First off, let me just say HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Unless you’re in Canada where Thanksgiving was well over a month ago.


Since I consider myself a Food Satire Blogger I’d like to do things a little differently around here today.  Most food bloggers will be showing you beautifully staged photos of what they ate or will be eating (ok I did that but just that one time and it wasn’t staged very well so it barely counts) or giving you a link to their Thanksgiving Day Pinterest board or will tell you all the things they are thankful for or will have spent the last month detailing recipe after recipe for you to duplicate on the big day.

I’d like instead to share how we already did the big day.  Yes, we already had Thanksgiving.  It was last Saturday because my Brother-in-Law has to work Thursday night.  It seems Black Friday has become Black Thanksgiving and no that doesn’t just mean a burned turkey.

Stop shopping for DVD players on Thanksgiving day people.  Just stop. I would be very thankful for that.

So here’s how we did Thanksgiving.  And by “did” I mean really did as in past tense as in the food has been eaten already.  Here we go.

We had turkey.  It was apparently from Trader Joe’s of which my mother seemed immensely proud.  She was less proud of the fact she accidentally left the baggie of giblets in the cavity of the turkey.  No, no, I take that back, she didn’t seem unproud of that.

DSC_0101 RW

Speaking of turkey here’s what was left in the bottom of the roaster.  We aren’t a make gravy from the drippings kind of family.  We’re a open a jar of gravy kind of family.  Simple but oh so tasty.

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Believe it or not I do on occasion get requests for blog posts, thank you Tortillas and Honey!  Go check out their post on Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream Sandwiches or Tres Leches Pumpkin Flan if you haven’t gotten your pumpkin fix in this season yet.  Although don’t forget canned pumpkin is not seasonal, mmmm K?

DSC_0176 enh RW Title

This particular request was for an Apple Cranberry Pie I tweeted about last week. Aside from pumpkin of course, it’s my all time favorite pie for the holiday season and a tradition I’ve started and withheld for the past four years.  I’m finally old enough to start my own holiday traditions right?

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Please enjoy a guest post by The Father-in-Law . . . and as always interspersed with random pictures by moi.  – Joanna

I seem to have a little free time so here comes some more fun facts and friends.  I won’t take credit (or blame) for all of them but want to share these pearls of wisdom with you.

B & W father and son pic

FUN FACT – When George Washington was asked to show some ID he just whipped out a quarter.

I have a friend who hasn’t spoken to his wife in years, he doesn’t want to interrupt her.  Since he’s been married he doesn’t date much.  He used to date a girl with a lazy eye but broke up with her because she was seeing someone on the side.

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One thing I stink at when it comes to blogging is getting posts up relative to the moment.

Sweetey Petey’s birthday party?  It was a month ago and I’ve failed to mention it (or send out Thank You cards because the adorable Curious George note cards I bought have disappeared in the abyss of the house somewhere and I’m just about to give up hope of ever finding them and buy new ones.)

Halloween?  Also approaching a month ago and I also have yet to mention it which is a real shame since Petey was The Man With The Yellow Hat, completely adorable and I got so many compliments on his costume.

I started a funny Spam post in April which I have yet to finish.

I have three recipe posts photographed and recipes typed up but no interesting back story added yet.  Crockpot French Onion Soup, Glazed Sour Cream Puffs or Gluten Free Coconut Granola Banana Bread anyone?  I also have four posts photographed for a new Sunday series I’d like to start up soon.

Highlights from a weekend with my niece and nephew OVER TWO MONTHS AGO.

A few DIY house updates including a storage room, wallpaper stripping, and ceiling fans (this one is pretty much done I just need The Husband to actually hang the ceiling fan first before I can post it.)

The Father-in-Law e-mailed a funny guest post that needs to be shared and soon.

A hopefully funny post entitled “I Wish.”

I have some fabulous Sweetey Petey raking leaves photos that I really want to share even though it snowed here last week.

Speaking of snow, since it was only a week ago and the timeliest of the potential blog posts, I think I’ll share those today!

Here’s little Petey in the snow last year.

Snow Plant RW

He mostly did a lot of flopping in his bubble suit.  Cute flopping, but flopping nonetheless.

This year there was way less flopping.

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You may have noticed I changed my blog header again.  I’m thinking if I can get my blogger butt organized I’d like to change it at the beginning of each month to something relevant.

DSC_0196 RW

Currently ladybugs are relevant.

All toooooo relevant.

Not only did a swarm attack me outside the chicken coop a few weeks back (yes, attack, I swear it was an attack with biting and everything and yes I swear they bit me) but dozens of them have made their way into our humble abode.

I took down the Mi Casa Su Casa sign, but still.  Still they come.

I have this silly superstition stuck in my head that it’s bad luck to kill a ladybug so we’ve kind of let them be.

I mean, they are sorta cute.  When they’re not attacking and biting of course.

DSC_0187 RW

They are certainly better than bees or wasps which I have an unfortunate history with.

Except I’m starting to become afraid.  You see, the ladybugs in the house are organizing.

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I’ve been a lazy blogger lately.  I admit it.  It’s a phase.  I’ll get better,  Especially when other people count on me for a blog post. Thrift Gift Facelift.  Supermom.  Cough.  Hack.   Wheeze.  Ahem.  I’m not actually sick, though Sweetey Petey has been fighting a particularly nasty cold so I’m still blaming my overdue Thrift Gift Facelift post on illness.

Supermom had her post on time but I requested an extension.

So, yup.  It’s (finally) Thrift Gift Facelift time!!!

TGF Button 8

Supermom actually gave me three months worth of thrifted items to facelift and I chose these fun little wall plaques to makeover first.

DSC_0895 RW

The one on the right didn’t come yellow by the way.  I did that while making these:

DSC_0897 RW

Greeting cards!

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Yesterday we learned that the Father-in-Law won the right to name our Barred Plymouth Rock Chicken.

DSC_0410 enh RW

And the winning name is . . .

Cluck Norris

Not to be confused with Chuck Norris obviously.

Chuck Norris

Now that the chicken name’s outta the bag, I have two more winners to announce.  These two Reds need names as well so Petey drew an additional two Easter eggs from the drum.

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Winner winner this chicken’s not for dinner!


Not yet anyway.

When I was in college I had a friend in art school whose parents owned a farm.  He used to put pictures of the cow in the freezer on the front of the fridge.  He had a grill out.  I ate “Satan”.  Yeah, I did.  Apparently that cow was mean, hence the name.  Anyway.  I’ll try not to let that happen to our chickens.

That’s right, our chickens.

Now that you guys are naming one, I feel that co-ownership is really the only option.

I’ll send you a bill for her feed, mmmm K?

So I know you’re all wondering . . . who won the great chicken naming contest of 2013?

Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuun.  Check out the video below.  If for some reason it doesn’t publish for you, you can see it directly on YouTube Here.



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It’s here.

It’s finally here.

Title 1 RW

A giveaway like you’ve never seen before.

A giveaway like no other.

A great giveaway.

The great giveaway.

The Great Chicken Giveaway of 2013.

That’s right, we’re giving away a chicken.

Right here on Midwestern Bite.

Well, sorta.

We’re sorta giving away a chicken.

Okay so it’s not exactly a chicken, per se.

It’s more like the essence of a chicken.

Okay, it’s a chicken name.

We’re giving away a chicken name.

Well, that’s not exactly it either.

We’re giving away the chance to name one of our chickens.

Title 3 RW

That’s right.

We want you to name our chicken.


Please name our chicken.

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