zoom to play around with.

Nikon Lens R

There are more but I’ll stop there.

Do I need MORE lenses two weeks after being gifted a super nice lens?  Nope.  Probably not.

But I like to have the option of buying them if I want and not feeling guilty for using family money.  Except for the wide-angle because I don’t have nearly enough saved for that purchase yet.

None of this is to say I don’t also like getting actual gifts too.  The lens from The Husband was quite unexpected and very thoughtful.  He went as far as to reach out to my pal Cinnamon who he knew I’d been chatting with about lenses lately to make sure he got the one I had top on my list.

Or there’s this necklace from my sister.

DSC_0689 RW

She’s been making jewelry and I secretly hoped she would make me a necklace for Christmas.  And she did!  And she knew me well enough not to make me matching earrings because I never wear them.

So it’s also a really great feeling to get a thoughtful gift from someone who knows you well enough to get you something that you’ll love.

But universally?  For official gift giving guides for SAHM’s?  Yup, still going with cash.

If you need directions on how to procure said cash, I can help with that too!

1)  ATM’s are a great resource for this.  You put in your card and your pin number and you withdrawal some money.  Put the money in an envelope.  Easy.  Peasy.

2)  For a little extra thought into the gift, feel free to step foot inside an actual bank.  Hand the teller some money and ask for the same amount of money in return.  This way you will be assured of the freshest, crispest bills possible (although while they look pretty, they are harder for counting because they stick together so keep that in mind.)

3)  A check.  This is my least favorite method because while it can eventually become cash with a little effort on your part, it’s not actual cash.  It’s just too easy to deposit said check via your smart phone into the bank and then forget all about it.

So there you have it!  My 2013 Holiday Gift List for the SAHM.

This post has been brought to you by a healthy mix of seriousness and sarcasm.  Seriously, I do like cash.  Sarcastically, yes I am poking fun at all you bloggers and your gift lists (although secretly I kinda like reading them.  Just don’t expect me to buy anything off them.)

– Joanna

P.S.  As an alternative to cash you can of course shop Amazon through my affiliate store which provides a little commission to me, but NO EXTRA CHARGE TO YOU.  It’s how I splurged on Ann Allchin’s book.  It’s coming today.  So thanks to whoever shopped Amazon using my link this year . . . you totally bought me this book and that was very thoughtful.

Question of the Day:  What do you want for Christmas?


  1. I didn’t have too much on my list. I like being “home” for Christmas, but I am also already looking forward to being at my house home. 🙂 I miss my own schedule/bed/kitchen/etc.

  2. Sometimes I hate the fact that there are just always things out there that I want. Like WANT WANT. Get one thing and there is instantly something else. The never ending cycle. What I want right now more than anything is a Kelly Moore camera bag. I’ve been obsession over them the past few days. Affiliate link huh? I might have to ask you more about that later….sounds interesting!

  3. I would like a piña colada for Christmas and I’ll be getting one or ten or twenty of them soon after… But I completely agree on the cash front. I also have a very generous husband but the problem with the SAHM lack of a physical paycheque is that you can’t “save up” for something which means large “want” items are difficult if you don’t “need” them.