I seem to have overestimated the amount of time I had to blog this week.  Or underestimated the amount of sleep I needed.  Yeah, I went to bed early last night instead of writing this fabulous blog post.  I admit it.

So the rest of the cupcake saga plus a quick look into my nephews birthday party will have to wait till next week.

As will the details of my Foodie Pen Pals CHOPPED Challenge.  I mistakenly assumed reveal day would be Monday and it turns out it’s today.  Whoops.  

Here’s a quick peek though.

I’ll be making Rice Pudding.

DSC_0096 enh RW Title

And I’ll be making it with these foodie gifts from Sonya.

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The second in our five part recipe series is Chocolate Malt Fudge Sauce.  While this sauce is destined to be in cupcakes, between cupcakes and atop cupcakes, it would make an excellent ice cream topping.  At least that’s what Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook’s author Christina Tossi tells us.  Spoonfuls straight outta the fridge are okay in my book too though.  It’s quite thick when refrigerated but moves quite nicely when hit with a few seconds of heat.  Aka the microwave.

Chocolate Malt Fudge Sauce RW 2

So, let’s recap.

Today we are making Chocolate Malt Fudge Sauce.

Chocolate Malt Fudge Sauce RW Title

Yesterday we made Chocolate Malted Milk Crumb.

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This week will be full of mini recipes in preparation for my 5 year old nephew’s birthday party!

My job was cupcakes and seriously, I couldn’t have been happier with the assignment.

So, what will we be making today?

Today we’ll be making Chocolate Malted Milk Crumb.

Chocolate Malted Milk Crumb RW

Then Chocolate Malt Fudge Sauce.

Then Chocolate Cake.

Then Chocolate Malt Ovaltine Soak.

Then Chocolate Malt Frosting.

All adapted just slightly from the Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook.

Here’s what we’re working towards.  Chocolate Malt Cupcakes.

Cupcakes RW

Here we go.

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I’m still very much participating in Cinnamon at Eat Pray Tri’s Snap To It photography project.


This week’s tutorial is about terminology and acronyms and the assignment is very open ended.  Submit a picture inspired by one of the terms Cinnamon explains.  I’ve decided to go with a snap from a photo shoot I did with the neighbor dog Maggie recently.  She is quite wiggly so the pictures run the gambit from not too shabby to, well, shabby.  Out of focus because she doesn’t stand still for two seconds shabby.

Our neighbor is a retired gentleman who has complained to me before that he has few pictures of Maggie so I’ve made it my personal mission to get him some.

Here’s how this is going to work.  I’ll list the acronyms Cinnamon describes and match a picture of Maggie to each.  Some of these might be a bit of a stretch.  Like AI-Servo.  What the what?  Anyway.  You all then get to comment on which picture you like best and whichever one gets more votes I will submit as my official entry.  As for the title, my plan is to make the acronym stand for something other than what it’s supposed to.  Something funny of course.  Like B&W for Black and White might become Black and Wiggly.  Because Maggie is a Black Lab.  And Wiggly.

I’ll make it funnier than that I promise.

Here we go:

1. SOOC– pronounced “sook” Straight out of Camera

I chose this picture for SOOC because I also use it later where I edited the heck out of it.  So you can see the difference.

DSC_0894 RW

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DSC_0521 enh RW Title

I hate to call this a recipe.  It’s more like a way of life.

While we strive to eat mostly fresh foods, processed foods creep in.  I have a toddler whose favorite hobby is holding onto Mama’s legs and squealing while I’m trying to make dinner.  Processed foods are inevitable.  Cereal.  Crackers.  Have you tried Blue Diamond Nut Thins?  I’m addicted to the Smokehouse flavor.  Wholly Guacamole.  This isn’t super processed but it’s still prepackaged so let’s throw it onto the list.  Mac ‘n Cheese.

Ahhhh Mac ‘n Cheese.

The stuff of toddler dreams.

I usually buy Annie’s Natural Mac ‘n Cheese.  Mostly because the ingredients list isn’t bad at all and it goes on sale for a buck a box pretty often.  But even though I buy it from the organic aisle I still scoff a little at the sodium content.

We’re supposed to be decreasing our sodium intake people.  It’s a thing.  We’re all just supposed to do it.

How do I get around this in a box of processed food then?  Simple.

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I haven’t been in much of a chatty mood lately.

My favorite sandals busted on me in Target’s parking lot.

photo (3) RW

I got some new ones.

photo (6) RW

My Foodie Pen Pals box arrived and it’s a good one.

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This Week’s Snap To It lesson and assignment are all about exposure.

As if there was any doubt that The Husband and I belong together, this assignment further proved we’re two peas in a pod.

Like I stated last week, I title my Snap To It pictures before I take them.

There was only one thing on my mind when I considered what picture to take.  Only one thing that really made sense when it came to “exposure.”

Midwestern Bite Joanna Snap To It Week 4 Exposure

That’s right folks, my husband’s butt.

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It’s Thrift Gift Facelift Time!


That’s still not good enough.  IT’S THRIFT GIFT FACELIFT TIME!  

I can do better.  It’s

TGF Button 8Time!!

Better.  Much better.

If you didn’t catch the first Thrift Gift Facelift post last month, click here.  If you’re too busy to click over, here’s the haps:

Find a friend who likes DIY as much as you do.  You each acquire an inexpensive thrifted item (found at garage sales, thrift stores, even in old basement corners) and trade with each other.  You each then have to craft that item into something wonderful for your own home!

Don’t have a pal that likes DIY as much as you do?  No problem.  Thrift.  Gift to Yourself.  Then Facelift away!

Heather over at What Does She Do All Day and I plan on Thrift Gift Facelifting once a month and sharing our stories the first week of each month.   We encourage you to play along as well!  Post on your own blog and send us a link or simply send us pictures of your Thrift Gift Facelifting and we’ll post them on our blogs.  We might even add a link up to each post for you.

So . . . what did this month bring?  A $3.99 Eddie Bauer clock which I turned into not one, but two upcycled projects.

DSC_0758 enh RW Title

Due Pic RW

First things first.  I had to take the clock apart.

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The Snap To It photography challenge this week proved harder than I thought,  Not because I don’t understand the subject matter.  I understand Bokeh just fine.  It’s Blur by the way.  And not the band.

Woo Hoo.

Please tell me at least a few of you got that.

So anyway, I consider myself a witty person.  Sometimes that wit gets in the way, however.  This is the third week of Snap To It and the third week I have titled my picture before I snapped it.  Yup.

Week One was It’s Element-ary, Dear Cinnamon.

Midwestern Bite Snap To It Week 1 Basic Titled

Week Two was Triangle (Wo)man, Triangle (Wo)man.  This was a tribute to They Might Be Giants.  Please tell me at least a few of you got that.

Midwestern Bite Snap To It Week 2 Triangle 2 Titled

Week Three was Is It “Bokeh” or “Bouquet” ??

Midwestern Bite Joanna Snap To It Week 3 Bokeh RW Titled 2Hilarious right?  I know.  I told you, I’m witty.

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I was going to go with a Milli Vanilli inspired title, but I guess the wife’s “Toddler Radio” Pandora station won out.  It’s been wearing me down… wearing me down in a glittery, high pitched, Sillies-Shaking-Out, psychological torture type of way.  Who knew psychological torture usually involved ukelele accompaniment?

But back on topic.  Yes, I’m here again to wow you with yet another of my Homestead Adventures.

I assembled a Rain Barrel.


This project was completed start to finish during nap time, while the Wife was out shopping for yoga pants.  Not just any yoga pants.  A fancier type of yoga pants she wouldn’t feel weird wearing out of the house.  It is the official SAHM uniform and it’s time she dressed appropriately.  At least that’s how everything was explained to me.

Such is our exciting lives.

Wait… what was I talking about?  Oh yeah, back on topic…

I assembled a Rain Barrel.


A buddy of mine had “a guy” that got him food grade 55-gallon drums dirt cheap last year.  I bought quite a few, moved them with us, and am finally getting around to installing them at the new house.

This particular barrel is assembled from a kit I received taking part in a workshop hosted by our local Parks Department.

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